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Culture Shock 12/23

After booting up the Internet and logging on to Messenger, Elaine was notified of two new messages in her email box.

She knew one was from herself. She'd emailed a whole host of links she'd unearthed after Googling the names 'Gloria Brame' and 'Jay Wiseman' on the library's computer earlier in the day. They were the authors that had set Gary on his path. Between classes she'd had a bit of spare time and the library seemed to be the logical and safest place to go. At the time she hadn't been so sure whether it had been better to be ogled by the geeks or by the general population of the college. She'd plumped for the geeks. At least they'd been quiet about it. Thank God for libraries.

In any case, some of the quotes and extracts she'd read from the two respected authors had stuck in her mind, and during the ensuing hours, Elaine had decided that rather than following the links, she'd take the plunge and buy the books that appeared to be the most recommended. So she deleted the email.

The other email was from Gary and she held her breath as she opened it.

Greetings Elaine,

Forgive me but I'm having dinner with my mother tonight. She's out from California and is going home on Sunday. I told her I was meeting someone online at 9.30 P.M. but if it's okay with you, I'll make it 10.00 P.M. so she thinks I put off my 'date' for her. She'll love me for it. She thinks I'm crazy as it is, meeting with someone online.

Also, I spoke with Nica. She won't think you are a nut now. ;-)


Elaine swallowed as she clicked the reply button and sent a 'thank you for letting me know, Sir' email. With over an hour of free time that she wasn't expecting, she was determined to use it well and not think about Nica. Opening her account, she ran a simple search on the authors for whom she was looking.

After purchasing SM101 — A Realistic Introduction, she couldn't help but throw in Tricks to Please a Man, both by Jay Wiseman. To these publications she added the legendary Different Loving - A Complete Exploration of the World of Sexual Dominance and Submission, by William and Gloria Brame, then practically busted her monthly book allowance by also buying Come Hither — A Commonsense Guide to Kinky Sex, by Gloria Brame alone.

I hope they're delivered in plain paper, Elaine thought, smiling to herself.

It wasn't until she was trying to figure out when the books would be delivered that she realised she'd probably have to hide them. She could keep them in her closet with her toys, she supposed.

No, dammit. I'll put them with my other books. I'm not ashamed. I WON'T be ashamed.

Her diary, sitting quietly beside her computer where she'd left it, distracted her. Inside it was Nica's number. She hadn't thought about it much at all, but knowing Gary had done the prelim work with Nica was strange. There was a woman out there who would be able to tell Elaine that Gary was really who he said he was, and she was waiting for her call. Elaine knew that Simone, 'acquiescent', had said as much in the chat room, but talking on the phone to someone who actually knew Gary was a bizarre prospect.

Without thinking, she picked up her bag from beside her desk and went through it, finding her mobile.

I'll put her number in, just in case I decide to call.

Elaine could feel herself blushing while she did it. It was there now. Just a few buttons away. For a moment her phone fascinated her and she stared.

She's so close. She could tell me I was okay. She could tell me I was not just okay, but that I was on the right track. I could find out. I promised myself I'd check. How far do I want to go before I check? It's not something he can fake is it? A female voice? I have to call her...

She pressed the buttons and held the phone to her ear. It started ringing.

I can't believe I'm doing this...

"Hello? This is Nica."

"Um, hi. This is Elaine speaking, a friend of Gary's. I'm sorry to bother you at this hour but-"

"Elaine! Hello! I was not expecting your call for a few weeks yet!"

She had an accent. Puerto Rican? Elaine had no idea. "Hello, Nica. I'm pleased to meet you, over the phone at least."

"This is a very nice surprise. I did not know you would call so soon, baby!"

"I'm sorry."

"Ah, don't you worry. I feel like a big fat mother hen. If you were here in front of me, I would hug you!"

Elaine giggled. She wondered what Nica was like... She'd assumed she was a subbie like her, but maybe she was wrong. "Thank you. I'm so nervous."

