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2nd of 4 CL guys

The 2nd was a fireman. Really good looking. But he seemed just a little straight, a little uptight for me. Not nervous, just straight.
We took a jacuzzi, the natural chemistry wasn't really there but neither of us wanted this to be a waste of time... speaking for myself. I moved my foot to his crotch, just to break the boring dynamic of chit chat,, so he moved closer. I started to feel a much better vibe from him, he reached inside my bikini top to massage and squeeze which i love, with his other hand he started to massage my pussy which was a good start.

I reached in to feel his cock, see what I had to work with and was happy for what I found. Rock hard and perfectly adequate size. I stroked it for a while, feeling his balls, though I am not a good multi tasker. I didn't know which I was more excited about, his touch, or his cock in my hand and all the prospects attached to that.
I got him on the edge of the jacuzzi, which is never hard, and proceded to feed myself some delicious cock though the chemistry still wasn't there. There was no a****l released in this boy yet. I made him cum so he was all happy. I was bored really. Comparitively.
We went upstairs, dried off and he layed me on the edge of my bed, sat on the floor and started to finger me. I was really surprised but he did it perfectly. He couldn't get over how much he loved the type of pussy I have, said it was a fetish of his. That was cool to hear. He kept fingering me till I allowed myself to squirt. It never fails. Not if you do it right. He said he'd never seen that happen before. He was happy on 3 counts now. It was my turn to be happy. We fucked, it was just normal. He knew how to finger, but didn't know how to use his cock. Not for me anyway.
All in all, not bad for a CL stranger. Not invited back though.
My process of elimination

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