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My neighbor took advantage of my wife without her

I am 35, my wife is 26. We'd been married for about 3
years. It was my second marriage and my wife was a very
horny girl.

After we were married about a year, Rena told me all of
her fantasies. Her biggest one was to be tied to the
bed, blindfolded, ear plugs a hood over her head, total
sensory deprivation. She didn't want to see, hear, or be
able to move. And she wanted me to do this early in the
morning and come in every hour or two and do anything I
wanted to with her.

She also said that she wanted to be gagged so she
wouldn't be able to object or try to stop her assailant.
What a fantasy.

At first I thought this was really weird but after I
thought about it for a day or two I really wanted to try
it out on her. Without telling Rena I went to shopping
and bought all the items she had mentioned and more.
When Saturday came around, I surprised her early in the
morning with my new toys.

She couldn't believe I was really going to do it. I told
her I didn't mind if we did it or not, but if we did, I
would take full advantage of the situation and do
whatever I wanted to her.

Rena was excited and quickly agreed.

I asked when she wanted me to untie her. She said for
this first time, two hours would be enough. So I
undressed her, tied her up, gagged and blindfolded her
and left the bedroom. I returned in about 20 minutes and
she was squirming on the bed. I looked at her pussy and
could tell that she was very, very wet. All her cunt
hairs were soaked. That gave me my first idea.

I went in the bathroom, got some soap and my razor and a
bowl of water and came back into the bedroom. I
proceeded to shave my young sweet wife of all her black
cunt hair. When I was done she was bald as a little

I then cleaned off her pussy and started licking her
like I'd never done before. She tasted great and within
a couple minutes I saw her quiver with her first orgasm.
I then left the room for about 40 minutes and then came
back in.

I had about 20 minutes left before I was suppose to
untie her so I jumped up on the bed, and pushed my dick
in all the way till I was ball's deep. Then I fucked her
like a mad man.

I came very quickly and dumped a huge load deep into her
panting and sweating like I'd just run 20-miles. I
didn't have to worry about getting her pregnant because
I'd had a vasectomy during my first marriage after we'd
had two k**s.

I finally cleaned up Rena and untied her. She was very
excited and said it was the best sexual experience of
her life. She asked me if I enjoyed it too. I assured
her that I had.

We both couldn't wait for it to happen again. We made an
agreement that every Saturday this would be the start
and stop of our day. She wanted to increase the time 1
hour every Saturday until she could go all day being
tied there without knowing when I would come in to visit

Over the next month or two it was very exciting. She was
now up to six hours on Saturdays. I would drop in and
play with her anywhere from one hour to the max of 3
hours doing anything that my imagination inspired me to
do. She would be dripping wet every time I entered the

We lived in an apartment and my best friend lived
upstairs with his wife. We would go out every now and
then to bars and dance studios with our wives. One night
just Tom and I went out drinking and somehow the subject
of our wives and sex came up and probably because I was
a little d***k I told him about my arrangement with my

He didn't believe me.

Being a little d***k I offered to let him see next
Saturday for himself if he wouldn't tell anyone and
would leave right after I showed him. He agreed.

Saturday at noon I let him in the apartment and show him
my naked wife all tied on the bed spread eagle with a
large hood over her head.

He went up and walked around the bed getting a better
view and then he walked out of the bedroom. Out in the
living room he told me I was one very lucky man. He
couldn't believe how wet her shaved cunt looked.

I told him it stayed that way from 9 in the morning till
about 4 or 5 at night and that I could take her any way
and as many times as I wanted.

Then we went to his apartment to watch the game for a
while, but after an hour I had to get back, I mean I was
getting horny thinking about my hot little Rena pining
away for me, all tied up so came back down.

Showing him my wife to my buddy had really turned me on
so I fucked my wife silly. This kept on for another
couple months. We never missed a Saturday. My wife would
now stay there from 9 in the morning till 6 at night.

After a while we had sex except for our Saturdays, which
we both looked forward to for our own reasons. It was
more intense to wait and then do it all day long at

One Saturday Tom called around 11 and said he had to run
in to work. He said his second car was broke and his
wife needed to go to the library to do some research for
her college class. He asked if I could take her for
about two hours while he was working.

I said sure, why not. I played with Rena for about
fifteen minutes then left the apartment and went and
picked up Marie, Tom's wife. She was very thankful that
I could take her and said it would only take about 2
hours. I sat around and read magazines while she
researched her schoolwork.

Unknown to me, Tom had set this whole thing up. He had
been watching me ever since I showed him Rena and now he
knew my routine about as good as I did. He knew I would
leave her, come back, leave her, come back, without any
real schedule. He also knew she would never know if
someone came in that was not me.

About a year ago I had shown Tom where we hid our extra
house key in the garage in case something ever happened
and he needed to get in the house. I had forgotten all
about that, but he hadn't.

He had told his wife that he had to work, went and got
the extra key and waited for me to leave before opening
the door and going in to see if my wife was there.
Unknown to me he had a friend from his job come along
and the friend brought his video camera with him.

After I drove away with tom's wife, tom and his friend
unlocked my apartment door and went into the bedroom
where my wife was all tied up. Sure enough she was
stripped naked, tied on the bed, with a hood over head.

