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Help or give tips please.

OKay so Ive been having sex frequently,with different trannys (bareback) of course.And everyone of them seem to complain alot about prostate massaging.About 5-6 minutes of intercourse they have to cum, but yet their not touching themselves at all.I thought it was because I thrust way to fast, but even when I go slow they have to cum.Some of them tell me to stop when their about to cum but when I do so they tell me it hurts while they try to hold it in.

My doctor told me my girth may be a little too big, he said try not to use any lube so I didn't & the T-girl Ive had sex with was telling me it hurts, her rectum tore but she still came in the next 8min or 10min.

One T-girl thought it would be kinda cool if we did bondage play with a cock ring, she thought it would be easier to hold her cum in that way, but man was that a mistake on her part,she said somethings wrong, And I just stopped.Her eyes were closed & she was breathing slowly, she told me it felt like cum was trapped right in her penis.So I removed the straps that had her bound & cock ring & penetrated her from a reverse cow girl position.

I managed to help her cum but she was trembling & her penis looked so red, she was fine later on but she told me shes going to have to give me blow jobs instead of sex for like a week.Its not that the T-girls dont enjoy cumming they just get to exhausted afterwards.

So does anyone have an idea on how I can have sex with T-Girls without making them cum too early.

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