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Fucking the Other Boss

Another 100% true story coming from me. By the way thank you for all the people leaving me comments. Keep them coming and I will try to get some more girls to sl**p with and bring u my true stories. Well here it goes....

I worked at a park which offered a whole lot of different things like food and other attractions. I worked at one of the restaurants at the park. Each section and restaurant of the park had a different manager. There was this one manager who i thought was cute in her face but as everyone knows wearing uniforms isnt the sexiest thing to wear. One day while I was at work the other manager came in wearing a tank top and these VERY short shorts. I mean her ass cheeks were like hanging out the back. And when I saw her ass it was huge. It made that little cuff at the bottom of each cheek every time she walked. I got her number that day and started texting her. She wanted to see a pic of my body so i sent it to her and she liked my abs etc. She then sent back this half naked pic and from there I knew I had her hooked. She kept on claiming that she wouldnt have sex with me until I date her. One date she called me and told me she was horny so I decided to give her what she wanted. Crazy thing is that she told me she would have sex with me only if i brought her some breakfast from mcdonalds. Damn I wish I met more girls like her. I brought her the food and she opened the door in nothing but a tank top and some panties. I followed her up to her room and she layed down on the bed and started watching t.v.. I layed down next to her and couldnt keep my eyes off her ass. I couldnt resist so I leaned over her and pulled her panties down. When I got them over I saw the biggest clit i have ever seen. I barely even put my tongue on it and she started to go crazy. I licked her pussy for a while then rolled over and pulled my dick out. The first thing she said was damn thats big. She started to suck on it but then started to choke on it but she stopped. I bent her over and fucked her hard. Every time I jammed my dick in her ass would make this huge wave and her ass would clap together. If anyone knows of the pornstar pinky, her ass was that size. I fucked her for about 30 mins before I finally pulled out and cummed all over her back. I mean up to her shoulder blades. I slapped her ass with my dick a coupld of times before starting to get dressed. She couldnt even get up after I finished fucking her. I could see her legs shaking every time she tried to stand up. It was classic. After fucking her that one time i never got that great oppurtunity again. Damn it.

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