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The Professor 3- Repayment

After class my history professor came over to me. “Hey Jimi, my husband is going to be on a business trip. I thought that you could come over and I could repay you for dping me.”

This was the best semester I think I ever had. My grades were up, and most of the time so was my cock. Early in the semester I started to get the reputation that I could fuck the best on campus. My girlfriend was probably the one that started the whole thing. That’s why I think it’s her own fault that I got asked by so many girls to fuck them. None of the other girls compared to my history professor. My history professor was the hottest milf. I do not think that there was anything she could not do in bed. She also had a nice way of repaying me. I couldn’t wait to see what the repayment for this was.

“When do you want me to come over?” I asked.

“7 should be fine.”

I just shuck my head in agreement.

My girlfriend came over to me. “Did you want to come to my dorm tonight? My roommate has something. I’m sure my pussy will be wet.”

“I don’t know. I really have to go back home to get something for tomorrows class.”

“Will you fuck me after your class?”

“Of course I will. I’ll save you a nice big load.” She gave me a nice sexy smile, and then walked away. Sex with my girlfriend was not as great now that I had my professor. She was much more experienced. My 7 inch rod could finally be put to good use with her. My girlfriend did not know how to use it as good as my professor. I just kept my girlfriend around because she was in her college lesbian faze.

Seven o’clock came around. I knocked on my professor’s door. The secretary from the history department answered the door. She was probably in her mid 40’s. My professor came into the room. “You two already know each other from school right?” We both shuck our heads. “Well, that’s nice. That means we can skip introductions.” She gave out a nice smile to everybody. Something was awkward. When I looked at my professors clothes, it looked like she was wearing a bra and a pair of panties. This was the first time I saw my professor wearing a bra and panties other than in class. I did not know what to make of everything.

My professor invited each of us to sit down. She and the secretary sat on one couch, while I sat on the one across from them. Everything started to make sense. They started to make out. My smoking hot professor also liked women too. They undid each others dresses. Underneath both women were wearing edible undies. The rim of the secretary’s edible panties showed deep brown hair. Even the normal cut panties were not enough to contain her bush. My professor grabbed the secretaries’ breasts in her hands, and started to eat up her bra. She then licked her way down to her clit. To my surprise the secretary did not like to shave either. It looked like she gave up trimming long before my professor. Every last piece of the underwear was consumed. After my professor was done, they switched places. After the secretary got done eating the panties, she started to lick up her clit. She seemed like she had much more practice with licking. I couldn’t help myself, but to rip off my clothes. My cock got harder than I ever thought it could get. I think it grew about to 7½ inches.

The secretary got up. Both of them looked at each other. They got their cunts together and interlocked their legs. They started to trib their cunts together as they rocked back and forth on each other. They both let out small moans of enjoyment as they looked at each other. I looked into the jungle of bush that their two pussies created. When I got over to their couch, I went down on my knees and buried my face in their combined forest. They both put a hand on my head and f***ed me deeper into their clits. If I could have stayed there for the rest of my life I probably would not have complained. Women have other needs though.

They separated and came down to the floor with me. I wanted to have some time with my professor’s snatch. The secretary wanted to see what my cock tasted like. I shoved the coffee table out of the way. We all lay across the floor and matched up with someone else’s crotch. My professor started fingering and licking the secretary’s cunt. The taste of my professor’s pussy was second to none. I did want to try the other pussy though.

I think she was reading my mind. We got up off the floor. I sat up in the couch. The secretary stood up on the couch and sat on my face. I have to admit, it was close to the smell of my professor. It was a very close second. My professor jumped on her back. She cleared her pussy for landing on my cock. She then reached around to the secretary’s hole to assist me with my licking. I let her have one set of fingers to suck on while I licked her. I reached my hands around to my professor’s butt hole. Now that I knew she licked anal, I was going to make sure that both her holes stayed full at all times. Both women were moaning at full capacity.

My cock was uncontrollable. It has never been as hard as it was on that couch. I’ve never been with two women that were so skilled. As I finished the secretary off, my professor got off my dick. It was time. They both went down to get their prize. My professor got the first shot. As they switched a shot of cum went across the room. The secretary took the rest.

The two milf’s looked at each other. “Let’s give him a dose of his own medicine.” They both stood up on the couch and rubbed their clits. I helped them rub them off. I looked back and forth to see which one was going to go first. It was the secretary. I put my lips up to her hole and drank her up. I licked her couple times to make sure I got every last drop out of her bush. My professor came next. I licked her as well to make sure that I got all of her tasty treat.

I held each woman in each arm. “So, why did you wait until your husband left? He seems like he wouldn’t mind.”

“Are you k**ding? He hardly can handle me, let alone two pussies. Only the best for my patch pal.”

“Don’t feel like we can’t do this ever again.” The secretary said. “There are a few rooms I have keys to on campus if you have free time during the day. Your professor and I go there all the time to be alone. I’m sure that we could fit a dick in there too.”

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