"Ah, Elaine. C'mon. I'd say that's normal. Now, what would you like to know?"

Elaine's mind went momentarily blank. I should have thought this over! "Um, how long have you known Gary?" she asked, it being the only question that came to her.

"Antonio and I know Gary maybe five years now. He's a good man. He's wasting away."

Elaine bit her lip. "Can you explain that?" she asked, a little worried.

"I just mean he's so shy! I ask him, come to the Ren Fest. No he's busy. I say, come to the city with us. Oh, no. What about this and that, no he's busy. I don't know. He needs to open up again. Not be afraid of being hurt."

"I won't hurt him. I'm worried about me, not him."

"I know this, sweetie. I hear it in your voice."

Elaine smiled again. Her cheeks were starting to hurt. "He's a good man?"

"Oh yes. Fine man. He will treat you well. You will be safe with him. I must tell you something even Gary does not know."


"When Leah leave... you know Leah?"


"When she leave, she say to me, she say, 'Nica, you tell him, is not his fault.' I never get the chance to say to him this."

"Why not?"

"Ah, this and that. We not go to the last couple of parties. Before that, Gary not come."

"So you haven't seen him in a while?"

"Oh, no. We see him last week. We buy a horse. Gary is getting a good, how you say... reputation for horses. He will do well. We stay for dinner. He can cook too." Nica laughed heartily.

Elaine sighed with relief. "So he knows what he is doing?"

"Oh, yes. I have seen him work. He is very good."

Elaine's stock of off-the-cuff questions was exhausted and she didn't know what else to say. "Thank you, Nica," was all that occurred to her.

"You welcome, baby. Nica is very impressed. Is that all?"

"I can't think of anything else to ask. I should have thought about it first but I just rang."

"Nica is glad you did. You can trust Nica to tell the truth. I promise this, Gary is a good Master, and if you can make him yours, you will not be sorry."

A tear fell down Elaine's cheek. "Thank you, Nica. Thank you so much. Maybe I'll meet you one day and we can laugh about this."

"Maybe one day. Antonio needs me, I gotta go, okay?"

"Yes, thanks again."

"You welcome. Bye-bye, baby."

"Bye, Nica."

Well, thought Elaine, still staring at her cell after disconnecting the call. That certainly wasn't Gary putting on an accent!


Glancing at the computer, Elaine was pleased to see that Gary hadn't messaged her while she was on the phone. Checking the time, she saw it was nine thirty-eight P.M. She had to keep an eye on it in case he arrived early.

She was so anxious to play she decided to get her toys out so she'd be ready. Sitting beside them on the bed, she checked them out again to make sure they were clean and the batteries in the vibrator worked. They did, but they were a little weak. She decided to run down the old ones then change them. She grinned. It felt awesome when she put new batteries in. It was like, whoa! Lots of fun.

Licking her lips subconsciously, she remembered Gary's words. 'No playing until after we've talked'. That was the agreement. It wasn't an order. It was more like a promise. And there was never a question of Elaine breaking the promise. No matter how casually the gauntlet had been thrown down, she knew it was a gauntlet all the same. It was true that she'd only had a couple of opportunities, but she was glad she'd been able to resist. She was also glad it wasn't later in her cycle. That would have been hell.

At a mental dead-end, and with nothing left to do while waiting for Gary to arrive, Elaine's mind wandered as she sat on the edge of her bed.

What would it be like to be naked in front of someone, especially if they were fully clothed?

Kendra knew.

Maybe Chelsea was right. Maybe Kendra DID want to know what it was like. Or at least she wanted to 'know if she could do it'. Elaine couldn't have done it. Not before a crowd. Not even in her dreams had she been naked in front of a whole crowd of people.

But what about in front of Gary?

Goose bumps rose on Elaine's arms and legs as the fine hairs stood to attention. There was something about being naked in front of someone clothed... something erotic... so vulnerable and exposed. The difference between what she saw in her mind and what Kendra had done was fairly plain.


