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Culture Shock 19/23

Climbing the stairs to her apartment, Elaine was tired but in a good mood. Snippets of her conversations with Leah and Gary had kept her smiling all day. It wasn't until she'd arrived on the landing outside her front door that she was jolted by the memory of her roommate's kiss.

What was that about?

Elaine wasn't sure, but she thought Kendra had kissed her because of 'stress' and 'high emotion'. Then again, maybe Kendra had always been attracted to Elaine, and her teasing sarcastic manner was a smokescreen.

Or, I'm going crazy, Elaine thought, shaking her head.

Turning the key in the door and slipping inside, immediately she realised someone was cooking something exotic. She felt her tummy rumble and her mouth water. She hadn't eaten much all day.

"Hi!" yelled her roommates, hearing the front door.

'Hi!" Elaine shouted back as she headed for her room. "I'll be there in a minute!'

The first thing Elaine had to do was get out of her clothes. Then have a shower.

When time constraints f***ed her to wear her work uniform to college, Elaine felt ridiculous. She was so not a preppy, but on the rare days she didn't have time to change she was regularly mistaken for one. But today it had been worth it. Today, between work and school, Elaine had tackled the necessary task of swinging by the clinic to pick up her medical report.

To her palatable relief, everything was fine. Of course. Thank God.

She wasn't sure what she would have done if the report had contained adverse findings. She wasn't even sure why she'd prepared herself for the possibility. She hadn't BEEN with anyone yet. After reading the results, she'd laughed out loud and almost broke into a skip as she'd headed back to school.

Tonight she wanted to start organising her suitcase for the weekend, and the report had to be the first thing to go in. She wanted to make sure nothing stood in her way.

Stopping just inside the door to her bedroom, Elaine was halted by the sight of a plain paper package sitting in the centre of her bed. Investigating, she was thankful nothing on the outside gave away what was within, as she was pretty sure the parcel contained the D/s books she'd ordered online. As she unwrapped the package and confirmed its contents, she mused over the fact that one of her roommates placed it on her bed, coming close to knowing much more about Elaine than she cared to admit. It didn't really make her nervous, just weird. The idea of 'hiding' her nature was a reality. Briefly she wished the world were different.

Sliding her suitcase from under her bed, Elaine put the books and the medical report inside, then zipped it up and slid it back.

Now to get changed, she thought, climbing to her feet and brushing off her knees.

Nakedly rummaging through her drawers, she sighed. Her long t-shirt style nightie, with Mickey Mouse on the front, was cute but not exactly 'steamy'. Tossing it back in the drawer, she reminded herself to shop before the weekend.

And I need some A-team underwear too, she decided, choosing the regular white hipsters that felt soft and snug, like an old friend. A bra was out. It felt too good not having one on. Eleven hours in one of the damned things left marks she could see in her reflection.

Turning sideways and holding up her arm, Elaine had a thought.

I wonder if that's what 'welts' look like?

In quick succession Elaine's nipples hardened and her pussy warmed. Turning back to the mirror and staring at the red lines around her torso, she was assailed by images of Gary as a teacher, looming over her glistening body and demonstrating how things were used and how they felt.

The picture in Elaine's mind made her gasp out loud. Bending at the waist, she held her gaze in the mirror as she crossed her legs as if needing to pee and squeezed hard. Hot flashes of pleasure rocketed across her skin.

Somehow Elaine caught herself before she went any further. Standing up straight and making fists with her hands, she clenched her teeth and shuddered with her efforts at self-control. Her pussy pulsed wetly, and a quiet, insistent voice started urging her to masturbate.

She knew she had to ignore it. She'd promised.

Somewhat desperately, she tried to recall the exact words, but couldn't think of a justifiable way to break the vow she'd made. If I want it badly enough I'll have to convince him to let me. The prospect made her swallow nervously. What if he won't allow it? I'll go crazy!

She gently cupped her pussy through her knickers and gave it a soft squeeze. She genuinely hoped it would give her relief. Alas, it was of no help whatsoever. With a sigh of resignation, she tried to get a hold of herself.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Wait!" squealed Elaine, stunned by the intrusion.

Chelsea's voice came through her door. "Would Madam care to be e****ted to her table? Dinner is served."

