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Fantasy about Christian and mom

I am a 20 year old boy living with my mom and younger b*****r. My b*o has a very goodlooking friend comming over from time to time. One day, chatting on Facebook, I noticed that my mom had added Christian, my bros mate as a friend. I also noticed that she had made several comments on his pictures. Like "nice pic" and things like that. His answer to her was: "check ur mail". My now erected cock needed relief, so I jerked off and shot a big load making my chest completly messed up. The next day, when my mom left for the mall, I hurried into her office and turned on her computer. I think i knew her facebook password as I helped her making it a couple of years ago. I logged straight in and went for her mailbox. When I opended it, i found there were several mails in the conversation between Christian and my mom. The conversation was like this:

Christian: "I saw u liked my facebookpics. Wanna see some more?"
Mom: "Of course. Ur so goodlooking and nice."
Christian: "Thanks. You too. Attached some pics"

I quikly opened the atachments, and found some images with a bearly nude Christian. He was posing with no more than a boxer on. My cock was so hard by now. but I could not jerk off. Any touch would make me cum. I I headed back to the mail, and read on.

Mom: Thanks. "Very nice pics. Got more?" She puted a smiley to that one.
Christian: "R ur sure u wanna see?. Iso, follow this link xxxxxxxxxx. But I warn u. I show everything there."

I followed the link, and came to a profilepage at an adultsite. I recogniced Christian at the profile picture. I owerwieved it, and found ut that he was seeking milfs for fun. There was a picture gallery with several pictures with Christian showing a raging hardon. At least 8 inch. I went back to the mail. I was very curious about my moms answer.

Mom: "Wow. Exelent pictures you got there. You should be proud"
Christian: "U got a cam? Wanna cam with me"
Mom: Yeah. I turn it on now.

I was so horny that my body was shaking. My cock was hurting stiff when I opened the last mail which was written an hour later than the others.

Christian: "Thanks for the show! Would like to stick my cock into that tiny count of urs very soon. U made me som horny."
Mom. The same. I would like to feel that big member of yours fill me up. Have a good night.

I grabbed my cock and blowed imiditly. The thought of Christian and my mom having camsex was to much. He has seen her pussy, and he made her horny.

To be continued?

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