Taking another look at the computer, Elaine soon found herself staring as she took hold of her t-shirt and drew it up her body and over her head. Almost mechanically she stood by her bed and undid the buttons on her skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

I want to be naked in front of him. For me, Elaine thought to herself. I won't mention it but I won't lie.

A tremble ran over her skin, electrifying enough to make her close her eyes and mentally hold on. When she opened them, she was looking down at her toys. The idea of using them, even just attaching the clamps, crossed her mind. She wanted to feel the butt plug again too, and the dildo pumping in her cunt and the vibe on her clit, and...

Fuck! she said when she glanced at the computer again, her heart leaping at the message that had popped up on the screen. Dashing over to her desk, she sat down and pulled her towel-covered chair under her ass, hardly believing she was completely naked.

If only he knew!

The message read, "Hello Elaine."

"Greetings, Sir," she typed. "I'm sorry if you were waiting. I was in a dream world."

"That's okay. It was only a moment. How was school?"

"It was all right. Um, I have a confession to make. Well not really a confession..."

"I'm listening."

Elaine proceeded to tell Gary all about the bet she and her roommates had wagered, how it had turned out, and she even shared Chelsea's theory about Kendra's exhibitionism. She'd insisted it was just a theory. And she hadn't used names. And she'd told him 'in the strictest confidence'. He listened quietly as she told him about the crowd of people who watched and how amazed she'd been.

Elaine suddenly realised she'd been talking about it for ten minutes. "Ugh, listen to me. I'm a motor mouth."

"I like listening to you."

She bit her lip and typed, "Thank you, Sir."

"Did the bet interfere with your schoolwork?"

"Um, yeah. A bit."

"Then it probably wasn't a good idea."

"No. It was a really stupid idea and I can't believe I decided to be in it. I don't know what I would have done if I'd lost."

"You'd have run the stairs."


"I'm sure of it."

Elaine stared at his words. "I'm glad I didn't lose."

"Me too," Gary typed. Elaine was a little lost for words, thinking about what he'd just said. As usual, Gary seemed to read her mind. "Talking hypothetically again, if we had agreed that you would participate in the bet, and you lost, then you'd definitely have been doing the stairs."

Elaine swallowed. Had she made a big mistake? Did he think less of her for doing such a silly thing? "Yes, Sir," she typed, her hands trembling. "Would we have agreed to my taking part?"

"I don't know. We would have discussed it before I let you decide. I think I would have pointed out that your schoolwork might suffer. Apart from that, I'd say it was an educational experience. Though I think you could have made the same discoveries without making a wager with your roommates."

"You mean going without panties..."

"Yes. You learned you could do it, didn't you?"

Elaine's body was tingling all over. All this talk was turning her on fiercely. "Yes. I learned I could go without panties. I learned it was incredibly distracting too."

"Which is what I would have pointed out."

"Because you want me to do well in school?"

"I want you to be who you want to be. I want you to succeed in anything you choose to do."

Elaine smiled. Gary was typing again so she sat quietly.

"Nica called me a few minutes ago."

Elaine swallowed. "That was fast."

"She promised she'd call if you did."

Elaine was unsure how to proceed. "She's wonderful. How old is she?"

"Late thirties I think. A gentleman doesn't ask," he typed, then winked.

A stony silence settled between them. Elaine wasn't sure if Gary was waiting for her or not, so she typed, "I don't know what to say."

"Well, you could say I passed. Unless I flunked."

"Oh, God. Sorry. No. I mean, yes. You passed, Sir."

"Chuckles. Thanks for telling me. I was considering strangling Nica for a moment there."

"Oh, please don't!" Elaine sent a huge grin.

"I won't. She said you sounded lovely."

"Please thank her for me."

"I will."

