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Fucking a girl in hallway

This is the story about my first high school sex.I met this girl in school she kept staring at me.So i went in a quiet hallway and asked why she kept staring at me for.She said that she like me.The next day we go to class together and i whisper something in her ear and she noded.I put my fingers in her pants and in her pussy and she started moanining,then i went deeper and fater she was tight and she was tight liped.the next day i talked to her in the hallway i groped her titties and smack the shit out of her ass.I then gave her a quick kiss.The next day i'm in math class and i'm piss the fuck off about arguing with my parents and she comes sitting next to me asking what's the matter.After i started to tell her she had her hands in my pants and past my draws.Next she rubbed my dick nice and slow and after a while started going faster and faster and i feel im about to explode.Suddenly i cum all over her hands and she licks ever bit of it.The last day of school and we talk.and decided to have sex.So we went in the basement floor while no one is around we go to the girls restroom and lock the door.Where in there and she pushes me against the wall and pull my pants down and my dick already sticking up can't wait to be sucked on.Se begins with her head moving slow deep sucking my dick and begins to move faster as l'm pusing her head deeper.Then i lick that nice looking soft ass pussy so fine till it is wet.Then slide my long stiff dick inside.Fucking her hard and fast and then faster till i cum in her pussy.Then I wanted to fuck her in her fine ass and she looked scared.Asked why you want to fuck my ass?I said because i wanna know it feels.So i get started and she already got her hands on my hip so i move it and slowly push my stiff dick in her ass.She says that hurts.I said i didn't even fuck yet.While I'm in there i move my dick in and out slowly.And soon start to go fast.She moaning and crying and im fucking the shit out of her ass.After that we dress and gave her a long juicy kiss and smack that ass one last time.

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