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Curiousity satisfied, fantisy fulfilled

All my life I had been curious about gay sex. From the time I was old enough to jack off I was shoving objects up my ass, it always seemed to intensify my orgasm.

I grew up, got married, had 2 k**s and before I knew it I was 45 and had never experienced gay sex. From time to time the desire, the wonder of what it would be like would consume me, but other than buying larger dildos I did nothing about it.

Finally, I decided that I was getting no younger, threw caution to the wind and posted on a local gay chat room that I was looking for a couple that would show me how enjoyable gay sex can be. I went on to say that I wanted to know what its like to have a cock in my mouth and ass at the same time, that I wanted to feel a man cum in my ass, feel and taste a mans cum in my mouth. I recieved several responses but one stood out. It said that "to truly experience the sex it must be purly about the sex". That was intresting. We texted back and fourth and he said that I should go to a local club at 7:00 PM bring a sl**ping mask, have a seat and put the mask on, if anyone should ask explain that its a suprise (IT WAS!).

As I sat in the club feeling like an ass with the mask on I felt a hand on my shoulder and a mans voice said jay? I shook my head yes and he told me to leave the mask on and led me out of the club and into a car. During the ride he explained to me that I was to leave the mask if it was really only about the sex, not to worry I would be safe and would enjoy it. after a short trip we arrived. He led me up a flight of stairs, down a hall and led me into a room and told me "when you hear the door close you can take off the mask, there is a razor and soap, shower and shave your cock. When your ready put on only the mask and knock on the door." With that I heard him leave and close the door. ( you'll forgive any mis-spelling I hope, I have a vibrator slowly sliding into my ass and its making me a bit shaky) I showered quickly and shaved ( not that I needed to, my cock and balls have been smooth and hair free for years) as I stood standing in front of the mirror holding the mask wondering what to do there was a knock at the door, and he said " everything OK? not having second thoughts are you?" That made up my mind right there, I put the mask on and said no, I'm ready. The door opened and I was led down a flight of stairs to a warm room. He told me to hold my arms out to my side and I felt padded cuffs being attached to my wrists. I was now a naked prisoner, arms suspended and then my ankles were cuffed as well. Helpless. and oddly, very turned-on. ( sorry, this vibrator is slowly sliding up my ass and I'm having a hard time concentrating) Next thing, I felt hands and tounges and lips all over my body, on my nipples, my balls, my cock and slowly a finger slid towards my ass hole, I almost came right then but they stopped short of making me cum, they did that 4 times before the stopped. They unhooked my ankles and wrists and had me get on my knees, again they attached my wrists and ankles so I could hardly move, I was leaning slightly foward and I felt a chair or foot rest slide up to my chest for support. Someone was sitting on it. I heard him ask "have you ever sucked a mans cock before"? No I said and then he said its time you did and pressed my head against his inner thigh. he told me to take my time and just do what feels right. I started to kiss and lick his thigh and explore with my lips. As I reached his balls I felt hands on my balls slowly rubbing, jerking my cock every now and then, and just as I started kissing and sucking the balls infront of me I felt warm oil being poured on my ass crack. I moved up the balls with my lips and found the shaft of his cock and as I worked my way towards the head I felt something sliding up and down my ass crack. It would pause at my ass hole and slide in alittle and the back out up and down back in, every ime it went in I popped that wonderful cock in my mouth deeper and wider the toy went in my ass, deeper and harder I sucked the cock in my mouth, finally The toy had me all the way open. I sucked on the cock and licked the head and sucked the balls and then the toy was gone. I kept sucking on the cock at my mouth loving how smooth it was, the way it filled my mouth and then I felt something new at my ass, vibrating fast then slow, then fast again, it was pressing hard to enter but it was big. I felt it finally slide in, not painful bit I was streched and felt full. The slowly, inch by inch it slid in my ass, As it went deeper I could only muffle my moans with the cock in my mouth. Then it started sliding in and out, slowly at first, short strokes, then longer and deeper and faster I sucked the cock in my mouth in rythem with the vibe in my ass then it was pounding, full length vibe going stronger and stronger I was moaning from pleasure sucking the cock in my mouth as deep as I could get it then... The cock at my mouth pulled away, the vibe shet off and stopped moving. Please I said, I begged, I was thrusting my hips, girating anything to get the feeling again. After an eternity I felt that wonderful cock at my lips, I started sucking it for all my life, hips still thrusting mumbling please! please! please! then the vibe exploded to life and started slamming full strokes, going deep inside than almost out, faster and faster the vibe on full power, the cock in my mouth was getting bigger, filling up and then I felt an explosin from my cock I never felt before, buckets of cum it felt like pouring out of me, I moaned OH GOD, and PLEASE DON'T STOP over and over and the the cock in my mouth erupted squirting cum dow my throat, the sensation of the cock cumming in my mouth, the warmth of his juice and the vibe still pounding away made me cum again! Hips pumping, pushing back to get every inch of the vibe than it was gone. I felt a warm fleshy rod slide in my ass, like a laser it went right to the spot and started pounding away, thrusting as I pushed back to get it all, I felt it swell and as a hot jet of jizz shot in my ass I came again!! 3 times in as many minuetes. I slumped with my chest against the foot rest, breathing hard, spent. I felt a hand on my head, slowly stoking my hair. My head lay in his crotch, and I gently sucked his cock like it was a pasifyer. Afterwards they took me upstairs, I got dressed and was returned to the club. I was led in spun around a few times and I heard a different voice say take of the mask. I was in the middle of a crowd of people. My teachers unrecognized, unknown, but never forgotten

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