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#1 of 4 CL encounters lately

1st of the four, was this young guy. OMG he was absolutely perfect in every way from the moment I got a glimpse of him getting out of his truck. His look, his aditude, clothes, perfect. I sat him in my chair and pulled his shorts off immediately. I sucked him the best I could considering his size, like a fiend. He gave me some direction, and really responded when i'd push it down my throat. But he seemed to prefer to have me work his head, and stroke his balls more than anything. Now and then breaking it up with forcing my head down, balls deep. I licked his balls many times <g>
He was honestly, ready to go again within 5 minutes. Hadn't had someone like this since High School! Hell yeah, I'll go again! See how much I can get out of this guy in one night. So yeah I did pretty much the same thing, just treating him like a king, this guy who gets to walk in my door, a strangers door, and have his cock sucked, no questions asked, twice! Lucky guy.
Lucky me, that it was him. I screen really well, but there's always a chance he could be less than what I expect.
After the 2nd blowjob, we brought beers down to the jacuzzi. I wore only a thong bikini as that's all I own right now. He liked. Grabbing and massaging my ass firmly. touching and biting my nipples, while my hand was up the leg of his loose fitting swim trunks. Loving his big hard cock. Want to fuck it over and over for days! Hoping finally I've found a regular fuck, a really GOOD regular good fuck off CL.
Within minutes of arousal, i had his big hard cock in my mouth for a 3rd time. I couldn't help myself. Isn't that what jacuzzi's late at night are for? I was craving just sucking, tasting feeling a good cock for hours. It took quite a while to get him off, my lips were losing all grip, fortunately just in time, he wanted to cum down my throat so burried his cock deep in my throat, feeling his jiz shoot down. I'm not positive, but I don't think I've had anyone cum down my throat before. They usually like to watch their jiz fly. But what this guy did was hotter to me, I barely tasted anything. That's what makes me ready and willing for him next time!
We went back up stairs and man, he didn't mess around. taking off my bikini and his trunks, guiding me straight to my bed in front of the fireplace. I had great music playing, perfect for aggressive sex.
He got on top of me while I lay on my back and he hammered me so fucking perfectly, for so long, love those young boys with stamina! He hammered harder than I can ever get a guy to do and the size was perfection for me. Before long I found myself telling him to go harder, and he would... then i wanted faster, so he did.... I musta said that 4 times each and the momentum was insane!!! His hard and fast was just him holding back, once i gave him permission to really let himself go he was an a****l.
I got to where I realized he didn't need my participation at all, he had full control and let me just lie there holding onto his neck for positioning, while he gave me the best fuck I can ever remember. He carried his aditude straight from the car to the bed. He's a natural.
That was definitely memorable.

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