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Hardonis Academy P-3

New Student's First Day Part 3
By Victor Lavay

Sandra relaxed after the wild spasms of her orgasm dwindled away. Her limbs went limp, no longer able to struggle against the bonds that held her half naked body in place. Felling dreamy and happy she no longer wanted to struggle. The young student was really starting to enjoy the first day at her new school. So she didn=t even think about protesting as Principle Lazlow knelt beside the chair she was tied to and started licking her breasts.

The man=s tongue skilfully worked at the young girl=s puffy little breasts. He licked around each nipple several times before kissing the erect pink little buds. Principle Lazlow sucked on Sandra=s tits until she was moaning and wiggling her hips. He then moved his mouth down her body, kissing and licking her flat tummy. Eventually his lips reached her nearly hairless pussy slit. Sandra=s eyes had been closed as Lazlow licked her breasts and body, but now they fluttered open and she looked down.

Principle Lazlow moved from the side of the chair, around to the front. He knelt down between the new student=s legs, which were tied in the wide open position. Sandra watched intently as his face moved closer to her vulnerable young crotch. She was already wet and her pussy lips spread open from the finger fucking he had given her. Now she was about to have his tongue probe into her helpless sex. Sandra=s tummy tingled, and she could actually feel a trickle of wetness running down between her ass checks.

When the Principle pressed his lips to her pussy, Sandra let out a moan and closed her eyes. He kissed her wet lower lips and savoured the young girl=s excited smell. Then he started to lick her. Long strokes of his tongue, all the way up and down her pink little slit. Steadily growing more f***eful, pushing against the opening of her cunt, and rubbing across her clit. Lazlow took pleasure in his worked, enjoying every sound the girl made.

After a few minutes of moaning Sandra opened her eyes again and looked down to watch the man=s mouth working its magic between her legs. "Its so hot.." she murmered "My cunny, it itches... please put your tongue in it...deeper" She could not believe it was her own voice asking to be tongue fucked. It was like she was watching everything happen to some one else. She was a good girl, and would never have sex like this, tied helpless to a chair. She was being ****d by this older man. If she was a good girl, this would be ****. But if she was some one else, some slut in a film, then this would be normal, this would be fun.

Sandra giggled, and tried to speak in her most sexy voice APleas fuck my little cunny with you big tongue Mr Principle. I really need to cum all over your face.@ A second later she felt exactly what she had asked for. Principle Lazlow f***ed his tongue up the young girl=s tight wet hole. He licked and licked until Sandra was moaning and gasping. Then he stopped. She was on the edge of another orgasm and he stopped.

The student opened her eyes wondering what was going on. Then she saw something that frightened her out of her pleasurable haze. Principle Lazlow was standing in front of her, taking off his pants. His massive cock stood out tall and hard, pointing in her direction. Sudenly his words came flooding back to the front of her mind.. "I will pop your little cherry and fuck you like you were my own daughter." He was going to do it. Sandra began to struggle against the straps and ropes. He was going to take her virginity, and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Suddenly Sandra felt like she was falling. It took her a second to realize that the back of her chair was being lowered. Miss Violet was standing beside her, adjusting the chair so that the Principle could properly fuck his new student. "Close your eyes honey, and don=t be shy about screaming its ok." the woman told Sandra kindly before stepping away.

But Sandra could not close her eyes yet...she just had to look, to look along the length of her body, to see the man standing between her legs, as his cock moved into position. She watched until she could feel the head of his shaft pressing against her slippery pussy. Then she closed her eyes as Lazlow pushed forward. At first it did not seem that he would be able to fit any of his cock into her. It was almost nice to feel him pressing against her. But he kept pushing in short continuous thrusts, pushing hard and relentlessly, working the head of his penis into the tight tunnel of her vagina.

Once he got the first few inches of his shaft into the girl=s small body, Lazlow relaxed and took a few deep breaths. Then he started moving his hips in long hard strokes. Each stroke drove his cock deeper into Sandra=s throbbing little cunt. She gasped and panted, but did not scream, not until his cock pushed against her hymen. Pain caused her entire body to shiver as the Principle Lazlow kept right on thrusting.

Sandra began to sob and cry as she was ****d. This was not at all what she thought her first time would be like. She was going to fall in love with some boy her own age, it would be romantic, they would make love on a nice soft bed, it would be special. Now she was tied in an office, helpless and vulnerable, being taken by an older man, being fucked on a chair that was specially made for it. How many other girls had he done this to? She briefly wondered before another spasm of pain shot through her belly. Principle Lazlow=s massive cock was now deep inside her body. It felt like she was being ripped in half.

Relentlessly he kept thrusting into the new student, several short fast stabs, followed by a long deep push. Over and over Principle Lazlow drove his manhood into the little girl=s tight cunt. He was helping her on her way to becoming a first class slut. She might hate him for a little while, but eventually she could come to realize what an important thing he was doing today.

Sandra sobbed and gasped, in time with the Principle=s thrusts. Although her mind kept repeating that this was a horrible violation, her body began to respond as it should. On and on when the rhythmics fucking with a small change in pace every few minutes. Lazlow was well skilled in the sexual arts, and able to keep control of himself at all times. Well almost all times, some teachers and graduate students had made him lose his control on a few occasions. But that was hardly the case today. Fucking young Sandra was enjoyable, but nothing special to him. So he concentrated on making the experience memorable for her.

Principle Lazlow fucked his new student passed the pain of losing her virginity. He fucked her tight cunt slowly and steadily till she found pleasure. He fucked the young girl faster until she started to shake with her orgasm. Only then did he start to really fuck her hard and deep.

Sandra felt the pleasure of cumming, this time a felling very different than the one caused by her own fingers, or his. When her body spasmed and she strained against the straps and ropes, she felt almost heavenly. She keenly felt the muscles of her cunt grip the big cock that was intruding inside her body. She screamed with pleasure this time, then gasped in near despair. Instead of stopping or slowing down, the man began to fuck her poor little pussy harder. It was a mix between pain and pleasure that made her orgasm continue, on and on, wave after wave. Never had she thought this possible.

Lazlow could tell by the shallow breathing and the way her body trembled, that the young girl was spent, ready to pass out. But before he would allow that, he wanted her to see one more thing. After ramming his cock into her several more times in mercilessly fast motion, he pulled it from her abused little cunt hole. Then he sprayed his cum all over her. Hot sticky drops of cum splattered Sandra=s breasts, her belly, and her smooth pussy. "There now, that about concludes our interview for today." he said as the new student lost consciousness, her empty pussy still twitching with the aftershocks of her multiple orgasms.

After Sandra was done in the Head-master’s office, his assistant Miss Violet called for two of the older students to help carry the u*********s girl to her dorm room. Violet went along to clean up the poor c***d and make sure everything in her room was in order. The boys joked and laughed as they carried the mostly naked young girl through the hallways. Everyone who saw them parading along knew what had just happened. A new student had come fresh from her interview-**** with the Principal, his cum still fresh on her body.

Miss Violet took good care of Sandra, licking her all over. She loved the taste of Principle Lazlow’s cum, especially when she could lick it off the body of a new student. Sandra moaned softly as the woman caressed her body and licked her all over. She opened her eyes briefly as Violet spread her legs. She was not sure if she was dreaming or not, but seeing the woman’s head down there and feeling her soft skilful tongue gently probing and licking her tender pink place, Sandra was reminded of her mother.

When Violet was done slurping on the new student, she washed the girl with a damp cloth. She then dropped a sl**ping pill into a glass of water and got Sandra to drink it. She would wake up the next mooring after a good night’s sl**p.

Thats it for the First Day.
There is more if people want to read it, let me know

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