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The one that got away

I had some really heavy furniture delivered a few years ago to an apartment on the 9th floor.It would not fit in the elevator.It was delivered by two teenagers around 17 and 19 years old.The 19 year old was the driver and the other was the helper.They had to go up the stairwell on a very hot day.
The first pieces arrived easily,I noticed that they where beginning to get hot but they said they where OK and continued on.They where very well turned out for a delivery job in beautiful new tee shirts and blue jeans.
Next came the real heavy stuff and as they came in I noticed that the younger one had taken his tee shirt off showing a beautiful bronzed upper body.When I first noticed him my heart skipped a beat as his body was sending me all the right signals.When I looked down at his back and the minute blonde hairs at the base of his spine,I felt weak at the knees,he had lovely little brown moles on his back,just two or so.My heart started to thump.Beautiful brown nipples,slim muscular tummy.Joe Boxer underwear with white elastic waist band showing.
They finished their job and the younger one asked me if he could have a drink of water.I asked if he would like an icy cold Coke instead.He said yes and I watched him drink it down.I could feel the heat of his body.He really liked that Coke.I noticed that he was bleeding from a cut on his biscep just under a Japanese type tatoo.I got a band aid and put it on.He was very grateful.They both took some old furniture away down the stairwell and I followed.I watched every second looking at the younger ones body.I saw the crack in his bum,I saw the sexy ribs,I wanted him so badly but could not bring myself to invite him back.If he were alone then yes I would have.
As he left he gave me a wink and I skipped a couple of more beats then two huge thump thumps followed.I knew he was interested.
That night after getting the furniture together the bed got it's first christening.I could not stop thinking of that young teenager,I masterbated to all the body information I took in...he was gorgeous.I wish he could have stayed.

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