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Friends son


This is true story that happened at xmas 2001.
My works put on a xmas do in a community centre in town.
It was to be held on a Friday night so at least I had the whole weekend to get over the hangover I knew I would have.
I had arranged to go with a workmate and his wife who use to be neighbours of ours on an estate with quite a bad reputation and we had known them for years.
They had since moved to a nice house on the A10 just 5 miles out town but as we still worked together we still kept in touch.
Their names are Doug and Heather and have a son called Tom who we watched grow up and at the time this happened was just turned 14.

Anyway on the Friday of the do a few of the lads went to the pub for a few pre do drinks at lunchtime and as I had to back to finish some work could only have a couple. Doug likes his beer and by the time I left he was on his fourth pint but it was OK for him as Heather was picking him up (Heather never drinks).
It had been arranged that although we could walked to the community centre in 15 mins from out house Doug and heather were going to pick us up as they had to almost pass our house to get to the hall and we were to be ready by 7 Pm.
When they turned up Tom was with them as he was being dropped of at his girl friends house and was going to be picked up from the hall at 11.30.

I could tell that Doug and Heather were not getting on very well because Doug was quite the worse for wear as he had had at least 6 pints in the pub at lunchtime.
Doug’s a nice lad but does get bit loud when he’s had a few drinks, and It didn’t go down very well when he said as soon as he saw my wife(Marion) “ you need to but a vest on” he was referring to the fact that her nipples could be clearly seen when she was cold as all she was wearing was a red wrap over dress which had a buckle at the waist underneath she had just a garter belt and black stocking ,she was not wearing a bra because the dress left 1 shoulder bear and she said it looked silly showing a bra strap. I wasn’t complaining I like her to dress sexy when where out.
It didn’t register at the time but when Doug made the comment about Marion’s nipples showing Tom went bright red with embarrassment but that was just a taster for what he was a bout to see later on.

We all got in the car and Marion had just put a short jacket on over her dress as it was only a couple of minute’s drives to the hall in Gaywood . Tom was in the back with us a got a sneak preview of Marion’s stocking tops as she got in. If you looked closely you could tell she was wearing stocking at the lumps were clearly visible on the clasp that held up the stockings and when she took long steps her dress would open slightly sometimes giving a quick flash off lacy tops.

We arrived at the hall at about 7.30 pm, a little bit late and most of the good tables had gone. We managed to find a table that would hold 6 as there was an outside chance that Tom was coming back with his girlfriend but if he didn’t he would return at 11.30 for his lift home. The table we had was stuck in an alcove and it was very hard to see the dance floor from the side I was sitting so I changed places with Marion and sat next to Heather and Marion sat next to Doug. Doug wasn’t long in getting back on the beer and after just a couple of pints he started with the lewd comments at one stage he even said “do you no Marion when you lean forward to talk to Heather I can clearly see your nipple” Marion was just flirting and replied “well don’t look then”. I’m not sure if Heather was happy with all the flirting probably because she was not drinking like the rest of us .Doug by now was really into his stride and was drinking 2 pints for every 1 of mine Marion was doing a good job keeping up with him and was drinking large glasses of wine. Marion love’s to dance so her and Heather had a dance together I hate dancing because I can’t and Doug didn’t want to dance with 2 women so we sat it out and watched. Although it was quite dark in the hall it was obvious to anyone watching that Marion was wearing stockings because as she spun round her dress would open a little revealing just a flash of white thigh which was not lost on Doug who was coming out with even more lewd comments like” wont take her long to undress when she get’s home she got fuck all on”. When the dance was over the women sat down again and once again Doug went and got more drinks. By now he was very unsteady on his feet and Heather was looking at him with daggers in her eyes she was not amused, when he returned he asked Marion for a dance who agreed as it was a bit slower dance but not really a smooch but Doug tried to turn it into 1 he was holding her close, to close for decency and his hands were roaming all over her arse and then he started to play with the clasp of her garter belt and twanging the strap Heather could see all this and was not happy. To tell the truth I was uneasy as well not because of what Doug was doing but because other people who we worked with could also plainly see what was happening, Marion didn’t seem to care much at all but did stop him if he went too far. Both Doug and Marion were still putting the booze away but by now Doug was getting slightly out of hand and even tried to put his hand on Marion’s thigh and coming out with comments like “what sort of knickers are you wearing” It was only about 10.15 buy now but Heather told Doug to stop it and that it was time he went home to sl**p it off I thought he would argue that he wanted to stay but he didn’t so Heather said she would take him home and return for Tom(who had obviously had a better offer and had not come to join us) It was then I had the brainwave of maybe having some fun with Tom and told Heather there was no need to come back as Tom could stay at our house and I’d drop him of in the morning Doug and Heather left not without a few more comments and buying Marion yet another glass of wine. We had over an hour to wait till Tom was due so I reluctantly had a dance with Marion who was all over me like a rash and saying things like “it’s a shame there’s nowhere we can go for a quick shag” im feeling really horny” I asked her why and she said it must be all those comments Doug had been making it had turned her on.

