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By the Window

It was a warm late summer evening, Kimberly had just pulled up to a set a large security doors blocking the entrance to a parking garage located in the basement of a modern stainless steel and glass high rise, The surrounding nationhood, was alive with activity, a concert was taking place in the park across the street that evening. A very festive atmosphere, this was the arts and culture center for the city.

Kim swiped her pass card, the large doors slowly rolled up to reveal a massive open space, brightly lit. Uniformly spaced, thick concrete pillars and an occasion car the only obstacles to her view. Kim proceeded slowly until she happened upon a bright yellow sign with black letters announcing this space "reserved for Kimberly Johnson, all others will be towed"

Kim stepped from her car, her every move no matter how subtle, echoed loudly in the vast openness, her high heels clicking noticeably against the hard concrete floor. Approaching a security door, black half circle dooms dotted the area; she wondered if anyone even pays attention, or do the security guards just check out pretty girls, A sign announcing "Entering a secure area beyond this door, only authorized personal permitted, Johnson Properties Inc". Kim again swiped her card, the lock crisply clicked, allowing Kim to enter.

A security officer sat behind a sliding glass panel, "Hello, Mrs. Johnson, having a nice evening" Kim smiled, sliding the glass panel open, signing herself and her video photographer Jackie in using a special code. The security guard assured Kim and Jackie, no one would be disturbing them.

Kim and Jackie proceeded down to long corridor, a private elevator to Kim’s studio awaited. Once on board both were able to catch their breath. Kim and Jackie would begin videotaping this evening. Both are enrolled in a creative arts class, entitled Sexual Expression in the Video Arts. Their assignment was to star in and produce a short video.

Softy chiming, their speeding elevator announced their arrival; the gold toned doors slid open exposing a single large open space. A single lounge sat in the farthest corner of the floor; one dimly lit spotlight shown down upon it. Curtains covered the entire ceiling to floor windows. Workspace desks and counter tops occupying space on the back walls holding a number of high quality video monitors. Several camera tripods stood in the corners Other than that the room was dark and empty.

Jackie stood with her mouth open, "is all of this for us," Kim shook her head yes. Jackie wondered how, Kim told Jackie that her husband owners this building, and offered her all of this as a way for Kim to express and expand on her artistic talents. Jackie nodded her head in approval, getting down to business setting up her cameras and connecting everything up.

Sitting in front of her makeup mirror, Kim was delightfully pleased by her reflection, running a soft brush along her cheekbones, leaving traces of rosy blush, complimenting her already flawless skin. Soft shimmering curls of dark blond hard framed her soft features, large dazzling blue eyes, and brilliant smile. Kim puckered her lips, carefully painting on a fresh coat of shimmering soft pink lip-gloss.

Jackie stood in back of Kim, running her slender fingers through Kim’s hair, brushing it off her shoulders, turning Kim’s chair, to face her. Softly dusting Kim’s face with powder, touching up her makeup. Sliding the thin straps off her shoulders, Kim’s dress falls from her bare chest; revealing her beautiful breasts. A bright smile illuminates her face.

Closing her eyes, inhales slow and deep, her chest swells. The very soft tips of Jackie’s makeup brush breeze over her skin, adding shading, giving her already alluring breasts a more rounded contour, finding the sensation of hundreds of ultra soft hairs caressing her delicate curves extremely erotic.

Kim in perfect position to view her effect on Jackie, wearing a very low cut tank top, making it virtually impossible to hide the fact the Jackie was becoming very aroused, her nipples attempting to poke their way through her top.

Kim stood in the corner of the room, with windows on both sides. Jackie turned the spotlight to full brightness, casting a white-hot light over her stage. The room had become cool, her body tingled partly because of the temperature and partly with anticipation of what she has planned.

Jackie began taping, as Kim pressed the button on a remote to open the curtains, sounds of a motor whirling filled the quiet room, the curtains opened. The setting sun cast a deep golden tone over her, as the curtains opened to their fullest.

Very casually, she slips the straps of her shear dress from her creamy shoulders; the sensation of whisper soft fabric slipping over her erect nipples excites her, softly gathering over her bare ankles Stepping out, she so proudly stood, totally nude in front of the windows, for all to see.

Kim stretches her arms above her head, running her fingers through her long luxurious hair. Traces of sweet honey beginning to trickle down her inner thighs.

Gazing to the horizon, the golden 1hue quickly changed. Now ablaze in deep orange and purple, music from the street below only a muffled beat. Kim enjoyed feeling her hands running over her gently rounded hips; her firm flat belly, every inch of her quivers uncontrollably, tingling head to toe. The city sc**** lit by a setting sun, providing a perfect backdrop for her spectacular silhouette.