A more comfortable silence developed and Elaine could hear herself breathing. Her fingers started typing like they were remotely controlled. She had no idea where they were taking her. Later she thought it was fate... "I feel safer now. Knowing someone who respects you is a great comfort. Having my doubts removed is a feeling I'm not sure I'm comfortable with, but it's a big relief all the same."

"I'm glad."

"Me too."

"I bet you are. So now that you are satisfied, what changes?"

"Um, it opens the door."

"To what?"

"To a meeting."

"That's right."

Elaine hesitated. "I'm scared."

"Of what?"

"I don't know."

"Think about it."

Elaine did.

Probably her biggest fear was losing control. Not just control over herself, but control over her life. What would be expected of her? Would it be like a detention centre where there were homework demands and grade expectations and lights out times? Would he tell her what to wear or how to act? How much would she have to change and how much would she have to learn? Would she be punished if she failed?

Would she be 'coached' to please him, both in public and in private? She wasn't sure if she could do it... was she trainable? Did she want to be trained? Would he take his time and help her explore her abilities and limits?

She didn't even know what he expected of her.

What would he do? Would it be hard?

Then there was another thing. Something just as important. She was afraid of herself... afraid of her potential reactions. What if she hated D/s or didn't like Gary? Could she back out quietly and safely? What if she wasn't good at something or couldn't do something that was asked of her? Would he be forgiving?

Elaine's mind was swirling.

What if he makes fun of me? What if I can't control myself and I leave myself open to... to... anything? What if I make a fool of myself? God, she thought. What if I love it?

"I'm afraid of exposing all I am to someone," she typed, gritting her teeth and fighting to keep her knees apart. The embers of passion were burning brightly within her, stoked by a soft breeze, as if on the verge of ignition.

"The first time is the hardest. I remember being so nervous. I think being potentially Dominant and relatively gregarious went in my favour. But you won't be meeting a group of people. At first it will only be me."

"I'm still scared."

"I know. I'll take your lead on this."

"You don't know how much I appreciate you saying that."

"Sure I do. But I want you to remember, it's just a meeting that you are contemplating. One hour. Somewhere public. I expect you to have a 'call back' too."

"What's a 'call back'?"

"Someone who calls during our meeting to check on you. Make up a code. For example, let's use your mother. What's her name?"

"Angelina," said Elaine.

"Then for example, when she rings to check up on you, if you call her Angelina, then everything is fine. However, if you call her 'Angie', then, 'Something is wrong! Come and get me the hell out of here!'"

"That's a good idea."

"It's not original."

"Thank you anyway."

"Welcome. The good thing is, you don't have to admit to your 'call back' that our meeting is 'part of the lifestyle'. Having someone checking up on you is simply a good idea when meeting online friends."

"I understand. It's still 'crossing over' though..."

"Yeah, I know. I guess what I'm saying is, don't let your imagination confuse the issue. It's just a meeting. One hour. Somewhere safe. There is nothing to fear."

"I'm hearing your words, Sir. Maybe I just need to sl**p on it..."

"Nods softly. Calling Nica was very brave. I'm proud of you."

Elaine's chest swelled. She sat up straighter. "Um, I've also been er, good."

"You haven't played?"

"No, Sir."

"Then I am proud of you for what you have achieved this week. You've impressed me, Elaine."

"Thank you, Sir."

"I expect you to celebrate."

Elaine swallowed. Celebrate? She wasn't sure what he meant. Did he mean by playing? Like, joyfully? She giggled. "What do you mean, Sir?" she typed, willing herself not to add a tongue poking out.

"I'm so pleased you asked," he sent, winking. "Well, if you were good, and had impressed me and made me proud, how do you think I might reward you?"

"Um, I don't know?"

"I'd reward you by giving you pleasure, Elaine. Wouldn't I?"

"I... I guess so."

"So therefore, I'd like you to give yourself pleasure, as I would."

Elaine stared at his words, her hands frozen over the keys as images paraded themselves before her eyes. She had no idea what to type. She couldn't ask, 'how'? Could she?

"Do you understand?" he asked.

