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An encounter with a mature woman

This is something that happened to me one day a few years ago that was a very pleasant surprise that I have never forgotten. It was I thought another average day at work, I was doing a job around the house of a married couple.

I arrived in the morning and the man of the house explained what he wanted doing and then left for work. I got on with the job which was cutting down some trees and shrubs in the garden. It was early spring and there was still a chill in the early morning air.

"My wife will be back sometime this morning" the man had said as he left for work in his suit and tie. I was sat in my van having a break when I saw a car pull up on the driveway. Then the door opened and a woman in her mid 40's got out. She was wearing tight jeans and as she got out I noticed how big and round her bottom was. She hair long wavey brown hair and looked like the stereotypical country house wife.

She then turned around and I looked away, I hoped she had'nt seen me staring at her. I got out of my van and walked over to her "Hi" I said "Hi how are you getting on?" she asked. I filled her in on what I had done so far. She was quite attractive in a natural mumsy kind of way.

But I just got on with my job, at the end of the day I knocked on the door. "Ive not quite finished, I will have to come back tomorrow to finish off I said" which was truthful, it was a big job to do. "Ok I will be here" she replied.

The next morning I arrived and again the man of the house was leaving for work and he asked me to do a few more jobs for him. I was getting on well when it began to rain very hard, "come inside you'll get soaked to the skin" I heard Mrs P calling from the back door.

"Aggh thankyou, I said as I took a gulp of tea" "Are you married?" Mrs P asked me "Er no not yet anyway" I said smiling. "I am surprised, a good looking boy like you and you are handy to have around"

As she said that I thought nothing of it and thought the fact she said boy only emphasized thats how she saw me. "how long have you been married?" I asked as the rain lashed against the window with a dark clouded sky in the background.

"for 25 years" she said "I got married when I was 19" "you must know the secret to a good marriage then" I said. "well I did'nt say I was happily married did I?" she remarked as the rain eazed off and I finished my tea.

"I better get...""wait dont go just yet" she interupted. As I stood up she said "Do you find me attractive?" "Well yes you are and your husband is very lucky" I said smiling. "he does'nt touch me anymore, I want a man to make love to me"

She came closer to me, putting her hand around my neck and leaned in to kiss me. I made no attempt to stop her, we kissed passionately as if we were 2 teenagers. It felt strange, I never thought that a woman of her age would still kiss like that.

She led me by her hand, upstairs around a winding staricase. I felt my cock going hard in my pants. We went into a large bedroom and she began taking her clothes off. She took off her blouse, then her bra, her breasts were bigger than I had imagined, they bounced down. She stopped and then she unzipped my jeans.

By this point my cock was throbbing, she pulled down my jeans and then my boxers. My cock thrust out ready for her pussy and she held it and started to masturbate me. My cock was so hard and there was pre cum coming out. I unzipper her jeans and pulled them down over her nice hips.

I could see her nice bottom in the mirror behind her, she was wearing red lacey knickers. They made her even more attractive, we kissed passionately and I had my hands down the back of her knickers and I guided my hand underneath, I could feel the bristle of her pubic hair in my fingers and then the wetness of her pussy.

She moaned as my fingers entered her, she was holding my cock, and rubbing my helmet with her finger, it felt so good. I slowly took off her knickers, as i did her dark bush was striking against the red knickers. Her pussy was very hairy, I dont think she had trimmed it for months maybe years. It was like a jungle and as she lay down on the bed it looked inviting.

I lay on top of her and kissed her breasts, she moaned as my cock was pressing against her thigh. "make love to me" she groaned. I guided my cock into her pussy, i felt the bristle of her pubes on my helmet. She sighed as my cock went deep into her and i started slowly thrusting on her. I was on top of her for a few minutes as we held each other and kissed.

Then she rolled on top of me, my cock slipping out of her as she did, i lay on the bed as she got on top of me, guiding my stiff cock into her. She starting riding me, up and down so that the tip of my cock was nearly out and then down so her bottom slapped against my ballsac. I could feel myself about to cum and told her. "wait I want you to take me from behind" she gasped.

I was so close to cumming but i managed not to, she bent over on the bed, her nice round bottom and her pussy flaps looking so inviting. I slipped my cock into her and started moving faster as she groaned louder and louder. My balls slapping against her bottom as I looked into the mirror and saw her face looking at mine. Her breasts were really bouncing around a lot and I put my arm around to feel them.

I could feel myself about to come and let out a groan of relief as I cummed hard into her. She moaned loudly as I thrust deep inside her as my cum entered her. We were both out of breathe and i lay next to her, she climbed on top of me as my cock went floppy and my foreskin rolled back, cum still dripping out. She kissed me " that was the best sex Ive had in ages" she said.

It had been a new experience for me as we both got into the ensuite shower, as a woman I would pass her everyday in the street and not look twice but as a lover she was incredible and very sexual. In the shower she surprised me again as she started to masturbate me and then bent down on her knees and gave me a blo job. Her brown eyes gazing up at me as she held and then sucked my cock. I wanted to fuck her again and told her,I slipped my cock into her again and we both stood in the shower and i slowly fucked her.

As we both dried off and got dressed we did'nt really talk, it was as if she had got what she wanted. We went downstairs and she asked me how long the job would take. I told her I had nearly finished and would be gone before her husband was back. As I finished I knocked on the door, she looked as though nothing had happened yet only 2 hours before she had my cock inside her.

That day I learned that sometimes sex is just that, a moment when it suits 2 people, we both enjoyed it but that was all it was. I still think about Mrs P now and again.

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