Stretching out on her lounge, Kim’s skin gently warmed by the hot light. Jackie briefly looked away from her work; gazing into k**'s eyes, Kim’s hands glide over her body, subconsciously draw to her breasts, her plump nipples crying for attention. Cupping each breast, loving how full they feel cradled in her hands, her nipples pressed firmly against her palms. Pinching them between her fingers awakens luscious sensations throughout her body, lightly brushing against her moist mound. Playing gently with her engorged lips, wishing, hoping the hands that are arousing her where those of a lover. A feeling so unbelievable delicious, dripped warmly through her. Kim breaks her warm gaze with Jackie.

Turning her head to view the last shimmers of the sunset, her refection in the glass pleased her; the soft corners of her mouth turned up into a smile, she was attracting a crowd on the streets below.

"Hi baby, I missed you today

His deep voice startled her, awakening her senses. But there was no way he could be here, or was there!

He quickly stripped down, with his gorgeous cock in his hand, comes to join her.

Lying between her open legs, watched with pleasure her long slender fingers performing their magic, dripping wet with her cum. She imagines intertwining her fingers with his, slowly taking over for her.

Words need not be spoken, he knows her body to well, yet his every touch excites her even more than their very first caress. As if in a dream, she totally relaxes, his warm hands explore her body in search for the center of her desires, the place that stirs the deepest caverns of her existence. Taking each in turn her erect nipples, sucking first one than the other, holding each between his soft moist lips, letting her enjoy his warmth, nibbling, obeying her need to feel delicious pain.. With just the tip of his strong fingers, encircling, teasing her wet engorged lips, slowly at first, then faster, ever changing pace and pressure, slowing down to just a crawl, then fast again. Flicking across her sensitive clit, sending lightning bolts of pleasure scorching through her body. In her mind, his fingers plunge deep into her moistness, slipping past the petals of her flower, swollen with desire

Feeling his weight she was absolutely sure it was he lying on top of her, wrapping her long legs around him, holding him snug to her body. A long slow gasp rolled over her lips as his thick hard cock urging her lips to part, stretching her to accept his unyielding girth. His scorching heat settles in a place deep inside of her, clamping round him, his eight inches overfills her quivering cavern. He thrusts deep into her, pressing his hips into hers. She gasps slowly

"Harder, baby please".

Her quivering pussy, wrapped so tightly around him, attempting to hold him firmly inside, his every twitch brings her closer and closer to orgasm. He again tries, she insists on holding him deep inside, his throbbing cock fills her, but she resists his withdrawal. Waiting for her to relax her grip, pulling out till just his tip parted her lips, hesitating for a moment, slamming down into her; a hard gasp explodes over her parted lips.

"I need more, baby please ...harder"

Again withdrawing, she tightens around his throbbing cock, enjoying the texture of his enormous tip as it slips along her clinched pussy. Bathing him with her sweet fluids, urging him to mix his with hers. He slams down into her, compelling her to expand to accept him, awakening every delicious sensation her body knows. Her mind goes blank, consumed by an overwhelming urge building deep inside of her, a rapidly expanding urge involving every pleasure her body knows. Her clitoris, so desirous of attention, when stimulated, starts a long slow, chain reaction, a chain reaction igniting an explosion within her. In perfect unity, every pleasurable sensation in her body signals her into orgasm. An orgasm consuming all of her. Screaming out in ecstasy, her vagina fills with her sweet cream. Quivering violently for several minutes, then lays still, her chest swells as she takes in long full breaths, her body covered with perspiration. Jackie zooms in her camera to view her swollen pussy; her lips still pulsate, moaning softly, fresh cum oozing from her shimmering under the bright lights.

Kim opened her eyes, thick webs of cum bridges her fingers, not once breaking her glare into Jackie eyes, her thick honey collects as large drops on the ends of her long fingers as she dangles her hand above her open mouth, each large drop trails a string from the tip of her finger as it drops into her waiting mouth. Each finger one by one.

"Yummy, I’m so sweet" ….she exclaims, Jackie stood in silence, completely and utterly mesmerized.

Kim held her hand out, Jackie helped her up. Softly gathering Jackie’s hair, holding it way from Jackie‘s neck. Placing feather soft kisses on the nape of her neck, Jackie loudly squeals attempting to squirm away, completely covered in goose bumps.

Both girls faced one another; gazing into each other’s eyes, prelude to a soft, warm kiss, a kiss so natural, so completely erotic. A kiss lasting an eternity, a kiss that touches their very centers.

Kim now overwhelmed with a desire to give pleasure to another. Sensing her desperation, Jackie gently cradles her beautiful face, offering her a kiss, a kiss lacking boundaries; a kiss without reservation, Kim can do nothing, nor would she want to, she simply melts.

"Baby... It’s time".......... Jackie whispers seductively, her sweet voice excites Kim.