"Just a minute!" Elaine managed to cry out.

"I'll wait," answered Chelsea.

Ugh, thought Elaine, a little annoyed. What's going on now?

Hurriedly she pulled open the bottom drawer of the dresser and pulled out her long, light blue angora sweater. It was a Christmas present from her parents last year and was her favourite. She'd been looking forward to the day she could wear it. Memories of how lovely it felt had grown dim with the heat of summer. Now and then she'd opened the drawer, just to run her hand over it. It was so soft.

Thinking wickedly that she'd be almost naked under it, Elaine quickly pulled the oversized sweater over her head and halfway down her thighs. Her breath caught in her chest as she ran her fingers through her hair and the sliding wool caused her nipples to thicken and tingle. A hot blush rose in her cheeks. She tried to ignore it as she pulled open her door.

Chelsea's eyes scanned Elaine as she said, "Dinner is served, Madam" She grinned, ushering Elaine ahead.

The sight of Kendra dishing up dinner made Elaine giggle. Kendra never cooked. Noticing the table was set for two, Elaine asked Chelsea if she was staying.

"I'll eat something at work," she said, winking and bending to light the candle on the table. "You two lovebirds have a nice evening at home together. If I'm lucky I'll be late, so don't wait up."

Elaine was dumbstruck by Chelsea's comment about 'lovebirds', and as soon as the front door closed she turned to Kendra and blurted, "Did you tell her you kissed me?"

Kendra chuckled. "Noooo, silly. 'Lovebirds' is just a figure of speech. I told her I wanted to do something nice for you 'cause you helped me out yesterday. That's all. She was just teasing. You know what she's like."

"Oh," said Elaine, unconvinced. "What did you tell her? I still don't know what I can and can't say."

"Don't worry about it. It'll blow over. Do you want some wine?"

"Yeah, okay." Elaine was glad for the diversion. "So what have you made? It smells delicious."

"'Thai Green Curry Chicken'. Don't worry. It comes in a packet. And Chelsea helped."

"I'm sure it'll be great."

"Thanks, Elaine. For everything."

Searching for sarcasm, Elaine was pleased she could find none. "I didn't do much."

"You cared," said Kendra, serving the dishes and sitting down. "That meant a lot to me."

"You're welcome." They shared smiles.

Dinner was delicious, and the next ten minutes were spent in silence as they enjoyed it. At last Kendra sat back, wiping her chin with a napkin. She looked at Elaine and said, "I should cook more often."

"I'll say," replied Elaine, scr****g her plate clean.

"My mom's a really good cook. I should have listened when she tried to teach me."

"Spilt milk," said Elaine. She sat back and groaned, licking her lips and holding her tummy. "And anyway, I think you must have learned a few things. God. I'm so full. I couldn't eat another thing."

Kendra hopped up and started clearing the table. "I'll wash up."

"You've done enough," said Elaine, pushing out her chair.

"No. I insist. I want you to relax. Maybe I can talk to you."

"Um," said Elaine, wincing at the fact that she felt suspicious. "Okay."

"Would you like another wine?"

"I dunno. Do I need one?"

"I think so."

"Okay then."

"Coming right up."

After topping up Elaine's glass, Kendra organised the washing up but was quite clearly biting her lip as she did so. Elaine wondered what was troubling her.

"I, ah," Kendra began, concentrating on a dish in her hands. She glanced at Elaine before continuing. "I think I'm a lesbian."

Elaine rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and I'm the Pope."

Kendra looked up from her task. "I'm serious."

Sipping her wine, Elaine said, "Look, whoever you want to be is fine by me. Personally I think you like guys too much to be a lesbian. But hey, what would I know?"

"It's all an act."

Elaine still wasn't sure whether Kendra was screwing with her head. "So what makes you think you're a lesbian?" she asked.

"I want the feel and the touch of a woman. I want what only a woman can give. I've fantasised about it for years. I'm sorry I kissed you. That was pushy and I didn't mean it. It was kind of uncontrolled, you know? Like, spur of the moment."

