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The Professor 1- My Fanasy Come True

It all started after class one day. My history professor needed some help with one of her presentation she was doing.

“Jimi, would you mind staying after class to help me? I have a presentation due tomorrow for the speaker. I just need a little help.”

“Sure,” I said.

I had a crush on her since the beginning of the semester. She was in her early 50’s, but she knew how to say in shape. We ran into each other all the time at the campus gym. We would always greet one another as we passed. I could never help but take a nice look down to check out her body. She never said anything to stop me. There was a thigh workout that she did. I couldn’t bench at the same time because my mind was so drawn to watching her firm thighs push apart. The workout bra that she wore kept her breasts in place, but did little to cover her nipples. When she jogged on the elliptical, I just couldn’t stand to watch her tight ass move. She could probably see my bulge in my shorts even though they were baggy. At times I saw a slight discoloration in her tight shorts. In the locker room I always dreamt that it was because she got so wet from watching me workout. I know that I worked out more than just my upper body when she was in the gym. When she went to the locker, I always wished that I could go in there with her.

“Jimi, did you find the information I was looking for?”

“Not yet.”

Then I realized she was leaning over my shoulder. Her blouse was hanging down, and I could see right down to her bra. It was a red lace bra that really got me started. I couldn’t help but stare even longer than usual. Her breasts weren’t the biggest, but they were just right. They were still firm. A small part of her tit stuck out from the bra. Their firmness made me firm in my pants.

“Here, let me go and see if it’s in another book,” she said as she walked away. She went to a desk not too far away. I couldn’t help but look at her whole body now. Her legs were so sexy with stockings. As I started to look up her legs, I noticed that they were not crossed or together. My tool got even harder. There was no way that I could look at anything else. Her dark brown bush stuck out against her blue blouse. Then her legs separated completely inviting me in. My cock was about ready to break open my pants. She then walked out of the room.

The door opened, but I did not see her come in. I heard a key go into the door lock. Was it the janitor? No, it was my professor as the door closed. She had stripped down to her bra. Her radiating pussy stood out against her stockings.

“Jimi, I heard your girlfriend gossiping how great you are at fucking. I thought I should put you to the real test of pleasuring me.”

My jaw just dropped. She did not know many wet dreams were coming true right now. I took off my shirt and pants as I walked over to her. As I got to her, she took off my boxers. She rubbed her hand on my cock to prove what she already knew.

I started out by kissing her neck. As I moved down her arm, I pulled her bra strap off. The rest of her breast came out. As I kissed her other arm, I undid her bra. Her nipples were now free. I slowly kissed into her chest paying careful attention to each breast. Amidst her breathes she told me that so many men that she has been with skipped her tits. They always went straight to her pussy. Her nipples were one of her spots. Before I started on her pussy, I teased her by going down each leg. I decided to leave her stockings on because they gave me wood. Right before I ate her pussy, I looked into her eyes. Her eyes told me that she couldn’t way for me to dry up her pussy. I looked down. Her hairy pussy was dripping wet. There was a streak of water dripping down her ass. I buried my face in her cunt. Her hair skillfully kept all the smell of her pussy in that one spot. As I licked her up, I couldn’t help but take huge whiffs of her hairy hole. She started to squeal. I pinched her lips together. The only time I let go was to shove my finger up her hole. She couldn’t stop moaning. She kept dripping her cum into my mouth.
I got up, and put my 7 inch dick into her. She couldn’t even catch her breath. I was thrusting her so hard that she was scooting across the classroom floor. As I was banging her, she was moaning so hard that she couldn’t even put her arms around me. I took my cock out for a minute, and put my arms above her shoulders so that she would have nowhere to go. She had enough to catch one breathe, but not many. Lucky for me I worked out so that I could keep her in place. She had nowhere to go between my cock and my strong arms.
Being the experienced fucker she was, she knew the exact moment when I was about ready to blow. She took my cock out of her hairy box. I pointed it at her face. She slowly got her breath back and said “Are you k**ding? I’m a milf. I put it down my throat.” She took my loaded cock, and put it down her throat just as I unleashed my cum. She swallowed every last drop. I took my dick out of her mouth.

“Is there anyway I can repay for such a great fuck?” She said as she gave me a handjob.

“You already have,” I said.

She finished me off with her handjob, she got up and said, “I really got to go to the bathroom.” I looked at her without saying a word. She smiled, and put her legs on each side of me. She unleashed all the piss that had built up inside of her during our fuck. It went all over my body. She got down on her knees, and sprayed her piss right in my face. “How do you like that?” She said. I just smiled.

“I hate to be the janitor that has to clean this mess up. If I knew that you were this good at fucking, I would have made up an excuse to be with you sooner. How about doing this another time?”

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