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Chronicles of Amy, Episode 1: The Beginning

Amy is a part time transvestite who enjoys to dress very sexy and go out and have some fun. So a few years ago, on a Thursday evening, she was sitting in her favourite cafe, looking at the poeple passing by, flirting with some attractive males, who were charmed by her appearance. She was wearing black fishnet stockings, 4 inch black leather high heels, a miniskirt that was barely covering her perfect ass and a white, very tight top. The cafe was quite full and so basically the only free seat was the one next to Amy. She was enjoying another bit of the chocolate cake she had ordered before, so she didnt even recognize the person that just entered the cafe. It was a black man, middle aged, probably 6 feet tall, very athletic and dressed casually but stylish. He was looking around if he could spot a free table, but there was no other place left than the seat next to that cute blonde girl, that now was twitching and adjusting the stockings on her long beatiful legs. Amy was looking up and saw this beautiful man coming to her table and asking her "Miss, excuse me, is this seat taken? You see the cafe is so full, and after a hard day of work I really need my cup of coffee now." Amy was not really sure what to say, but she felt like it was the right thing to answer "No, no, if you like, you can sit down, I wouldnt mind a little company right now". She wasnt sure if it was because she couldnt deny a hard working man his well deserved cup of coffee or if she was kind of attracted by his muscular body. They were sitting together and started to talk. She got to know that his name was John Black and he was quite new to town, as his employer had just offered him to lead his own team, although he had to leave all his friends and f****y behind and start all over new. While they were talking Amy realized that she regularly was staring at the strong arms of John and he seemed to be very interested in her legs and cleavage. After they both had finished their drinks and cakes Amy went to the toilet to refresh her makeup, and when she returned she was catching a glimpse of a little bulge between his legs as she passed him, but she thought maybe it was just wishful thinking. He seemed to be a pretty nice guy, so Amy offered him to show him some nice places in town that everybody should know on the next day, before they both paid and left the cafe.
On the next day they had a very nice tour through the city. It were hours of laughter and joy, and as they had been walking for hours and they were both starving, they decided to go have dinner together. John was insisting to invite Amy to a nice Italian restaurant, but Amy had a better idea. She still had some wild deer filet in the fridge and she was quite a good chef and saw no reason why to pay a whole lot of money when she was able to do an equal meal at home, so she invited John to be her guest. They went to her apartment and like promised, Amy cooked a delicious meal. While they were eating they were again laughing so much and it felt like they knew each other for years. It was when they both took their plates to the kitchen where their hands accidently met. Amy could feel a short shiver through her body, although the contact was just for the blink of an eye. John said "Thank you very much Amy, the dinner was wonderful, but I think now I really have to go.." and Amy slowly turned around " .. but what if I tell you that I dont want you to go right now?". She was slowly moving her hand to his and gently starting to hold it. They were both looking into each others eyes and they both realized that there was more, and that they both wanted more. Amy felt like it took an eternity, but then finally John made a step forward, his arm reached around her and pulled her a little closer. Amy closed her eyes and longed for their lips to meet. Her hands now gently caressed the arms of John and as they finally kissed, she felt the energy again. She was opening her lips and John did the same, so that their tongues could meet each other. She wanted to feel him inside her mouth so she slowly baited his tongue to enter her, while they were starting to furiously circle around each other. She sucked on the tip of his tongue and felt how he started to massage her lips and circling around her lips again just to guide her into his mouth. So they were standing there, French kissing for an eternity, before Amy pulled a little backwards and then whispered into his ear: "Please, I want you, NOW". John grabbed her ass and she instantly understood, jumped to his front and wrapped her legs around him. This way he was carrying her to the bedroom and gently laying her on the bed. He leaned forward and wanted to kiss her again, but she held him back and said "Wait.. there's something I have to tell you.. a little secret.." John said: "You mean, the little secret between you legs? Don't worry, honey, I could feel it already while we were kissing and