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The Point

A completely fictional story told from two points of view

It was two weeks until graduation. I had been going out with Billy for about six months and was looking forward to spending the summer with him before starting college in the fall. We had been up to The Point a few times before, and I had let him make it to second base. (The Point was a sandy flat spot up on the ridge overlooking the city where all the high school k**s would go to make out.) I loved the feeling of his finger inside me and his cum running down my hand after I jacked him off. As we drove up to the point I decided I was ready to let him go all the way, it was a thrilling thought actually having his cock inside me!

As we turned the corner onto Brambles Drive, we both noticed the police car parked under the tree. In it sat officers Brock and Nathan. My boyfriend immediately slowed down and was watching in his rear view mirror. He had had some run-ins with Officer Brock before, and it was no secret that his dad, who sits on the city council was responsible for Officer Brock missing several promotions. We were in his daddy’s car, so my boyfriend knew that Officer Brock would love nothing more than to bust him. We drove around a bit before heading up to The Point, just to be sure we weren’t being followed by the police car.

We were the only car at The Point that night, and spent awhile talking about our friends at school, our plans for the summer, that sort of thing. Finally he leaned over and kissed me, and the make-out session was on! I responded with a little sucking of his lips and a squeeze to his crotch. It wasn’t long before our clothes started coming off, as we climbed into the back seat to get a bit more serious about it. His hands explored my body, my senses began to reel. The positions were right, his dick was stiff, and so I dropped my head down and lowered my mouth over the tip of it. He made sounds that told me he wanted more, and so I began to bob and stroke, wondering what it would feel like to have this cock buried in my pussy hole. I couldn’t take it any more, and as I continued to stroke him I looked him in the eyes and told him I wanted him inside me. He wasn’t going to say no! We shifted our bodies so he was lying on top of me. I had to flop one leg up over the front seat, and then I felt it…. His dick bumped against my pussy and it sent shivers through my entire body. I reached down to guide him in and could feel the wetness oozing out of me. This was it I was about to get fucked for the first time in over 2 years, and this time everything felt right. He eased it into the opening and in one smooth slide put it balls deep inside of me. We both let out a little scream as he hit bottom and began to withdraw for another stroke.

Then what I remember next is feeling his cock pull all the way out and in one smooth move his entire body lifted off of me and disappeared out the door, and I heard the booming voice of Officer Brock hollering “Get of the car!”

I saw that prick in his daddy’s car drive by and suspected they were heading up to The Point. I didn’t want to tail them, as I hoped to catch them in the act and take full advantage of the situation. His dad fucked me over on a few occasions now, and that prissy girl friend of his comes from a wealthy powerful f****y in town that is connected to the top, and I hated them for it. If I could embarrass and humiliate them both at the same time it would taste sweet…. And if I happened to get a piece of that fine prissy ass at the same time, it would taste even sweeter.

As we approached the Point, I shut off all my lights and coasted to within view of the car. I could see them climbing around and knew I had arrived just in time. I told Nathan to light us up once I had them out of the car. I walked quietly up to it, and saw his little white ass between her legs, and acted immediately. I opened the door and reached in and grabbed a handful of his hair, and miraculously he slid right out of the car as I pulled. I cuffed him to the car door, noticing his still stiff cock as soon as Nathan hit the spot light. I turned my attention back to Ashley who was scrambling to grab clothes to cover up. In my best pissed off voice I demanded her not to touch anything and to get out of the car. She begrudgingly obliged, and it was just precious to see this little slut with nothing on except her tennis shoes, trying to cover up her little breasts and smooth pussy with her hands as she stood in the bright light. She was pleading with me to let her get her clothes to which I spun her around and bent her over at the waist on top of the hood of the car and made her spread her legs and allowed my eyes to soak up the delicious site of this naked teenager bent over. Then I did a full pat down, letting my hands enjoy her skin, and even took a little dip between her legs and felt her wetness. She was crying and Billy was calling me names and demanding that I stop, so I reached down and smacked his slowly deflating boner. I saw her panties on the seat of the car and stuffed them in his mouth to shut him up.

“I’m sure your daddy would love to know what his little girl was doing tonight, perhaps I’ll go tell him” I said.

“No! Don’t, we haven’t done anything wrong”, squealed Ashley.

“Driving with a busted headlight is i*****l”. To make my point I bashed out the front light with my baton.

“And well placed strikes don’t even leave bruises, but they hurt like hell”, as I drove my baton in her boyfriends gut. He knew better than to spit the panties out and grunted as he dropped to his knees. I pulled him up by his hair, and told Ashley “Would you like me to show you more?”

She got the point. “Stop it you asshole!” She screamed.

I slapped her little ass hard, and made that tut, tut noise of disapproving parents, “ such language for a fine young citizen. Verbal assault on an officer perhaps?”