"Uncontrolled is fine with a willing partner. But I wasn't willing. And I won't be. It isn't you I want, Kendra." Elaine could hardly believe her ears. It was the clearest and most forthright she'd managed with her roommates. She could feel herself blushing all over again.

Kendra hadn't noticed. She was in her own world. Her shoulders slumped and she sighed. "I'm sorry."

"Kendra really, choose your own path. No one is going to despise you."

"Tell that to my parents. I'm 'wasting time', according to them. They keep reminding me that college is eating away at my wedding fund, for God's sake. They think I should be on my second k** by now."

"You'd be on your third if you hadn't made some really hard decisions."

Kendra juggled some cutlery and dropped it in the sink. She sighed again and leaned on the edge. "I'm not proud of that."

"I can tell."

"I don't know why I tempted fate. Maybe I just thought if I weren't meant to be with a guy, it wouldn't happen. Biology has a mind of its own, unfortunately."

"That's for sure."

Finishing up at the sink, Kendra changed tack. "You know the other day, when I streaked down the stairs?"

"Yeah," said Elaine. "I still can't believe you were so calm."

"I wasn't. But it wasn't 'being naked in front of guys' that was freaking me out. It was 'being naked in front of girls'."

"I see," said Elaine. She actually felt like she was in unchartered territory. To her, being curious about the female form wasn't strange at all, and indeed the opposite might have been true, but it wasn't something for which she yearned either. "That explains the kiss."

"Yeah. I know you're into this guy and everything. I'm not usually so impulsive."

Elaine almost choked on her wine as she giggled. "Yeah, right."

"Oh, stop it. I am not. I'm usually pushy and diabolically underhanded. But I'm rarely impulsive." Kendra stuck out her tongue playfully.

"Look..." Elaine said, after a moment. "'What I think' isn't exactly important. What's more important is for you to be honest with yourself, and to start working towards making yourself happy."

"When I finish college, I can do that."

"You'll manage, whatever happens."

"You think so?"

"You are resourceful and prepared to take risks. I think you could do anything you set your mind to, actually. You just have to decide what it is, and make sure it's possible."

Kendra nodded slowly. Finally she said, "I was propositioned by two different girls after that night."

"No way," said Elaine, suddenly remembering the girl who had cornered her. "The same thing happened to me. I think it was the day I was practically naked..." Saying the words reminded Elaine of how she was dressed at that moment.

Kendra bit her lip. "It made me so hot seeing you go out like that. I'm bad, aren't I?"

"Yes!" Elaine cried playfully. "You were mean to me!" Another moment passed as they sipped their drinks and Elaine let Kendra decide where the conversation went. Strangely she was enjoying it.

"I wish I was as innocent as you," Kendra said.

Elaine responded with the first thing that came into her mind. "Start over."


"Start all over again. You are a virgin with girls, right?"

"Not exactly. Chelsea and I, well..."

"Oh man, too much information." Elaine covered her mouth. She knew it!

"It was perfectly innocent!" giggled Kendra. "More like d***ken fumbling, really. And she's totally okay with it."

"That was different to the kiss you gave me."

"Yeah." Kendra sighed again and put down her glass. Looking down at her hands, she said, "You're just so beautiful. You and Chelsea both are and I feel intimidated sometimes. I dunno. I just wanted to feel your lips on mine."

Elaine swallowed. "Taking something that isn't yours is wrong."

"I know."


"Thanks, Elaine."

"It's okay. You're welcome."

"And any time you change your mind... You know..." Kendra winked.

"Arrrgh!" cried Elaine, laughing and tossing her napkin at her roommate.


An hour later Elaine was freshly showered and trying to work on Monday's paper with little progress. She was almost resigned to packing her textbooks for the weekend. She had to admit her efforts were less than satisfactory. She had too much on her mind. She'd have to tell Gary about it.

This is all his fault, she thought, smiling. I better not blame him though.

Reluctantly closing her work, she sat back in the chair in front of her computer and chewed a fingernail. She never chewed her nails, but she didn't know what to do with her hands. If she touched herself, even innocently, she could feel it. Scratching her thigh, touching the back of her hand... Even licking her lips felt sexual. Her heart wasn't beating faster, just harder.

