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Orgasm#2-Cum in my Ass

OK, so now where to begin? After the face bashing episode with Michelle, I was left with a super sore tongue, rock hard cock, and a racing mind with nothing on it but sex, sex, and more sex!

I had finished my paper route that day, and at the end of the week on Sunday afternoon I was mowing Ron’s lawn. I played football on Saturday and delivered papers early on Sunday morning. I did the usual lawn mowing and yard work, and then he asked if I wanted to go and see a Drive-in movie. I said sure and called my mom and asked permission and she said yes. If you don’t know what a Drive-in movie is, it is a movie you go to in your car, but you have to wait until it gets dark before the movie starts. And while we were driving to the movie, I relayed the story to him of Michelle and how I wanted to fuck her, but only got to suck her tits and go down on her. During the story he asked me a lot of questions, especially describing Michelle and what her pussy looked like, tasted like, etc… Rethinking about Michelle’s pussy made me really horny all over again.

I don’t remember the movie but I do remember that on the way home I started to play with his cock while he was driving. At first I was just teasing him, rubbing his dick through his jeans, feeling him getting hard, watching the smile on his face, then I unbuttoned his jeans and took out his cock.

Looking back I don’t know why I did that. I think at the time I just thought it was fun. Anyway, I was jerking him off while he was driving and watching his face the whole time, which had a big smile on it. Well that was not enough of a response for me for some reason so I started to suck him off. I closed my little mouth on his big hard cock and began to tease the head while he continued to try and keep the car on the road. This now became a game for me. Could my oral skills match his driving ability? Who would win?

I tried harder. I pulled my mouth off his dick leaving a trail of saliva connecting to it and sucked it back into my mouth with a slurping sound. No longer was he smiling and no longer was I. This was now serious, a serious cock sucking war between his cum filled balls and my young rookie tongue and soft unused lips.

I was not using my hands but just my head and mouth, letting gravity pull my face back down on his cock. I kept going up and down on his shaft until I got bored and wondered how far down I could go on his flesh sickle. I went all the way down until my lips were in his pubic hair and his cock head was touching the back of my throat. When I did this he let out a long groan. Surprisingly I did not gag, but I also could not breathe. However, I stayed down there as long as I could, making little humping motions with my head, basically rubbing the top of his cock head with the back of my throat. I was trying to make him cum before I had to come back up for air.

I knew he could not hold out for too long. My mouth was too hot, too wet, too everything. He started to groan a little more and I could feel the car begin to pick up speed. My lungs were burning and I needed air but I was determined to win this war and make him cum down my throat. When I thought I would pass out from lack of oxygen, the car took a sharp turn and stopped. I immediately brought my head up and took a sharp breath of air and looked around. We were at his house in the driveway. He had won, I was kind of sad and pissed at the same time.

He put his dick back in his cut off jean shorts and we got out of the car not saying anything. We also just walked up the steps to his room and didn’t say anything either. His roommates were home and he said hello to them, but I went straight to his room and began to take off my clothes. I laid down on his bed and began to play with my dick which was rock hard at this point. He came in about 5 minutes later and saw me jacking off in the middle of his bed. He then asked me if I wanted to learn about fucking and getting fucked, which of course I said yes.

So he went to the bathroom and got some Vaseline and spread some around my asshole and I put my legs back, knees by my shoulders. I was so flexible back then that I could almost put my knees behind my shoulders, but I just hooked my arms in front of them instead. This really offered up my asshole to him, and he put a pillow under my bum for better leverage I guess. He then began to finger fuck my tender young ass with his Vaseline coated fingers and jack me off with his other hand. He would switch hands so my cock would be covered in Vaseline, and since this was the first time he had ever used lube while jacking me off, I thought that was just the best feeling ever!

Since I had been already sticking different objects in my ass, Ron was able to put two fingers in no problem. His jacking me off was getting me close as my breathing was getting fast and I was sort of thrashing my head from side to side. He stopped with my cock and I opened my eyes and he asked if I was ready to get fucked to which I only nodded. At this point I think I would have agreed to an entire house gangbang I was so horny.

Ron began to put his cock head into me and Fuck! did that hurt! Actually, everything hurt. I kept my mouth shut but God Damn did that fucking hurt. I can still remember the pain of my little tiny asshole being stretched wide open during the first few minutes. I can remember thinking that this was not that cool, this was painful, and how could anyone enjoy this? But, like most people say, after a few minutes the pain went away and it started to feel really good, so good that I did not want him to stop.

Slowly he started fucking me, going deeper and deeper with each thrust until finally he was all the way in. When he got there, he just kind of rested with his dick firmly maxed out inside of me and a moan escaped his lips. I remember feeling like pressure way deep inside of me, only good pressure, and me wanting to make it enjoyable for him. So I started to buck my hips against him in little movements as best I could with all his weight on me and his arms holding my legs back pinned against the bed. Then he started little fucking motions, slowly building up to more and more thrusting, until he was full on slamming in and out of my tiny bald asshole.

I could feel his dick getting harder, and his pace getting quicker. He was starting to sweat, and it was dripping down on my chest. I kind of forgot about my own hard on as I had my eyes closed and was concentrating on his dick in my ass and trying to fuck him good. He grabbed my cock and started to jerk it off really fast, just concentrating on the tip. This combined with the tremendous ass pounding he was giving me and the pleasure sensations coming from that was enough to send me over the edge for the second orgasm of my young life. Again I felt that burning sensation like the head of my dick was on fire and I wanted whatever was inside of there out!

I really don’t remember what happened at this point. It is all kind of foggy as I think I blacked out a little bit. I do remember I felt like someone was pissing on my face. And actually, from the angle of my dick and the position I was in, that someone was me, and it was not urine, it was cum. My dick was pointing toward my head and I shot my load with such f***e that the first stream went over my head but the second and third and fourth hit my face full on covering me in big sticky mess. The rest just kind of dribbled out onto my chest. As you can guess this triggered Ron’s orgasm and even though I didn’t feel much, I did feel his cock pulsing inside of me and then it getting all warm inside of there.

Again, he got up and went to the bathroom and got a warm wet towel and cleaned me off, except I told him, “not my face, I want to see it”. So I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

Wow, what a mess. There was cum all over my face, hair, in my eyes, everywhere. Then I did something crazy, I scooped most of it up in my fingers and put it my mouth and swallowed. It tasted kind of gooey and weird. Then I washed my face and went back to bed.

As I lay there in bed with Ron, I was still pretty charged up from what had just happened and my ass was tingling and my dick was getting semi hard again and I said, “Let’s do it again.” Ron just laughed and said, “Not this old man”.

A little bit later I tried to fuck his ass, but he said my dick was too big and it hurt too much so I pulled out and he jerked me off again. Then I went home.

His job finished shortly after that so I never saw him again (sort of) as he moved back to his own country. However my sexual appetite was now awakened and I was to go on a terror at the local high school, even though I was not in high school. My next sexual adventure involves when my mom goes out of town and I am supposed to go to my Dads house but I stay home and have my first threesome with (gasp!) ninth graders!

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