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I was Always working ,my Shift's got off at Midnight,It was a Friday night and everyone of the late teen early 20's people in the neighborhood were all hanging out on the Hot Saturday morning. Many people were Partying in the Apartment,Somehow I got two girls in the Hallway.
I then somehow preceded too show them my Cock. My Future Girlfriend at that time Laughed at my cock. Funny okay no biggie. Maybe A couple month's down the Road I get off work ,I'm driving around the Block and She's hanging out after midnight,At that time I'm driving a 76 black Firebird. She wants too go for a Ride. So I take her for a ride 3 miles West near a Park.We Start Making out then I take her hand let her grab my cock,She then's unbuttons or rather unzips my pant's out Cums my cock. She start's sucking away. She only came up once for air as I just French kissed her more. When the time came ,too where I knew I was going too Cum I did not let her Know.
I then Climaxed all my Jizz into her mouth,Boy she swallowed all that Cum and never Complained,I then after French kissed her more, Days later me and her Fucked in my car Consistenly everyday after I got off work. Wow best Blow Job I ever got. I wish more girl's would Laugh at my Cock,so Maybe in the Long Run they'll Suck It! and Fuck It! Paulie.

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