Now and then she'd curl her toes and try to tense and relax the muscles in her legs. She had to do it slowly so her pussy wouldn't contract. It was very wet and she could feel her lips sliding against each other with every move she made. Keeping her legs open made her hot. Keeping them closed was maddening. Keeping them crossed drove her nuts. Sexual thoughts ran rampant through her mind, and she didn't have the willpower to distract herself.

What day is it tomorrow? Thursday? God. I'm never going to make it. I'll be a wreck if I meet him like this. I have to ask him about it. What am I saying? With the girls here, I'm not going to get a chance to play. I can't even think straight. Are they going to be out tomorrow night? Did Chelsea say she was working? UGH!

Elaine wished the girls were out now. She climbed to her feet and crossed the room, closing her sliding window. She needed iced water and headed to the kitchen to get it.

"Hey, Elaine. You should watch this." Kendra was on the couch, sipping wine with an open textbook on her lap. Kendra didn't usually suggest programs on T.V.

Elaine was intrigued and asked, "What's it about?"

"Salvador Dali."

"Oh, I love him!" Elaine cried, leaning on the back of the couch. He was her favourite artist.

"Yeah, his stuff is awesome," Kendra agreed, waving her hand as if hushing Elaine.

"I'll just grab some water and I'll join you."

"There's still a glass of wine left."

Elaine figured it couldn't hurt. "Okay."

A minute later she was curled up in the single seater, watching the documentary. Embarrassingly, Elaine hadn't been aware of the nice view of her ass she was displaying. With her legs tucked under herself and her body turned toward the T.V., the hem of her sweater had ridden up, not quite covering her ass and her pouting pussy, clad in tight white panties.

Reaching down to put her glass on the coffee table, Elaine noticed Kendra's eyes on her butt. Kendra caught Elaine's look and glanced back at the television without saying a word. Elaine swallowed and did the same, feeling the heat rising in her cheeks again. She wondered if her sweater was covering her and she tried to pull it under herself, wiggling a little as she did. She hoped she wasn't wet down there.

When the next lot of advertisements came on, Kendra relented. "Um, Elaine?"


"You're um..." Kendra pointed. "Half your pussy is showing."

"Oh, gross. Sorry." How embarrassing! Abruptly Elaine twisted into a sitting position and pulled the sweater under her ass. Nervously she reached for her wine, almost knocking it over. Stopping herself from fanning her face, self-consciously she stared at the T.V., taking a large gulp of wine. The leg band of her panties was cutting her up the middle and she longed to fix it.

"You mean you didn't do it on purpose?" Kendra asked insistently.

"No!" said Elaine, crossing her legs. "God, Kendra. It was an accident."

"Sure, sure," said Kendra, eying Elaine's legs. "Just don't tease me," she whispered. "It'll drive me crazy."

"I wasn't," Elaine said. She thought she sounded like a naughty little girl. "I mean, I wasn't intending to tease you."

"I know. I shouldn't have said anything."

Elaine thought if Kendra hadn't, then she would still be getting an eyeful. "Let's just forget about it."

"Yeah, sorry."

Elaine tasted her wine again and returned her gaze to the television. Her nipples were hard. She wasn't sure if the bumps could be seen through the hairy wool and she wasn't going to look down to check. For a second she thought she noticed the scent of her pussy. It felt really juicy.

I bet Kendra would love to make me cum.

The wicked image of Kendra looking up at her from between her legs assaulted Elaine, almost making her gag on the wine she was sipping. She blinked, hardly believing she'd had the thought in the first place. She glanced at her roommate. Kendra hadn't noticed Elaine had started to breathe harder.

I have to get out of here! "Um, I better go study."

"It's nearly over."

Unsteadily Elaine climbed to her feet. "I just have to get back to it." She wasn't even sure why she was explaining.

"Okay. I think I might have an early night." Kendra winked.

Elaine knew exactly what she meant. "Uh, okay. G'night."

"Night, Elaine."

It was only a few steps to the hallway, but Elaine knew Kendra's eyes were burning into her ass.

Ugh, she thought as she walked down the hall. Now I'm even contemplating my roommate getting me off. I bet it's because I can't play. What's wrong with me? And damn Kendra for embarrassing me, and then flaunting the fact that SHE'S going to masturbate. Bitch!

