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I am 19, but when i was 13, my mother caught masturbating, but i
assured her i was inspecting myself. She was still upset and hauled
me off to the local medical clinic to get a lecture on "sexual
practices" from our GP.
When we arrived my mother made me go and ask the nurse at reception,
but it turned out that our GP wasn't working that day (it was a
sunday). The only other doctors on duty were an andrologist, a
christian b*****r in charge of f****y planning, a spannish speaking
GP, a dentist and an OB/GYN.
The nurse asked what i wanted to see the doctor about, and i told her
getting information on "Sexual practices". She asked what in
particular and i said "Well, my mother caught me masturbating, but she
wants me to learn all about growing up sexually"(I was very
know-it-all at the time). The nurse gasped and regained herself, and
suggested that i either see the priest, who wasn't too helpful on the
topic of masturbation, or the andrologist, who was female, but new
what she was talking about.
We sat and waited for about half an hour, until the doctor came out.
She was around mid 30's, reasonably athletic looking, and pretty good
looking. She led me into her office, without my mother.
When we got in she asked me what i would like to know about, so i told
her that i first wanted to know what an andrologist does. It turns
out that an andrologist analyses and makes records of sperm donations
for the IVF centre next door.
So i fealt pretty comfortable with this woman, who new a fair bit
about masturbation, and i told her a straight out lie. "Well, it's
kind of embarrassing, but i've never learnt to masturbate before and i
wonder if you could, well, explain the procedure to me. " She wasn't
atall suprised, because she had obviously showed and discussed
masturbation with meny males before, and immediately started
explaining what masturbation was.
I interrupted her and managed to act embarresed, asking her if it
would be okay if she explained penis size first. She told me that
most male penises aer about 16 cm long and 8 cm thick, but tshe pulled
out a tape measure and i took my measurements. I was 17cm long and
11cm around. She was shocked and explained that i was very developed
for my age. And by the time i finished puberty my penis could be up
to 20 cm or even longer. Then i let her continue.
She droned on about how masturbation was the "stimulation of ones
genitalia to produce orgasm" and how it's healthy and even she was a
regular masturbator. I was suprised at her openess with me about the
subject, but she hadn't got down to the basics. How to masturbate.
I lied to her again, not meaning to be rude, but looking for a thrill,
saying "You see, i know my friends do it, but i don't know how. Do
men and women do it the same way ? Could you show me how ?"
She was still not shocked by what i said, and replied with confidence
"Listen, i'll show you how men and women do it, and then we'll get you
to have a go. If you want you can make a donation to my department.
It would be anonymous and it would man you don't have to pay for this
I was really getting interested now. I had only ever masturbated by
myself before, but i knew it would be an enormous thrill to do it in
front of someone. So i played stupid and said"Okay, should i get
undressed ?" She recommended it, so i got down to my boxers and sat
back down on the examining table. She got up and left the room, only
to return with a little plastic specimen jar and a video. The video
was explaining the process of masturbation, with a sen at the end to
provide incentive. She sat next to me and got me to take off my
shorts. My penis was semi-erect, and i was proud of my pubescent
development (i nearly had a snail-trail).
She put her hand on the base of my penis and said "Okay, you put you
hand herer and pump it up and down. It'll feel good, and you'll get
the hang of it." I instantly ot hard. She started to rub and said
"alright, now you take over. And remember to stop when you feel the
semen rising. You'll know what i mean." But she hadn't explained
ejaculation to me yet, so i enquired. "Um, what happens when i
ejaculate, does the cum actuall shoot out ?" Now, she blushed. "The
SEMEN will either dribble out of the opening in the head of the penis,
or sort of squirt, depending on how developed you are and what
technique you use. But afterwards you may feel very disgusted and
somewhat repulsed by sexcual activity."
"Well, what about girls, do they, um, squirt semen ?" (like i didn't
already know the answer)
"No, girls just produce a liquid which lubricate their vagina. It can
leak out at orgasm. Do you want me to show you how girls do it "
I was desperately hoping that she would get undressed herself, and
jerk off with me, but she pulled down a wall chart and pointed to
aspects of the diagram.
Now, i acted more c***dish than i would ever have believed. "Well,
can you show me how you do it, i mean you've sort seen my penis.."
"Well, i don't usually, but if it would make you feel more
comfortable, i can give you a quick indication." She took off her
jacket and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She was
wearing a multi-coloured thong, which she lowered so i could see the
opening. Then she started to rub it and explained what she was doing.
"You see, the liquid entering my vagina." Then she pulled up her
underwear and lifted her dress off the floor." She unzipped it and
said "Alright, i'll leave you to it, there's a pornographic film in
the video, just press play. I'll come back in about five minutes."
"You can stay, i don't mind, actually, i'd prefer it, just to make
sure i do it right.."
"Alright, i'll stay"
So i started to jerk off. Slowly and clumsily at first, but then
quickly and expertly. I could feel the cum starting to rise in my
penis and i told her. She told me to stop and let the wave subside,
that way i could get more out and make the donation substantial.
So i stopped, then i started again and the wave begin to rise. I told
myself i'd stop, but i past the point of no return and felt it about
to happen. I moaned and she rushed over aand picked up the cup,
holding it near my leg, because both my hands were full. Then i
started to cum.
I shot my first squirt straight into the cup, and then the next two
So, this is the scene: I'm on an examining table masturbating
furiously, having just amply filled a specimen jar with the glorious
white fluid, and it's being held by afemale doctor, encouraging me by
saying things like "come on, you can do it, fill up the cup with your
first load of cum, oh yeah, now you're a man.." and so on. Then my
mother walked in.
It had been about half an hour since i entered the room, and she must
have become worried. I got so nervous, considering the position i was
in, that i lost control and after a few seconds gap i squirted cum
upwards. It was over in a flash, and the semen landed partly in my
hair, partly in the doctor's hair, partly in the cup, but mostly on
her hand. She musn't have seen my mother because she was still
talking up a storm, and she bagan to milk the last few drops of semen
from my red penis.
My mother closed the door and left and i quickly got dressed. The
docotr copied down some information and wiped the cum from me, and i
left. On the ride home i had to explain to my mother what had
happened. I know she has a vibrator, but she was still upset.

Nowadays i really enjoy acting the same way. It's even more fun when
they find out i'm 19.

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