Tom's friend hooked up a tripod and sat the camera on
it. They then turned on the overhead light and opened up
the curtains so they could get as much light as
possible. Next, tom took off his clothes and jumped up
on the bed with Rena. He slowly played with her tits and
pussy and then slid his cock deep into Rena's sweet
little cunt.

Instantly he started plowing her for all he was worth.
It only took a minute or two before he shot a load deep
into my unsuspecting wife. He got up and then his friend
took Tom's place. His friend started fucking my wife
like a wild man, and my wife's unprotected cunt was
getting more than either of us had bargained for.

She was grinding and humping all the time thinking it
was my vasectomy snipped cock fucking her. After about
four minutes tom's buddy shot his load deep into my
wife. They both take a break and went into the living
room for about 30 minutes. Then they come back in and
start round two.

Tom untied my wives legs from the corners of the bed and
lifted them over his head. He bent her way up and then
slid his dick deep into her cunt. He spread her legs
wide and began fucking in and out of her cunt like there
was no tomorrow.

Tom's friend in the meantime had taken the camera off
the tripod and was getting close up shots of everything.
Tom finally grunted loudly and shot his baby-making load
of cum deep into my wives hot fertile womb.

His buddy got close ups and as Tom pulled out of my
wives cunt his slimy dick all coated with his cum. The
video camera caught it all, her stretched cunt lips, his
cum dripping out.

Tom then got off the bed and his friend took his place.
He must have liked what he saw cause he put Rena into
the same position and fucked her for a good 7 or 8
minutes, while Tom recording all the action, he finally
shot his potent wad deep into my wife.

This was her fourth fertile load in the last hour. Tom
did not know that I had had a vasectomy so he thought
there would be no way I would ever find out what he and
his buddy had done.

In fact, he had plans to do this at least once a month
if he could get away with it. Tom and his friend cleaned
up Rena as best they could, then got dressed and left.

I got home about an hour later and the first thing I did
was to get undressed and fuck Rena. I didn't really
notice anything different because she was always wet all
day long. After I finished fucking her it was only about
2pm so she still had about 4 more hours before I was
supposed to untie her.

I fucked her twice more before her time was up, then at
6pm I untied Rena and let her up. Her very first comment
was about how horny I was that day. I didn't think
anything of that comment and just said how every time I
saw her tied up like that, I could cum without any
holding back.

For some reason I didn't think to tell her I had gone
for about 2 hours to take Marie to the library.

The next Saturday Tom said he was thinking about going
to see a movie at the mall at around 1pm. It was one of
the new sci-fi hits and he asked if I wanted to go. I
figured that would take about 2 hours so I said sure. He
said he would meet me inside around 10 minutes before
the movie started.

I got Rena all done up early, and of coarse I had to eat
her out and fuck her before I left. Then about 12:30 I
headed for the mall.

Unknown to me, Tom had no intention of going to the
movie. After I left, he took the spare key and let
himself into the apartment again. He again had brought
his video camera with him and spent five minutes setting
it up. Then he untied my wife, flipped her over so she
was up on her knees, then tied her with her legs spread
way apart and her head tied down low to the bed.

In this angle, her ass and cunt were spread wide apart
and tom had perfect access to both. I have fucked my
wife in the ass before but only about three times. It
didn't really turn me on but my wife never complained
one way or another when I did do it.

We had an agreement that whatever I did would not be
questioned. That way it encouraged me to try new things.

The first thing tom did was position the camera to get
an angle possible and proceeded to fuck my wife's cunt
as deep as he could. He pushed every inch he had as deep
into my wife as he could and again after only two or
three minutes he shot a big sticky white load deep into
her tight cunt.

He then pulled out and shot close ups of the cum flowing
out of Rena's cunt. He played around with her cunt and
ass for about 20 minutes. He fingerfucked her ass till
she was very wet. Then he remounted her but this time
trying his hardest to get his cock in his ass.

It took him a good four minutes of trying before he
finally edged his cock pass the gate of her tight ass.
She was so tight that he didn't last very long. He
slowly rocked back and forth gaining speed slowly until
he was driving like he was in her cunt. Then he came in
wave after wave filling her ass with his hot sticky

He grabbed the camera before he pulled out so he could
again get a close up of his cum dripping out of her ass
hole. Then he turned off the camera, cleaned up Rena,
and put her back into her original position.

It was now around 1:40 and the movie had been going for
about 40 minutes. Tom raced to the theater and was there
just as I was leaving.

I asked where he had been and he said he had car trouble
and came down to let me know what had happened. I came
home to find Rena just as I had left her. I waited till
about 5 pm before I went in to play with her and that
lasted for about 30 minutes. I untied her at 7pm and we
had dinner together and went to bed.

As I said earlier, Rena would never talk about what I
did because she was afraid I would take it wrong (which
I probably would) and wouldn't do whatever it was I was
doing anymore.

About Wednesday of the next week Rena came to me and
said she was about a week late on her period. I told her
not to worry as we know she couldn't get pregnant by me.

That put her mind to rest until about a week later. She
was feeling sick and still hadn't had her period. She
was worried so without telling me she got a home
pregnancy kit and sure enough, it said she was pregnant.

She finally told me the news and I said there was no
way. We did the test again and again it said she was
pregnant. I made an appointment for us at the doctors.
She was checked out and sure enough she was pregnant, I
was checked to make sure I couldn't get her pregnant.
The results were true for both of us.

She was pregnant and I was not the father. WOW! That's
when Tom fest up to what he'd done...

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