Closing her bedroom door behind her, Elaine slipped off her stupid panties and tossed them in The Washing Basket.

Knock, knock.

Elaine turned to her door just in time to see Kendra wrapped in a towel and holding out the wine Elaine had left in the lounge room. "I topped this up for... oops, sorry." She giggled, covering her mouth and 'accidentally' dropping the towel to the floor.

Elaine's eyes bugged out. She was mortified! Her leaden feet felt like they were glued to the floor. "Kendra!" she shrieked.

"You didn't answer, so I figured it was okay to come in," she said, still chuckling as she picked up the towel and d****d it over her shoulder, hiding nothing. She put Elaine's glass on top of her wardrobe and said, "Jeez, look at us. It's like we can't help it."

"I'm half naked here!" Elaine gasped. "Can you please leave so I can put something on? You hardly gave me a chance to answer you."

"It's nothing I haven't seen before, you know. Relax."

"Kendra! Get out!"

"All right, all right. Jeez." Kendra looked disappointed as she backed toward the door.

Words flowed into Elaine's mind and straight out of her mouth. "When you knock, wait for me to answer you. If I don't answer, then don't come in. This is MY space. Don't invade it without my permission."

"What's got into you?"

"They're the rules, Kendra."

"Okay. I'm sorry. I'm going."

As soon as her door was closed, Elaine started pacing back and forth across her room, one hand on her thumping heart.

THAT'S what I don't like about vanilla. 'Seduction' is SO hit and miss. No one knows anything! It's like 'complete luck' that anyone ever finds a person who is right for them! There's no communication! There's no control!

Angrily Elaine slipped on some fresh panties and winced at how wet she was.

This is getting ridiculous.

'Bong!' went her machine as Gary logged on. She glanced at the clock before scurrying over. He was about an hour early and Elaine was ecstatic. And surprised. And worried!

I'll get a towel in a minute, she thought, feeling her nerves beginning to jangle as she typed, "Hello, Gary." She added a big grin.

"Greetings, Elaine." He was typing again and Elaine dutifully waited, anxious to hear his words. Soon enough, they arrived. "I've worked very hard today to get here early. I'm tired and I don't know how long I'll last, but I have a lot to cover tonight so I'm hoping for very few distractions."

ck, thought Elaine. I'm never going to get to cum. She swallowed, hoping she'd soon calm down. "Yes, Sir," she typed. "Looking up at you and listening."

"Chuckles. Sometimes I get a bit 'single-minded', little one."

Elaine wasn't sure what he meant, but she loved what he called her. "That's okay."

"Climb onto my lap. You are relaxed and content, cuddling in my arms. Your legs are open just a little and you can feel my hand resting on your thigh."

Elaine realised she was swinging her knees back and forth and she bit her lip as she typed, "Smiles up at you."

"Have you had a good day?" he asked.

Elaine didn't know where to start. "It's been so weird."

"I'm looking forward to hearing all about it."

"Yes, Sir."

"And don't worry about your journal tonight."

Elaine had forgotten all about it! "Thank you," she typed, feeling a bit guilty.

"Seeing as I'm an hour early, you probably haven't had the chance."

"Actually, I hadn't remembered it yet." Elaine sent a frown.

"Hey," Gary typed. "You might have. Anyway, it's okay. Everyone slips up now and again."

"I'm sorry, Sir." Elaine chewed her lip some more as she watched Gary type.

"You know, one of the first things I'm going to do is spank you. You are too adorable to go 'unspanked' for one minute longer than is necessary."


"Are you saying you're not adorable?" He sent the face with the tongue poking out.

"No. I just..."

"Chuckles and kisses your forehead. Relax. Talking about 'spanking' has reminded me of something. I'd like you to look over your BDSM Checklist and let me know if you make any changes."

Elaine thought that was a good idea. "Okay. I will."

"Good girl."

She recrossed her legs before typing, "I don't feel like a good girl." She followed her message with a blushing face. Her perspiration was accumulating on her top lip and she drew her finger across it, gathering the sweet sweat and sucking it off.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm just 'on edge', Gary. I'm sorry."

"Tell me what's going on."