"I think so," Elaine typed, hands beginning to tremble. "I can try."

"It would please me if you did."

"Then I'll definitely try."

"And you'll sl**p on the idea of meeting."

The trembling didn't stop. If anything, it got worse. "Yes, Sir. I'll sl**p on it."

"Okay, and I want you to remember a few things."

"Yes, Sir?"

"Firstly, I want you to remember that we are simply two people who are curious about each other. Secondly, that we appear to 'connect' and very importantly we can laugh together. And lastly, we are attracted to one another. It's as simple as that. We like each other. In this way, we are no different to any other potential couple in the world. If we keep things simple, then there's no reason why we shouldn't meet."

Elaine knew his words sounded reassuring. They were reassuring. Perhaps it was just 'relinquishing control' that she was afraid of confronting. Elaine thought that made sense. "Thank you for your words."

"Welcome. Let's just keep it simple, okay?"

"Yes. Thank you."

"It's okay. Hear my voice. I'm looking into your eyes and whispering... It's okay."

"Nods slowly."

"Good girl. Take your time. You know how I feel. And you know I want to meet you. I don't need to repeat it, do I?"

"No, Sir."

"Okay. I want your questions, Elaine. I want them all. Not right now, as it's getting late, but answering them would please me, understand?"


"Good. Next time we talk, we will examine and discuss our limits, okay?"

Elaine swallowed. Yes! "Okay, Sir."

"It will be an intimate conversation. Do you understand that?"

"We'll be talking about the kinds of things I could do and could not do. And the kinds of things you could do and could not do."

"That's very good. We'll be talking about your body and my body. We'll be talking about what we like and what we don't like, and of course, what we imagine we might desire of each other. We'll be assessing frankly, calling a spade a spade."

Elaine's breath was becoming ragged, and her heart felt too big for her chest. Somehow she typed, "I'm looking forward to it." She almost giggled at her audacity. Instead she shook her head.

"So am I," Gary typed back, with a grin. "I've almost finished describing the items in the list you had question marks over. I'll send it back to you tomorrow. Let me know when you've finished it. Then we'll talk about it, okay?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Okay. Good." He started typing again. "I'm just trying to think of anything I might have forgotten. Well, there is one thing. I want you to remain realistic. I'm not perfect. Don't expect some perfect man or perfect gentleman or perfect lover. I make mistakes just like anyone else. I forget things and I can't do everything on my own. I recognise my imperfections and I'm not averse to talking about them. I like to know when I screw up so I can do something about it."

"That's a good trait, Sir."

"And I just thought of something else."


"Before we meet, I want you to get used to calling me, 'Gary'. I have appreciated and enjoyed the respect you have extended to me, Elaine. But if we are going to meet as equals, I want you to think of me as Gary first, and as Sir second."

"How do I do that?" Elaine asked. "I'm sorry, I just don't want to do something wrong."

"It's okay. How about mixing it up a bit? You may still call me Sir whenever you like. At some moments or points in our conversations, one or the other may appear to be more appropriate, but when we're just chatting, I'm encouraging you to think of me as Gary."

"I understand," Elaine typed. "Thank you for helping me with this."

"You're welcome."

"Sometimes I don't know what to ask. You are making it very easy for me."

"That's my aim."

Elaine nodded. Realising Gary couldn't see her nod, she typed, "Thanks, Sir." She giggled at her words. "I mean, Gary." She sent a big grin and he sent one back.

"You are most welcome, Elaine. Now, if you don't mind, I am going to go masturbate and think about you. So you may go and play now." He winked.

If Elaine had been nursing a cup of coffee, she would have spilled it all over herself. A shudder ran through her body that grew in intensity the more clearly the image in her head appeared. Playtime was close and her body knew it. As her thighs clenched and her mouth opened, a flood of pleasure pulsed through her veins. For a second she held onto the seat of her chair, steadying herself and willing her knees to part.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Gary had sent another message.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. I'm just... Argh! I'm very horny, Sir. The thought of you playing just sends me. I need to play so badly. And I'm not going to last long either."