I dont care. To be honest it even adds a whole new level of excitement, because I have never been with a.. girl.. like you before." Amy smiled like she rarely smiled before and pulled him closer, french kissing him over and over. They both started to undress each other until they both were totally naked, only Amy's Stockings and Heels were left. John laid on his back and Amy understood what she was meant to do. Her hands were slowly touching the inner thighs and gently moving towards the cock that was now already half erect. She grabbed it and slowly guided it towards her lips. She looked into Johns eyes and then kissed the tip of his dick, before she started to slowly slide it into her mouth, so that her tongue could slowly massage his growing cock. She put her hands aside and just moved her head slowly up and down and it was an incredible view, to see how this big black cock slowly disappeared between her pink lips. She kept on blowing like this until she was sure that his cock has reached its full length. She grabbed it and started to lick with her tongue from the balls slowly to the tip and repeated that again and again. Her hands massaged the cock while she started to lick his balls all wet and sloppy, she even sucked them into her mouth one after another and released them with a loud "plop". She moved her head back to the tip of the cock and started to blow again, this time adding circular movements with her heads and leaving hor mouth open a tiny bit, so that everything got really wet and sloppy and the whole length of this beautiful black cock was covered with her saliva. Then she grabbed his hands and guided them around her head, so he was now holding her head between his legs with his cock all in her mouth. She moved back and forth and each time she pressed forward a little more, and he perfectly understood. She was actually trying a deep throat on him! He could feel the tip of his cock touching the back of her throat and this time he guided her and pressed his dick in a little more, and then suddenly felt like in heaven, he was really being deep throated. But Amy did not pull back, instead the was using all of her energy to move back and forth, gently guided by Johns strong hands, so that he now was actually fucking her mouth like a pussy. Amy had a hard time breathing and she got tears in her eyes, but she was looking at John and by the moaning and the look in her eyes he could see that she was having just as much fun as he had. After some time, that had felt like an eternity he felt the need of actually fucking her, so he pulled her head back and said "Amy, you blow like a queen, but now its time for me to start the real fun!".
Thats just what Amy was waiting for, so she pulled out a condom from under her bed, put it onto his rock hard, shimmering cock with her mouth, spit on it and massaged this lube all over it. She kneeled on all fours, spit in her hand and massaged her asshole, quickly pushing in one finger, then two, and then saying "All right, I'm ready". John took his position and slowly guided his cock into her saliva lubed asspussy. He was very gentle and it felt like ages until his whole cock had disappeared in her tight white ass. He then grabbed Amy's waist and started to slowly pull her back and forth, slowly shoving his big black cock in and out. Amy was just laying there, her head pressed into the pillows, loudly moaning, and trying to press her ass back as far as she could. John was increasing the spead and soon his balls were rhythmically slapping against her ass cheeks. He was now pounding her ass with his black hammer, and again and again and again he was pressing it into her ass, deep and hard. Amys own cock was rock hard and not before long the intense pounding of her ass and the massage of her prostate by this massive tool in her ass made her squirt her cum. But it was not the male flash orgasm, but instead the cum dropped slowly out of her cock, and it kept flowing for minutes. She couldnt think clearly anymore, and nothing else was important but the big black cock in her ass that made her cum like she never came before in her life. She tried to queeze her ass together so that it felt even tighter and Johns moaning was intensified, so she knew he was having fun. His hands were holding her tighter and tighter, he started to breath heavily and she could feel how his cock started to pulse. He leaned forward and intead of the fast thrusts he now was shoving his cock as deep inside her as he could and holding her very tight. She could feel how he was coming inside her and she loved this feeling. She then slowly lowered her ass, pulling out his now very sensual cock, turned around, and gave John a long and wet French Kiss. She massaged the cock, removed the condom and then whispered in his ears: "If you wanna be my boyfriend and promise to be faithful, next time we will skip the condom, my big stallion.." And not before long they were meeting again... ... ...

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