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2010 is going my way so far!

We had a hot night last night and again this morning. After dinner and a couple of glasses of wine, we took a nice bath together. After relaxing for a while, and after watching her shave her sexy long legs and beautiful pussy, she put my stiff cock into her warm and inviting pussy and started riding it up and down. Water started splashing everywhere right away, so after some adjustments, she said the words that I love to hear... "do you want to stick in my ass?" Well, you know the answer to that! It felt so good to have her wiggle her sweet ass down onto my swollen cock.

She fucked my hard dick this way for a long time, and she came so close to orgasm many times (I love it when she gets close and it builds from there like a hurricane ready to release its energy -- I need you to know that she's a great fuck, and basically into pleasing men, but moreover she wants to please herself!!!) Finally, though, we drained all the water and she got on her back and raised her legs all the way back so that her feet were behind her head.

As she messaged her beautiful tits, I shoved my dick all the way into her ass so that my balls were slapping against her soft and warm ass cheeks. I could feel the slippery tightness of her hole as my cock slid in and out, faster and faster, and my balls touching those sweet firm cheeks was driving me wild. This felt SO GOOD!! And after a solid fucking, I couldn't help but blast a huge load deep into her dark place. MMMMM, I'm hard again just thinking about it!!

From there, we got dried off and went into the bedroom to now satisfy her oral desires. I gently teased her clit with the tip of my tongue for several minutes. MMMM it tasted so sweet, and I could tell by her soft moans that she was enjoying it. Increasingly, I became more aggressive with my tongue and I also slid three fingers deep into her honey pot. Her soft moans became louder and louder as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face f***efully into her twat. I could feel her hips rhythmically bucking up into my mouth as her orgasm built. So at just the right moment, I placed a dab of the new KY product called "Intensity" (or whatever it’s called) right onto the button of her throbbing clit, dove my tongue and fingers deeply into her hot undulating pussy. Within a few minutes, I could taste her cum start to cover my tongue, followed by a huge blast of women cum all into my mouth as she orgasm’d hard! I thought for a moment she might break my nose, but there was no way I was going to stop. MMMM, she squirted all in my mouth and I gladly licked up every drop. It was so good, and I love pleasing her this way.

The morning, I woke up with a huge hard on... so she asked me "do you want to titty fuck me?" Well, my friend... I think you know the answer to that! So I straddled her hot torso and started sliding my cock back and forth between those two beautiful tits. It didn't take very long before I could feel the cum rising in my balls!!! Her beautiful green eyes looking up at me and with her open and willing mouth awaiting the salty breakfast surprize, I blew my load all over her face and tits!!!! She licked her fingers and lips to get every drop she could into her mouth, and I was as satisfied and a man can be at that point.

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