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Fun Fantasy Game *Enjoy* Be Creative

If you could be the hottest shemale that ever walked the earth for one day what would you do ? Im talking

*Beautiful Face, somewhat of Megan Fox or Lacey Chabert
*Pretty green eyes
*Nice lips
*Nice smile & white baby teeth
*140 lbs
*Very feminine voice
*Small girly hands & feet
*Long Hair (Brunette)
*About one shade darker than Pale skin
*Nice tight butt
*Boobs with no visible surgery scars
*And a small penis, just small enough for you to wear bikinis on the beach

Of course I want to hear your story's so i will make mine short,(Get all their email addresses)I would blow 10 straight guys at the movie theaters & blow 9 straight BUT BIASED truck drivers.And for the last one Look for the biggest Biased southerner I can find & have a bondage thing going on were I ride him bareback all tied up with my panties pulled to the side so he cant see the penis.Finally I would email all of them with pictures of my penis with the note "Its 2010 & the transgender walks among you accept them or get tricked by them :)"

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