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Gay Bath House

Las Vegas has a fantastic Gay Bath House called Hawks Gym. You can view its website on the internet. They have a variety of rooms that you can go into for sex. My favorite is the Dark Room.

I went into the bath house around noon, before the lunch crowd came. I checked out the rooms and came upon the dark room. No one else was in, so I turned on the light in the back. The room had a large bed in the corner and the rest was bare. I planned to go back to the room later, when the crowd came.

To kill time, I went to the television room, where they were playing an X-rated gay video of a black guy fucking a twink. I was laying back on the raised floor, stroking my cock. I was only wearing the towel that was issued to you when you entered. The rest of my clothes were in the locker. There was a couple of other guys around my age of 40, laying on the carpet raised floor, jacking to the movie.

People entered and left. One guy that came in was Oriental, around 18. He had to be at least 18, or they would not let him enter the building. He looked at me, and then at my throbbing cock, bit his lower lip and left. I knew I had a partner. I got up and went into the hallway. The young k** was going into the dark room. He looked around 125 lbs, 5' 7", had a slight six-pack. I was throbbing as I made my way to the room. I parted the curtain and entered. The room was totally black and I could not see a thing. It would take a few minutes for my eyes to adjust.

I could smell the sex. A couple was on the bed, fucking. I could hear the squeeking of the bed, the groaning of the guy getting impaled and the grunts of the top feeding his bitch. I stood there a moment, and then felt someone's hand on my cock, feeling the length and thickness of my pole. Then I felt someone close to me face, lips touching mine and then a tongue entering my mouth. I was pushed lightly to the wall and then the guy consumed my mouth with his tongue as he stroked my cocked with his oiled up hand. I was had. I cam in as a hunter and found myself now hunted and caught.

I heard the couple on the bed finish and get up, then I was led by my cock to the bed. f***ed onto the bed on my stomach and feeling the guy lay prone on my back and then his cock sliding into my ass. I was surprised. I did not know I was going to get fucked. The guy was powerful. I tried to stuggle, but he matched my moves with his body, always making the hold tighter as he picked up speed. Fucking me like a slut. Then he stopped moving, and I knew that he was breeding my ass. Making me his pregnant bitch. He then got up and left the room, leaving me dripping in his sweat and feeling his cum seeping out of my ass.

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