She stood up and turned around, her arm still trying to cover her breasts and her hand between her legs, “just let us go… don’t tell anyone, I’ll do whatever…”

Score, I had her now. “Fine, drop your hands and let me see your body”. She did, obviously embarrassed, looking down at the ground.
“Unzip my pants and take out my cock”


“Unzip my fucking pants and get my fucking cock in your mouth or I arrest you both for loitering, indecent exposure, and a bunch of other shit! Now fucking do what I tell you!” I screamed f***efully in her face.

The tears welled up as she recognized she was in a very bad spot, and dropped to her knees to begin unzipping my pants.

That first instant her warm lips wrapped around my cock were pure heaven. The bright light shining on her face as she began to work my cock with her mouth, was a beautiful sight. I could hear the dumbass grunting through the panties, no doubt pissed about watching his girlfriend blow me. I grabbed handfuls of her soft hair, and as soon as my dick was at full attention, I f***ed it balls deep into her head, and immediately popped it out. She gagged and spit like an angry snake.

I stood her up and told her suck Billy until her was hard. As she bent over to get to his dick, I gave a little slap on her tight ass, and ran my hands down the crack until I found her holes. I spread her little cheeks and put my stiff cock up against her slick little pussy hole. I could her slurping on the boy’s dick as I slid my shaft past the opening and into her precious little fuck hole. It was tight and silky and fantastic. She bucked a bit in disbelief, trying to dislodge me. She even cried out for a moment, so I grabbed her head and f***ed it back onto the cock in front of her, and told her not to come off it again. I grabbed her above her slender hips for handles and began to take full strokes. This teenage body felt great, and to hear her struggle with the cock each time I went deep forcing the cock in her throat at the same time, nearly made me pop a load right there. But I had other plans…

Oh my god! This asshole policeman was about to see me naked! He made me get out of the car, and then when the spotlight went on, I felt utterly and completely vulnerable. I could see Billy, his cock still hard. Before I could even react I was f***ed over the hood of Billy’s dad’s car. His hands were on me. I felt him stop at my pussy and cop a feel.

I don’t really remember what was said, but I do recall him busting a headlight, and hitting Billy with a club. Officer Brock found my panties that only a moment before were on me, wet in anticipation of finally having sex with Billy, and now they were in Billy’s mouth. I knew we were both in big trouble if either of our parents fond out, and I vaguely remember telling officer Brock I would do anything, just don’t tell. I will never forget however, the grin that crossed his face at that moment, and my mind became crystal clear with the realization I was very naked and vulnerable and had just given him the green light to touch my body.

He f***ed me to take out his penis and begin sucking him. I heard the sound of the zipper as my hands worked it, and I remember thinking as I fished his already growing hard –on out, that this was the biggest dick I had ever seen. (Having only seen 3 high school boys before, that’s not saying much I suppose.) I felt him playing with my hair, and then without any notice, my had was shoved onto his stiff cock. I felt it kinda pop down my throat. My eyes were probably huge. As quickly as it went down it came back out. Having never had a cock buried in my throat before, I was thankful it didn’t last long!

He then told me to suck Billy. I looked up into my boyfriend’s eyes and saw all kinds of emotions in them, from fear to anticipation to fascination. As I put his dick in my mouth I felt Officer Brock put his hands on my butt, and begin to feel me up. Then I felt the head of his penis at my pussy and realized that he was about to have sex with me. I wanted to scream no, and make it stop, but his penis entered me my head was f***ed down onto Billy’s cock and I all I could do was gurgle as I tried to scream out.

I had really only ever been with one other boy besides Billy… and I’m not really sure I’d count Billy since he only had his cock in my pussy for about 20 seconds. After a few minutes I realized I was fucking two men, and my body was literally like a piston bouncing between the two of them, cocks alternating between deep in my pussy and deep in my mouth. I felt Billy tense up and was preparing to have him cum in my mouth, when I was suddenly yanked up by my hair.

Office Brock pulled me to him and whispered. “Now Ashley, your dumbass boyfriend is going to cum in your pussy, so don’t bother claiming ****. It’s almost over, so just relax and try to enjoy yourself”

I felt a hard slap on my ass and heard Office Brock tell Billy to enjoy himself. Then I was pushed back onto Billy. Office Brock was now in front of me, and lifted my head by my hair while still keeping me bent over. He slapped my face and demanded me to open. So I opened my mouth, not fully ready for what was about to happen. He quickly began taking full strokes in my mouth and I was gagging and retching at the invasion to my throat. I could feel Billy’s cock in my pussy going in and out in time with the cock in my throat. Suddenly everything went still and I could feel the twitching deep inside as Billy began to cum, and at the same time couldn’t breath as Officer Brock had his cock buried deep in my throat. I could feel the lurching of his balls against my chin as I felt a warm sensation going down my throat. It seemed to go on for a very long time and just when I thought I would pass out I felt a tugging sensation in my mouth and the cock came out as I sputtered for air.

I made it clear to Ashley that going for a **** test afterwards would be pointless, because her boyfriend Billy was about to cum in her pussy.

