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Pumping Ass

I have an old boyfriend who showed up last night after not being around for the last three months. Well the fact is I dumped him. When I open the door he walked in as if it were yesterday and grabbed me and ripped off my robe.I was wearing a light cotton house coat but I was naked underneath so he had easy access. He slammed my naked body against the wall and pulled out his shaft. I told him that he couldn’t just show up and fuck me any time he wanted but he said that he heard about my cum orgy and saw my new website and said that I was a slut and was going to be treated like one and told me to shut the fuck up.He rammed me so hard against the wall that my body lifted of the ground with every thrust. I must admit that being fucked without warning was a turn on and he didn’t pull any punches he was as rough as he could be. I was bucking and screaming “harder fuck me harder.” He kept calling me “slut you dirty slut!” At that moment all I cared about was that hot cock pumping in and out of me. The room was filled with the sounds of a hard cock penetrating my wet cunt. I beyond angry or scared I was so intoxicated by this powerful fuck session all I wanted was to cum.

Our bodies were drenched with sweat and I was so fucking dizzy I felt like passing out. “Nooooo!” I screamed. “You want to cum bitch?” The guys from work will be over in a little while so when they do you’ll spread those legs so they can finish where I leave off.

“Yes! Yes!” I screamed “anything!” Then he gave one hard thrust and exploded in me and an his orgasm ripped through my pussy like wild fire. The way I screamed the neighbors probably thought I was getting fucked to death. Then he pulled out and shoved his cock down my throat and pumped my face and the sound of his balls slapping echoed throughout the room. He said “you like to drink cum bitch so drink!” I felt like I was drowning in cum. He was smothering me so much that I couldn’t breathe. I must have blacked out because when I woke up lying there drenched in sweat and cum and a group of guys undressing getting ready for they fuck session.

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