Elaine thanked God they were going to get to talk about this. She took a deep breath. "I told you that 'telling me I couldn't cum' would make things really hard. Well, I'm going crazy."

"Such little self-control."

"I've been good! I just can't get the idea out of my head."

"All right."

"I must be radiating sex or something. Even my roommate is coming onto me. I need to cum so badly and I'm getting all confused and my schoolwork is suffering. When I woke up this morning my jaw was tired from clenching my teeth all night!"

"Your roommate is coming onto you?"


"And you're wet?"

"I've been wet for two days. Please let me play before I see you. I promise I'll try to control myself, but if I really can't stop myself, 'knowing I can' would be so helpful." Elaine gulped. "Please?"

"You realise you're begging me to allow you to play with yourself." He sent a wink.


"You're acting like a horny little slut, aren't you?"

"Pouts and nods. And you won't believe what's been going on with Kendra."

"Tell me what happened."

Elaine sighed and began typing, describing the strange incidents, even admitting her bizarre thought of having her roommate get her off. Gary chuckled when she told him about the dropped towel incident and Kendra's meek response when Elaine put her foot down. She also confessed that she thought if she had the chance, she'd be playing two or three times a day. The effect of denying the chance to play had an exponential effect on her need. It hadn't been expected. She knew it was going to be hard, but she hadn't thought it was going to make her go cross-eyed.

"Chuckles. Okay, Okay. Relax and listen to me. I want you to remember something. You have not formally submitted to me in any way, shape or form. At the moment, our motivation is simply voluntary. We are enjoying each other, and we do things because we want to. That's all. I was never going to stop you masturbating. Nor would I punish you if you had broken our deal."

"You wouldn't have?"


"I've been tearing my hair out all evening over this."

"Chuckles." He sent the face with the big grin. "Poor baby."

The relief Elaine felt was palpable. Her muscles relaxed and her body flushed head to foot. With the mental shackles removed, she briefly tweaked her aching nipples, causing her breath to catch in her chest. She realised what she was doing and quickly typed, "I'm sorry, Sir. I'm sure it'll be easier after the weekend."

"We'll see." He sent a warm smile. "In the meantime, you can put on your nipple clamps under your sweater. Go get them."

Elaine sent the surprised face with the mouth gaping open!

"Don't make me wait," Gary urged, sending a grin.

"You're mean."

"And you're being teased. Now scoot. When you get back, I'll send you that surprise I promised."

"Be right back." Leaping from the chair, Elaine raced over to her wardrobe and grabbed the clamps. Thankfully she remembered to get a towel. She knew she was going to need it.

It was strange being reminded that she hadn't actually submitted to Gary. She felt that in so many ways, she already had. It was true that he was playing with her already. And she loved it. But he hadn't pushed her at all. He was right. And she was pleased about it. She knew she could choose to do, or not do, anything she liked. She didn't want to choose to play. Not after she'd promised. She sighed.

I 'wanted' to please him. That's what I chose. That's how easy it was. I just chose. Two more days. That's all.


Two days!

In moments she was back at her desk and shaking like a leaf. "I have them, Sir," she typed. "But can I say something first?"

"Sure, little one."

Elaine blushed. "I want to hold up my end of our agreement. I won't play until I see you."

"You might want to change your mind after we're done here." Gary winked.

"No I won't!" Elaine giggled as she typed, "Pouts."

"Okay. I'm impressed. And I'm looking forward to being with you a lot."


"Now pinch your fucking nipples till they're nice and hard then pop the clamps on lightly. You can leave them on longer that way."

In a minute Elaine's heart was thumping and so were her nipples. The clamps weren't that tight. It was like her nipples were being held. Her pussy was so wet it was ridiculous. She swallowed and typed, "They're on."

"Good girl. I'll send you the surprise. I'll email it. Please read it, then we'll talk about it."

In moments Gary's email arrived. Nervously Elaine opened it and found it was a short note with an attachment. The note simply said, 'Here is our draft contract. Please review it and we'll talk about it. Gary.'

Elaine shook with a mixture of awe and trepidation. Things were getting serious. They'd ratcheted up another level. With a trembling hand, she manoeuvred her mouse and clicked it open.

And she read it.

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