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Part 2 of Cabin story my 1st time

Randy and went to the river to fish it got dark on use> Randy said it be better to stay overnite by river. Than to try to find way back at nite> He had a 2 man tent is his backpak he set it up I wanted to go back to cabin he foght me down to the ground strip off my colths and started drinking beers he was siting on me as he was drinking after about 3 beers that he drank. He made me drink one (I was d***k i mean i was only 14). he sat on my chest and shove his huge cock down my mouth told me id better swellow all his cum he fuck my mouth 4 about 10 minn then blow a big load of cum some leak out of my mouth (well alot did). he got piss stood me up tied my hands around a tree took off his belt whip me like 20 times saying i told you to swollew it all. i was crying then he untied me. push me to the gound lube is cock up and shoved it in my littile tight ass i dint even have hair on my ass yet i sceamed he said go ahead no one can here you he **** my ass all nite he only stop to drink beer and get hard again in all he fuck me 5 times that nite each time it seem to hurt more> The funny thing is each time he did i was getting more truned on i shot my load the 2nd time he fuck me i was moaning .when i came the 2nd time he suck me off. when he was done he told me never to tell anyone couse they wouldnt beleave me anyway. he made me belaeve that he was the only one who cared about me and he would take care of me. Randy was 18 and he knew my Dad would beat alot. He randy also new i was lacking love from my DAd and used that to get me close to him (you can say that what strated me as a sub bottom/ slave)

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