When the dance was over we sat down again in our alcove and after a minute Marion reached under the table and then withdrew her hand to show me her fingers which even in the darkness you could see the were all slimy I said “what’s that” and she said “fanny juice I’m so wet it feels like I’ve pissed myself .I could tell she had had too much to drink as she would never say anything like that if she was sober.

Tom arrive earlier that we had expected so I got him a coke as we finished our drinks and explained that his mum had taken his dad home and why, I even repeated some of the things Doug had said about being able to see Marion’s nipples when she lent forward. Marion heard this and told me to shut up as I was embarrassing Tom and then as it was getting late the slow records started and Marion asked Tom to dance and led him onto the dance floor but kept to edge where it was the darkest and not far from me. I watched as they danced and swore I could see Marion grind her hips into Toms groin his hands where resting on her arse and it really turned me on to see my wife who was 46 then getting it on with a 14 yo boy she had known since he was in nappies.

When the dance finished they came back together and sat down and I watched as Tom stared at Marion’s stocking tops where her dress had opened when she sat down she also noticed him looking and very slowly covered her self up.

We finished our drinks and by this time Marion had d***k 6 glasses of wine and was well on the way to being d***k. She put her thin jacket on and we left to walk home a journey that should take no more than 20 minutes as soon as she got outside in the cold air I could tell I would have to almost carry her home as she kept wobbling all over the place. I got 1 arm round her and asked Tom to help so he took hold of her other arm and we set off I decided to go the shortest way home which meant walking through the estate which had a very bad reputation as it had been built as a London overspill housing many years back and even though the house’s are good nobody wanted to live on Fairstead estate just because of a few who spoilt it , anyway we had not been walking long when she tells me she needs to pee so she went behind a garage and had a pee there it was on a bit of a hill and before very long a stream of her piss was running to where Tom was standing. I helped her pull her very flimsy knickers up and asked Tom to help me again and we set of once more. Marion said she didn’t need any help so we let her walk by herself but then she stepped on a brick and fell over when she hit the floor she just bust out laughing her dress was wide open and everything including her knickers were on show. I asked Tom to help me get her up and luckily no damaged had been done except a dirty mark on her dress. What I didn’t notice till I saw Tom staring was that 1 of her tits had slipped out of her dress and was on show I told Marion and she made herself decent again.
We finally got her home and by then she had livened up a bit I turned the heating on full ands she asked me to get her a drink I made her a very strong Harvey wall banger and I had a can of beer, Tom had a can as well. Marion put a CD on and wanted me to dance with her but I said no ask Tom he’s more into dancing than I was. I sat on the settee and watched as Marion danced with Tom all the time his eyes where looking from her breast to the flash of white thigh and just watching him watch her gave me a raging hard on. I not sure how much Marion knew was on show but it was certainly a turn on. She finished her drink and I made her another 1 and she sat on the chair opposite Tom when I came back into the room her dressed was wide open and almost all her legs where on show and it was obvious she was teasing Tom I gave her her drink which id made especially strong and watched as she drank it and covered her legs up she wanted to dance again but when she stood up she fell back down and again exposed most of her knickers to Tom she took 1 more sip and within 5 minutes was fast asl**p. I finished my beer and then asked Tom if he could help me get her up stairs I got hold of her under her arms and told Tom to get hold of her under her knees but when he did this, again her dressed fell open and it was even possible to see 1 of her fanny lips that was peeping out the side of her knickers you could also see her pubic hair showing through the lacy front of her pants. I told Tom to put her back down and that I would let her sl**p on the settee and asked him if he would keep and eye on her while a got her a quilt and a bucket in case she was sick in the night as she often is when she’s had to much to drink. In our living room there is a serving hatch from the kitchen in to the living room with louvered doors so that it is possible to look down between the slats but not be seen as soon I had left the room I went straight into the kitchen and sure enough Tom was over her and had his hand inside her dress and was feeling her tits he also opened her legs and pulled the crotch of her knickers to one side which let him see her cunt. All the wile he was doing this he was watching the door and rubbing his cock over his trousers. Then he undid his zip and took his cock out it was dripping with precum I saw him put some on his finger and smear it over Marion’s lips he then got some more and rubbed it on her fanny.

