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I fucked my 73 year old mother in law

I fucked my 73-year-old mother in law

I was with my wife and we were leaving her mother’s house after our weekly visit, she is 73 but looks more like 60, I was having our customary hug and saying goodbye when she whispered in my ear
“Will you come and see me when you’re free”
I knew what she wanted after the time we had with her panty girdle. I arrived at the house two days later just as she was leaving
“Are you going out”
“I was going shopping but that can wait, come on in”
We went in to the living room
“Can I ask you to do something for me again”
“I told you, I’m here anytime you want me”
“Will you watch me use my toy then come on my girdle again, I had Billie’s perfume on for two days last time”
Billie’s perfume was what her dead husband called his cum when he squirted it on her.
“I free now if you are”
My mother in law led the way into the bedroom and kicked off her shoes, she had black nylon on her feet.
Will they be the same tights I saw in the laundry basket.
She pulled the elastic waist on her skirt over her tummy and slipped it down her legs and off her feet, she was wearing cut off stocking things nearly up to her knees.
“Are you sure you want to do this for me” she asked
“Yes I’m very happy to be here, any thing to make you happy”
She slid her hands up her blouse, pulling and wriggling her panty girdle down and got on to the bed with it. She sat in the middle of the bed with her knees in the air and legs wide apart looking like a little Buddha, with her blouse covering her tummy.
This is the first time I had seen her fanny wide apart, she has got a very large triangle, covered in hair going up her tummy and on to her legs and a long looking slit visible through her thinning hair.
My mother in law reached under the pillow and pulled out a vibrator , very old and hard looking thing compared to today’s models
“Come and sit down”
I sat down next to her leg as she pulled out some KY jelly
“I need this stuff now, it’s been a long time since my fanny self lubricated”
I touched her feet feeling the nylon, sliding my hand up and down
“Sorry about them I didn’t know you were coming, there not sexy looking at all”
“I think they are nice, I love stockings”
“I was always in stockings with my corset and girdles when I was you age, Bill loved them”
My mother in law squeezed the KY on to the vibrator and I moved so I could watch her slid it in, with one hand and her fingers in the of a shape of a V she parted her lips exposing her soft looking insides. Now she slid the vibrator across her exposed lips lubricating herself.
Slowly she entered between her lips finding her ancient love hole and slid it in, I could feel my cock wanting out and I rubbed at my crotch. With little movements it started sliding in and out and turned it on holding it against her clit
Here I was, watching my 73-year-old mother in law with a vibrator in her fanny, getting very worked up, I lifted off the bed pulling my trousers and boxers to my knees
“Come closer,” she asked
I moved up the bed and her hand touched my leg, moving towards my cock, I moved my hand on to her blouse feeling her tits and started to undo the buttons as her hand gripped my cock. She lay on the bed with her eyes closed, one hand holding the vibrator still on her clit and the other on my cock
“That’s it Bill your so hard bill” Bill was her dead husband name
I wanted to feel her tits but there was that much of them in her bra to pull out, I was scared I would wake her from her fantasy about her husband. I played with her hard nipples through her bra instead.
She moved her hand off my cock, moving it on to my hand on her tits pushing it harder on to her nipple, her hand moved inside her bra pulling her foot long tit out then pulled the other one out, both hanging off her towards the bed.
I felt her tit for the first time, all floppy and soft and I bent down towards it as I lifted it up in to my mouth, her hand moved back on to my cock, making small movements on it and her breathing had altered, long, deep and slow.
I began sucking her big, hard nipple and I could just see her other hand starting to move the vibrator in and out of her
“Yes Bill suck harder”
I sucked harder
“Bill I’m coming, yes Bill”
My mother in law started to moan, her hand was gripped tight around my cock and I suck on her nipple “Bill I’m there, oh Bill come on me”
I was so wound up in her orgasm I forgot that she wanted me to come on her panty girdle
“Come on my fanny”
She lay across the bed , her legs just on the bed, wide apart and I moved between them. Her hand reached out for my cock, slowly wanking it. She let go of it and with her two hands she pulled her fanny lips wide apart making her fanny in to a pink diamond shape.
I could see her hole where her vibrator had been all covered in KY jelly and I started to wank my cock just inches away from it, getting closer until I rubbed my cock over her hole
“That’s nice”
Holding my hand still, I started to thrust in to my hand, the tip of my cock just touching her fanny
“Go on push it in”
I felt my end mix with the KY as I pushed in, not wanting to go in to far I held my hand around my cock as I pushed in to her tight hole. She let go of her lips moving on to her tits and massaging them,
“Will you come in my”
I was only fucking her with two inches of my cock, I lifted her legs up with both hands feeling her short nylon stockings and I could see her fanny being fucked. I fucked her with short slow thrusts not wanting to give her too much pain.
Her eyes still shut and little moans were coming from her as I felt my cock about to come, I stopped inside her letting my cum pump itself out in to her
“Oh Bill”
I bent my head down and kissed her nylon covered foot moving up her leg
“Yes that’s nice Bill”
My cock started slipping out and I lowered her legs, she quickly grabbed her panty girdle and had it over her feet and was standing up pulling it all the way to her dripping fanny in a flash
“Oh thank you, I really thought Bill was back with me, will you hold me tight”
We stood together, my hands feeling over her girdle covered bum and her tits and bra squashed against my waist as she held me tight and kissed my chest
“Thank you, I hope I don’t turn you off sex, with seeing an older woman with all her hanging bits”
“I’ve fantasized for years about you, getting turned on when the wife and I come to see you”
“I’ve often seen a bulge in your pants and have thought a fair few time about you when I’ve been playing with my toy, if my daughter not plenty for all your needs, I wouldn’t mind you coming around once a week if you want”
“I would like that”
“You were very gentle today with me, but would you push it in to me further next time, I would love to feel all that cock inside me and to have an orgasm with it”
“If that’s what you want but can you wear your corset and stocking for me”
“That a deal, can we kiss as well” she said
I lowered me head to meet her mouth, little small kisses on the lips first then her tongue started to part my lips and her hand back on my cock, I could feel that I was going to enjoy my weekly visits.

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