Kim slowly gathers her senses, "Time for what" she inquires, breathlessly.

"Time... To make love," Jackie calmly responds…

Kim steps back, her mouth wide open. Nibbling Jackie's very sensitive neck, Kim nervously expresses her wantonness’

"I love you Kim".... Those words set Kim’s body ablaze.............. with inextinguishable desire. Jackie continued to kiss Kim’s neck; her pulse rapidly accelerates underneath Jackie's soft lips.

"I’ve loved you from the very second I saw you" Her words, dripping with desire. Kim had closed to eyes, breathing in her beautiful words. Reopening her eyes, Kim locked eyes with Jackie, staring deep into her soul.

Holding hands, Jackie brought Kim over to in front of the windows; Kim sat down to watch Jackie.

Wearing a low cut tank top, the thin material clung to her every curve, unable to hide that Jackie was braless, her pert firm breasts poured out from under their veil as Jackie pealed off her top. Slipping her tight jeans over her gently rounded hips, revealing inch by inch her long slender legs. Leaving only her white thong

Jackie approached Kim, whose eyes were already caressing Jackie’s incredibly beautiful body; she was tall and slender, possessing the body of an athlete, her breasts full, and soft, perfection.

Jackie took Kim’s hands and placed them around her waist. Moving in very close, her pure white thong clinging to her moistened flesh, clearly outlining her lips delicately lay just on the other side of whisper thin material.

Inhaling deeply, Jackie’s delicious scent filled the air, it was now her turn.

Kim ran her fingers along Jackie’s soft curves, twisting the thin straps of Jackie’s panties around her fingers; a gentle pull released her last remaining piece of clothing. Her clean-shaven pussy presented itself, Kim stared longingly, her plump pink lips dripping wet. Kim moved her hand to rest on Jackie’s soft ass, pulling her close, Kim softly kissed, Jackie moaned at the feel of her velvety soft lips.

Jackie rested her foot on top of the lounge, Kim leaned forward, softly kissing her moistened pussy, Jackie’s breath paused for a brief moment, running her long fingers through Kim’s hair, urging, no forcing Kim’s face against her crotch. Kim obeyed, offering pleasure, knowing she will receive far more than she gave.

Kim pulled Jackie onto the lounge, with Jackie laying flat on her back, Kim ran her softly parted lips along Jackie’s vagina, just barely touching, savoring this most erotic of sensations, savoring her sweet scent. Deeply inhaling, the rush of air across bare skin, tickles, much like hundreds of butterflies, rapidly fluttering their wings against Jackie’s crotch.

Tying a silk scarf around her wrist and ankles, Jackie lay still while Kim tied the lose ends of each around the leg of lounge on which she laid. Tying her last scarf around Jackie’s eyes.

Kim whisper in her ear. "I have a special toy for you"

Kin ran her lips over Jackie’s moistened pussy, blowing gentle puffs of air; her lips ever so softly vibrate as her breath passes over, just barely in contact with Jackie’s engorged and ultra sensitive lips, thrusting her hips upward, desperately searching for the warmth of Kim’s mouth, her pussy screaming for attention.

"Tell me what you have for me"…..Jackie asked

Kim plunged her tongue deep into her, tasting a flood of sweet cum, her clit hard, each flick of k**'s tongue drove Jackie insane. squiring Kim’s face with her hot cum, panting in hard breathes, her body quivers violently.

Panting heavily, Jackie demanded, "What do you have for me" with desperation in her voice.

Kim’s hand wrapped around an enormous dildo, having a large blunt head, its length thick, gently curved, covered in soft rubber bumps, raised ribs from tip to base.

presses the head of her dildo against Jackie’s moist lips, pushing gently, Jackie lips spread to accept the enormous head. Kim ran her toy up and down the length of her clit.

Jackie pleaded, "Please, baby don’t tease."

Kim pushed firmly, watched as more than half of her foot long dildo disappeared into Jackie, her senses were overwhelmed, her first response was the shear pleasure, a pleasure she has yet to experience she could feel every raised bum and every rib of the massive rod tantalizing her. Her second response, she wanted more, much more.



"FUCK ME " Jackie pleaded.

Kim gently twisted, first one direction then the other, each and every bump flicked along Jackie’s deep cavern. Jackie held her breath, releasing in a gush.


" Kim pulled back, slowly ,inch by inch the dildo slid out, Kim could feel every twitch, every quiver Jackie was feeling as she massaged her toy. Pausing for what felt like a eternity, Kim slid every inch back into Jackie on, her body tighten as she climaxed over and over. Kim rapidly fucked her, cum was gushing from Jackie’s hole

Climbing on top, Kim shares her toy, her dildo sinks further into Jackie, Kim takes the remainder into her, they slowly fuck each other into endless orgasms, all the while being recorded.

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