"Keep talking like that and nor will I."

Elaine blushed crimson, and she suddenly felt hot all over. She licked her lips, soothing her dry mouth. "I have to go. I can't think any more. I'm sorry."

"I'll take that as a compliment. Good night, Elaine."

She wanted to thank Gary again. Shit, she wanted to hug him. "Good night, Gary. And thank you for being understanding. For everything."

"Shhh. Go play."

"Yes, Sir. I'm going."

Elaine felt light-headed as she switched off the computer and sat in her chair a moment, staring at the blank screen. Her nipples were so tight they hurt. Somehow she'd kept them at the back of her mind, though they'd been hard for over an hour. Maybe longer. God. On and off they'd been hard for days. Reaching up, Elaine lightly brushed her fingertips over them. They were so hard they bent at the base. A soft murmur of pleasure escaped from her lips, turning into an anguished groan as she caught her nipples between her fingers and thumbs, pinching them lightly.

Shuddering again, her eyes started to flutter closed but she stopped them. Turning in the chair, she spied her toys on the bed. She swallowed again, trying to quench the desert in her mouth. Her legs felt weak as she stood and almost stumbled across the room, giggling and astounded at the same time.

It only took one step to notice how hot and wet her pussy was. Before she'd taken a second one, her hand was between her legs. She didn't want to drip everywhere. She didn't have the same concern for her bed as she sat down, distracted by the small cache of playthings. Taking short hard breaths, she picked up the ball gag, thinking, I'm going to need this. Fitting it between her teeth and buckling it, her eyes strayed to the rest of her toys, focussing on the one she hadn't tried.

The dildo.

The similarity in colour to the shirt she'd worn made her giggle behind the gag. Her eyes flicked to the butt plug but the thoughts she had were discarded as too ambitious. Turning to her bedside table, Elaine fished around until she'd found the new batteries she'd bought, setting them on the tabletop and turning the light down until it was almost dark.

Leaning back on the bed, she grabbed the vibrator and turned it on, raking it over her torso and breasts. They felt so hard, like speed bumps on her body. Another pass over each nipple made her groan. Nakedly she threw her legs open, reaching for the dildo and angling it for penetration between her legs.

He'd tease me, she thought, groaning in frustration as she put aside the idea of fucking herself hard and immediately. Instead she closed her eyes, holding her breath as the toy approached, awaiting the feel of the blunt tool parting her lips.

Barely touch yourself, he'd say. Her skin crackled with pleasure, her nipples throbbed and her scalp prickled. Still the toy descended, agonisingly slowly, her hips rising off the bed in anticipation.

Stop, his voice commanded. Elaine froze, an erotic sculpture in the making, the toy a hair's breadth from making contact. She whimpered. She was already a wreck. With control bordering on the obsessive, Elaine's tightly wound body held its form, arched in search of her single-minded pleasure.

Gently, he admonished. At his direction, she touched her slick lips with the cool tip of the toy, moving slowly upward, parting the folds before it. Swirling it downward, coating it with her copious juices, Elaine gasped as it pressed into her core.

Don't cum.

Gritting her teeth into the gag, for a moment she held the toy poised, the head wedging open the bubbling pit of her self-induced agony. Her stomach muscles rippled. Just the feeling of an inch of penetration was almost enough to send her over the edge. She held her breath.

Nice and slow.

Elaine began a deep anguished groan as she sank the thick toy slowly into herself. The muscles in her legs and ass twitched and her eyes slowly rolled back into her head. "Nnnngggggggg!!!" Pressing the pink invader further into herself caused her to gasp through her nose. She froze with the toy deep inside, reaching desperately for her vibrator. She switched it on and just the sound and feel of it in her hand was enough to make her moan. Trailing it down her stomach made her clench her ass, tightening down on the pink latex cock buried in her pussy. The dildo had stretched her open deep inside. It was a feeling she hadn't experienced and one she knew she'd want again and again.

