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My Gay camping Trip 3way

I was camping with 2 of my friends Eric and Kevin both of who I had been fucking for a while now. We had found us a nice little secluded campsite next to a river so we could do some fishing and swimming and such. On the second night we were sitting around the fire swapping stories and jokes and just having a good time. Well towards the end of the evening Kevin pulled out his cock and says hey Mike want to take care of this for me or should I just go to the tent and jack off? I was feeling a bit adventurous so I decided to help him out.I go over to him as he takes off his pants and I start to lick and nibble on his balls and slowly stroke him feeling his cock swell and heat up in my hand. I slowly work my tongue up his shaft to the head of his cock and than I work his dick into my mouth forming a seal with my lips. Kevin is way too thick for me to take into my throat so I can only get about 3 inches or so into my mouth. So I start to suck him off and use my hand to jack him into my mouth. As I start a nice little pace I suddenly feel a hand working into my pants grabbing my cock and realized Eric was working me. I felt my cock slowly sink into Erics mouth and I quickened my pace on the cock in my mouth. I was so hot and worked up that I was sucking in a frenzy until in no time I Tasted Him shoot his load into my mouth. There weas so much of it I had a hard time swallowing it I had to gulp it 2 or 3 times. I slowly jacked every last drop into my mouth.After that he had me lay on my back and he joined Eric at sucking my dick. They would take turns one would suck my balls while the other would suck my cock and changing places every few moments.After a couple of minutes I finally blasted my cum into thier mouths. Was never sure who got my load. I had realized Eric had yet to get off so I went to him and started sucking his cock. He was not as thick as kevin so I could swallow him. I paused after a few minutes and looked at Kevin and said if he was up to it there was an extra hole for him to use. Apparently he was up to it because in a few moments I felt a couple of lubed fingers slide into my ass causing me to groan around the cock in my mouth as he slowly fingered me until I was ready to take him. As I felt his cockhead against my asshole I sucked Eric deep into me as Kevin pushed his dick all the way in and slowly start to fuck me. As I was geting fucked in my ass I was finding it hard to concentrate on sucking the dick in my mouth. I was in total bliss being used as the dirty slut I was. I finally felt Eric start to cum so I took him all the way into my throat as he blasted his seed into me. Even after he came as much as he could I refused to let him out of my mouth as I was getting assfucked I felt him grow again in my mouth and I worked him hard again as I felt Kevins cock ripping my asshole apart. I felt kevins whole body spasm as he shot his dick juice way up into my well fucked ass. After he pulled out I climbed into Erics lap and started to ride him cowgirl style. It was more like riding a bull the way I was bouncing and turning on his dick. As I was fucking erics cock Kevin had come over and started to give me a handjob. Between the pressure of Erics cock in me and the jacking it did not take long until I spilled my cum on Erics chest. Afew moments later I finally felt the dam in Erics cock break and flood my ass with him. Afterwards we were spent and went to the tent to rest up.
another true story by Michael

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