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Cute Nerd with the huge tits part 2!

I started to grab and squeeze her huge boobs together like I planned on doing for 3 months and took out some baby oil I had in my work out bag. She looked at me with surprise and said "What are you doing?" Without warning, I started sqirting her tits with baby oil! She went " Gasp?!" Well you know what I mean and I continued to grope her, massaging her big ass tits then again without warning I pulled down my jeans and my cock came out already rock hard and I pulled her down and she was a little scared and nervous from what I could tell ofcourse but I put those jugs together and I almost couldnt see my cock her tits were so big she almost had burried my cock but I rammed away and minutes later I knew I was gonna blow a huge load. When it was time I thought to myself, I am gonna cum all over her cute face and glassess so then it happenend! I shot about 8 or 9 huge, hot streams of cum all over face and glassess! She was devastated and couldnt move or do anything because of the dominate position I had her in so when I was done, she had this descusting look on her face from what I could see "HA!" and jumped off the couch and rushed to the bathroom. I put my pants on and yelled to her that I had to go train and leave. Later we talked on the phone and she told me that she couldnt beleave I did all that to her? That she never did any of that before? The most she ever did with a guy was get felt up with her clothes on and stroke a guy off a little, but I just explained to her that this is want good sex is all about and with a fantastic body like hers this is what is gonna happen. L.O.L! Awe..I remember that like it was yesterday! When she ran to the bathroom and her big jugs were bouncing all over the place all shiny with my cum on them! Ah...Goodtimes..Goodtimes!

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