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Future Porn Star Chick

If you have been following my stories then you know that they are 100% true because they are sexual encounters I have had before. So here it goes...

When I was in high school I use to try and get girls every which way I could. I knew this hispanic guy at the school that all the hispanic girls were in love with. So I told him to tell his girl to get me some girl to hook up with. Like two days later his girlfriend called me with one of her friend's numbers so i could text her. I texted her the same day and we started talking. We talked for about 2 months when she finally called me over to her s****r's apartment. I came inside and she was just wearing a t-shirt, panties, and some socks. I went to go sit down on the couch and she grabbed me and pulled me into her s****r's room. She automatically grabbed for my dick and said "I have been wanting some black dick". By then I got hard so she pulled my pants down and pulled my dick out. It kind of just dropped out and hit her right in her face. She started to slob all over my dick. I mean like my dick was shining with her spit. She started to grab my dick and slap herself on the face with my dick. Then I grabbed her by the back of her ponytail and made her deepthroat my dick. I started to poke the inside of her cheek with my dick. I then bent her over her s****r's bed and fucked her while she screamed out different curse words and my name. I yanked her hair by her ponytail and slapped her ass. I lifted up her shirt and started to squeeze on her tits. They werent all that big but they were squeezeable. I felt myself wanting to cum soon so I pulled out and before I even got the chance to put my hand on my dick and start to cum she was on her knees and jerking me off. I blew a big load all over her face and even some of it got in her eyes. After that we had sex about 40 times before she moved. Even though she is gone she still texts me and tells me about all the guys she has slept with and how big their dicks are and how they fuck her so hard. She is a future porn star.

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