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Lynn Shell Tells All

[video][/video]I want you to know how much I enjoy how kinky you are. You know my s****r and I are not your average girls. The men who screw us call us whores and we are and I’m not afraid to admit it. I Love the feeling when a man takes his hard cock and rams it up my cant. I love when a man throws me against the wall and impales me with his rod. Last night I had sex with one man who fucked me like that and every time he rammed it inside me my feet dangle and I could feels his cock throbbing inside me. When he came it was with such f***e I had mutable orgasms. When he was done he just dropped me to the floor in a wet heap and called me a whore. That whole thing turned me on so bad that I couldn’t wait for the next man to fuck me. I love to dress sexy and have a man rip my clothes of me and f***e me to suck his cock until he blows his load and I swallow every drop. Last night I made love all night with several guys and it was great. The sex that I share with Amber is also incredible. Many people may look down on Amber and me because we love to share our bodies with both men and women but I feel so good after sex and so satisfied. I hope that doesn’t turn you off. So grab your shaft and pump a load all over my pics.

Lynn Shell

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