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The Holiday - Chapter 3

While both being very aroused at our last encounter we were both also in shock and didn’t quite know how to interact with the couple across the way from us. In the end we chose the cowards way out and simply didn’t deal with them. We smiled on those few occasions when we couldn’t help making eye contact as we reached for our bags in preparation to disembark, but somehow that just seemed easiest.

Bags, customs and immigration were painless and our taxi ride was uneventful as it was still early in the morning and the streets were deserted. Our resort was gorgeous and we were excited by the wide array of options presented to us upon check in. As the hotel had overbooked the standard rooms we were given a ‘supreme’ room. After spending some time reviewing our options we elected to rent a pontoon boat later that day for fun and snorkeling. As well, we signed up for a day of sightseeing around some ancient Mayan ruins.

We then went and checked out our room. It was gorgeous, all tiled with marble and all upscale accents. There was a king size four poster bed with a mirror over it, a large TV and a jetted tub that was big enough for an entire dinner party. We were both famished and tired but we couldn’t go for breakfast without checking out the bed first. Neither of us had ever been in a bed with a mirror over it before and we wanted to check out the possibilities before we left for breakfast.

I pushed you backwards until you obligingly toppled over onto the bed. As your legs flew up your skirt landed around your hips, saving me the trouble, and giving me a spectacular view of you luscious, still fairly freshly fucked pussy. In fact some of my cum was oozing out of your slit.

I grabbed a couple of pillows from the head of the bed and propped them under your bottom in the hopes that you would have a better view of me going down on you in the mirror.

The bed was big enough, that by laying kitty korner there was enough room for us both to stretch out. I lifted my head just long enough to ask you if more pillows would help your view, but you said that you could see just fine and were enjoying watching my tongue circle your clit, or watching me suck your pussy lips into my mouth, or watching me trail my tongue all the way from where your landing strip used to be, all the way down to dip briefly in your ass.

As you got more and more aroused your cunt lips began to gape hungrily, and in doing so they began to release more of the cum that I had blasted into you an hour or two before. As I lay there licking and twiddling and sucking it seemed to me that this was just one more way to watch live action porn, but with all the wonderful sensations to boot.

Once I had licked up all my cum from your drooling pussy I crawled around beside you so that I could give you a long wet kiss. As we kissed I made sure to share as much of my cum as I could. Your moan as I moved back to its source was a tremendous vote of thanks and encouragement.

Anyway, I hadn’t even gotten around to using my fingers, and I was just starting to think about finger fucking your pussy, your ass or both when you grabbed my head and pressed my mouth hard against your cunt. I could hardly breathe, but I stiffened my tongue as hard as I could and used it to rock back and forth across your clit until you gasped and shuddered as you came.

We didn’t even have to dress to go to breakfast. All you had to do was pull your skirt back down and straighten your blouse. On our way to breakfast we toured the grounds of the resort and were amazed and delighted by the beach, the waterfront facilities, the pool, the hot tubs, the hammocks and the generally garden like aura of the place.

We finally got to what appeared to be a delightful restaurant. We were waiting to be seated when we became aware of another couple joining the line behind us. I glanced over my shoulder at the newcomers and had to stifle a gulp. I prodded you and pointed behind us as inconspicuously as I could. We turned around together to the sound of “Hi, my name is Mark, and this is Mandy”. We had finally met the couple that had sat across from us on the plane.

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