He was good and hard as I turned her around. I gave a hard slap on that gorgeous little ass, looked Billy in the eyes, and told him to enjoy. I then helped find the hole and went around to her head. I grabbed handfuls of the long soft hair, demanded she open up, and began to fuck her head as if it were a pussy. I could feel the head of my cock get a little massage each time it popped past her throat ring. I could feel my balls slapping against her chin. I literally was standing still and with the fistfuls of hair, was using her head to slam her body fully into me, cock buried in her head, then slammed her backwards so as my cock was on the out stroke, Billy was getting some balls deep action in her pussy. I worked her like this for a minute or two, then looked at Billy and asked him if he was ready. He nodded. I slammed her body full onto his cock, then drove my dick all the way in her throat as I began to cum. Heaven on earth, to feel my cock trying to bob with each cum spurt but being lodged so tightly that all it could do was quiver as blast after blast shot out and down into her belly. I could feel her throat u*********sly swallow to ease the stress, which just massaged to last few spurts out. I literally heard a popping noise when I extracted my cock from Ashley’s head, like a cork leaving a bottle. I looked down at her beautiful face. Her makeup had run everywhere, her eyes were red, and she had slobber and strings of goo dripping off her chin, it was a fantastic sight.

I felt a bit sick to my stomach as I realized not only had I just swallowed that assholes cum, Billy had cum inside me without a condom. I just wanted to go home and take a shower, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw something moved, and without realizing why felt suddenly scared. Then I saw Officer Nathan walking toward me, his enormous penis swaying back and forth with each stride. He picked me up and layed me on the hood of the car. He put his weight on my back and I tried to move but couldn’t. Then I felt it, his giant dick touch my butt hole, and I felt panic when I realized he was about to try and stick it in there. I never had anything up there before and had only read about it. I felt him put all his weight behind it, trying to f***e it in. I felt my butt hole give and body get invaded by this monster. It was shock and pain and disbelief all at the same time and I remember trying my hardest to get him off me but I couldn’t. I think I blacked out from the pain. I don’t remember much of it, once I knew it was in all the way I tried to relax. I remember a strange wiggling sensation deep inside my body, the pain coming and going in waves, the sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before.
I recall the pain starting to subside as I felt the full weight of this giant man on top of me, and I could feel the lurching inside me as I realized he was cumming. A strange warm sensation filled me. The next thing I remember is staring straight at this giant dark penis, dripping with oozey stuff. He made me stick it in my mouth and as I felt it pass my lips I could smell the cum and felt nauseous at the thought I was sucking a giant black cock that was just up my butt. I could barely get my mouth around it, but did what I was told and tried to lick all the stuff off it. I felt even sicker inside when the thought crossed my mind that it actually tasted good and made me feel as if I wanted more.

I was in a complete daze. I remember Officer Brock handing me money and telling me to get the car washed and buy a pregnancy test, then the spotlight went out and I was left standing there naked wondering what had just happened. I looked at Billy and he was dirty and his face looked all glazed like. We got dressed, went to the car wash, and didn’t speak. We are still together and to this day have never spoke of the events of that night.

It wasn’t over yet. I looked up and saw Nathan, a fairly large black man, walk out of the shadows with his monster cock swinging back and forth as he walked right up to Ashley. He looked at me and said “sorry sir, I can’t take just watching anymore”. In one swoop her picked up the girl and dropped her facedown onto the hood of the car. It was quite a sight to see his big black hand spreading open those tiny ass cheeks. He spit on his cock and put the head at the entrance to her butt hole, and began to push. It clearly wasn’t easy, and when it popped in, Ashley let out a tremendous scream and began to thrash around. Now speared in the ass, there was no escape. The big black cock began to stroke in and out of Ashley’s tiny little butt hole. It didn’t seem possible for it all to fit, but with a bit of perseverance, it was soon had it buried to the root. Now he began to pound, taking full strokes in and out as the car rocked back and forth with the pounding. He let out an a****l growl and put all his weight onto her as his body tensed up. The whole car seemed to shake with each blast of jizz that shot up into Ashley’s body. As he extracted the giant black penis from her teenage butt, a slimy puddle of cum and bl**d pooled onto the car hood. Her body glistened with the sweat from the pain and the fucking.

Nathan then yanked her off the car, dropped her down, and told her to clean it. She was swollen with tears as she hesitantly put the slimy cock in her mouth. I looked at Billy still handcuffed to the car and could see his dick had gotten rock hard again, he must have enjoyed the sight of his girlfriend getting used up by the big black cock. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a trail of slime oozing down the hood of the car. I slapped Billy’s hard-on, uncuffed him and made him lie on the ground with his head underneath the front bumper. I sat on his chest and made sure he kept his mouth open as the slimey goo dripped off the bumper and into his mouth.

I got Ashley back on her feet, and handed her 50 bucks and told her to go through the car wash on the way home, but a pregnancy test, and keep her fucking mouth shut. I uncuffed Billey and as I pulled away, enjoyed one last look in the spotlight at the two young lovers, standing naked, Ashley still breathing heavy, and Billy still standing like a lost puppy with a hard-on. It was priceless!

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