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Seeing my auntie naked when i was younger

In the school holidays when I was younger, around the age of 7 or 8 I used to stay at my aunties house to play with my cousins. In those days the summers always seemed long and hot.

Anyway she would often take us to the local swimming baths, and as she took us on her own we all had to go in the womens communal changing rooms, because she thought we were too young to change on our own in the mens. There was my auntie, and my 2 cousins, one girl and one boy.

I remember the first time we went, as we walked into the female changing rooms, the noise of showers, locker doors being closed, women chatting. But the sight was amazing, there were lots of women in various states of undress, and some in the showers. I was only 8 but I was just becoming sexually aware with my body and fascinated by womens bodies.

I remember looking around and seeing women of all ages and sizes, some would be young teenage girls, then the mums with their young c***dren and then mature women. This was the 1980's and nearly all women had hairy pussies back then. I remember looking around at all these women with their hairy pussys, all slighly different in colour and in thickness.

I also looked in amazement at their breasts, some small, some bigger, and then the women who had really big breasts, and also their nipples were all different types and sizes. I remember my auntie saying stop staring, but the women did'nt care, most of them were mums and they were'nt bothered. it was more the teenage girls who did'nt like it.

Anyway as we stood and got changed I remember watching my auntie take off her clothes, she took off her jeans, and then her cardigan and her blouse, she was wearing white lacey knickers and bra. I could see her black bush through the knickers. She got her costume ready, taking it out of the bag. I was getting changed myself, and just did it quickly so i could have a good look around. I did get a bit of a stiff cock but i tried to hide it.

Then she took off her bra, I could'nt believe how big her breasts were, they never seemed that big under clothes but as soon as she took her bra off they drooped down, her nipples were quite big as well. She had already breast fed 2 c***dren so they were'nt pert any more but they were big, probably 34d. Shen she took off her knickers, and then I saw she had a hairy bush, it was really black in colour, which was no surprise as she had dark hair. I remember being fixated on it, It covered her whole pussy area, but i could see her pussy flaps.

She saw me looking but she probably thought i was curious as i was at that age, she did'nt say anything. She just put her costume on and was helping my cousin who was only 3. Then we went swimming and had fun.

When we returned to the changing area we showered and then i saw her hairy bush get all wet, it looked even nicer. As we dried of i noticed her making sure she dried her pussy off, as she did it became all fuzzy again. I looked around and saw other women also getting changed, some just arriving, it was amazing, i loved it.

As we grew up she obviously stopped taking us but I never forgot seeing all those women and seeing my auntie naked, how the curiosity of the female body got the better of me, it was part of growing up. But she was comfortable with nudity and to her it was'nt a big deal.

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