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Cute Nerd with the huge tits!

When I was alot younger and had no wife and little one and had alot more time...I would go out of my way to look for chicks, even when I didnt have a car often when my buddies and I would go out to hang with some chicks one friend told me "Damn, how do you do it?" "For someone who doesnt have a ride, you sure meet these bad ass females all over?" So one time during my chick hunting days, I was at this mall and it was Winter and really wasnt any females around untill I came across this candy shop and had saw this mexican chick around 17 reading a book. She had neck length black hair, big full lips, these black horned rimmed glassess and a real pretty face which didnt need any make up. As I walked back to get a better look at her she had this long "church like" skirt on and a black turtle neck on and I noticed that the sweater was pretty far out in the chest department and I right away knew she had to have some big tits! I had dark sunglassess on and she really couldnt tell what I was looking at so I approuched her and started working my magic. As we talked she got up off the chair she was sitting on to put some candy away and her tits were bigger than I thought?! She was a smart,church college girl and it took me longer than it would me most females to get what I wanted from her but Finally this one week her parents and s****r went on vecation because a f****y member died and she was starting college and couldnt go with them I put my plan into effect. One day I came over, which was the first time I was ever over there alone with her... we stared kissing and I was pressed for time because I had to meet up with another chick I just met a couple of days before so had to hurry, she had this tight t-shirt on but a hoodie covering her up so I worked her pussy for awhile and got her nice and horny and she started to work my dick through my jeans, I grabbed her jugs from out of the zipperd hoodie and rolled her shirt up and pulled her bra down over her jugs and were popped out like two giant ballons hanging out!

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