I wanted to bring it to the next stage but wasn’t quite sure what the next stage was a although I had d***k quite a bit I was conscious the Tom was only 14 and we had known him since he was less than 2 so I made some noise and gave him time to sort himself out and went back in and said that I’d changed my mind and didn’t want to leave her downstairs on her own in case she was ill so we would have to carry her up stairs and if her dress opened it would be her fault I got her arms and Tom got her legs and we picked her up, sure enough her dressed opened up but I just told Tom jokingly not to look and started to carry her up the stairs as we went up 1 of her tits came out but I just ignored it and we carried her into our room and threw her on the bed. She laid there knickers on show and 1 tit uncovered and I just said to Tom she will regret this in the morning when I tell her a 14 year old boy had seen 90% of her body. Tom laughed but I could see from the bulge in his trousers he was turned on a part of me wanted to let him take it further but I realised it was bad enough showing him her body but would be serious if I let it go any further and let him fuck her as I’m sure he would have if I’d suggested it. Instead I said come with me and ill show you where you’re sl**ping and left her on the bed. I showed Tom his room and said goodnight and then said I’ve now got to try and get her undressed and into bed, he said he would help if I liked but I said no it would be ok. I left him and turned the light on the landing off and went back into our room but did not close the door shut and started to undress Marion. When I had got dress off I took her knickers off so she was just in stockings and suspenders and I thought I heard a creek from landing so I sneaked a peek and sure enough Tom was looking through the gap in the door he didn’t no I could see him as it was dark on the landing but I could see the light from our bedroom reflecting of his watch trap as he was obviously wanking himself, I decided to give him and little treat and made a big show of slipping my fingers into her still very wet cunt and finger fucking her. I did this for a few minutes and then after having made sure he had seen it all turned the light off.

In the morning I felt ok but Marion as to be expected was not feeling to good I went down to make some tea and Tom was already up I asked him if he had slept ok and did he want any breakfast he said toast would do so I was just about to make some when Marion came down for some asprin, she looked terrible and was wearing her satin dressing gown with what I found out to be nothing on underneath she sat at the table with Tom with her glass of water and her tablets and you could clearly see the shape of her tits through the thin satin, It was such a turn on for me noing that not many hours ago Tom had watched as I finger fucked my wife and he had stood there wanking

As I said this all happened 5 years ago Tom is now a marine in Iraq but still comes home to King’s Lynn on leave and we do see him from time to time and I still get horny when I see Tom with Marion as I told her most of the things Tom got to see but not that I let him watch as I finger fucked her. Marion is 51 now but I like it when we go out and she teases the young boys, maybe it could happen again who knows

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