Sliding the ridged, latex shaft gradually out was sweet torture. Before she'd had a chance to mourn its loss, she slid it back in. Her hips jerked, steadily building a rhythm as her self-control wilted. The buzzing vibrator skimmed over her pubic bone, sending shockwaves of pleasure crashing into her clit. "Nnnngggggggg!!!"

In frantic need, Elaine's hips arched even higher and as she drove the dildo into herself and held it. A rolling hum like the sound of an approaching train began in her ears. She could almost feel its approach as the ground started shaking. Louder and louder came the sound in her ears. Her body was a tuning fork, trembling at the speed of sound. It barely registered that she'd pressed the vibe against her throbbing clit.

Cum for me!

The elastic band attaching her to reality snapped. With a plaintive cry, Elaine's train of pleasure crashed into her. Maniacally thrusting her hips into the air, she would have been glad the gag between her teeth effectively muffled her screams of delight. But she didn't hear herself. The train was rolling right over her, ringing in her ears as her bones rattled and shook.

When she came to, less than ten minutes later, she was lying in a very wet spot on the bed. Realising such a short time had passed was a wicked relief that sent a chill through her body. She wanted more!

Actually making it happen was a different story. Elaine had little strength in her rubbery arms and legs, rendering movement physically exhausting. For a moment she relaxed, planning her next move.

should have put the clamps on, that would have been insane, she thought. But he didn't tell me to, came the reply that made her blink. If he knew I wanted more he'd make me put them on. He'd use me progressively more deeply, getting into my head and my body. Her breath shuddered in her chest and her pussy fluttered up and down the length the toy still deeply embedded. The hand lying passively in her crotch twitched and came alive, stretching to lightly caress the lips of her pussy stretched tightly around the toy.

I'm so wet. I feel like I'm on fire!

Just the slightest touch had caused her clitoris to rise up again, unhooded and aching for attention. But she dared not touch herself there. Not until she'd replaced the batteries in the vibe. Leaning on her elbow, she found the plastic toy and retrieved the new batteries, silently going about the task.

He's going to torment me. I just know it.

She whimpered as she lay back down. A glance at her body was enough to confirm her nipples were still as hard as ever. She turned the vibrator on low, feeling her heart palpitate as the toy leapt to life. Dragging it across her nipples, her back arched and she almost sobbed.

Clamp them.

Leaving the buzzing toy leaning against her hip, she found the iniquitous devices. With trembling fingers, she tightened each one down on the pebble-like balls of flesh that her nipples had become. Dragging her nails up her thighs, she moaned softly when she thought she was done.


She groaned as contractions swept the length of her pussy, her hands reaching for each clamp, adjusting them to a tight pinch that made her see stars. They almost burned! 'Ooh, Goddd, ' went through her mind, leaving her mouth as a strangled cry. Feverishly she attacked her pussy, slowly withdrawing the dildo sending paroxysms of pleasure through her loins. Resisting the temptation to shove it firmly back in, the desire to see how wet she was swamped her mind.

She shuddered again as the toy came free, holding it up so it entered her vision. She took one look at the glistening latex phallus, and watched amazed as liquid with a honey-like consistency slowly coagulated into droplets that adorned the toy, running together and threatening to drip off onto her body.

Hold it over your face. Let it drip on you.

Her eyes were glued to the tip of the toy as she held it over herself. The drop forming there slowly ballooned before reaching critical mass. Fascinated, Elaine beheld the sight of her own juices, stretching thin and reaching down to touch her face as if in slow motion. The gossamer thread snapped and she flinched as the tail fell wetly on her cheek.

Wipe the toy across your face.

Her cheeks burned hotly and her pussy throbbed. Her nipples tingled somewhere between pleasure and pain, while her pulsing clit ached for her touch. She was on edge again! Complying fitfully, she closed her eyes as she crisscrossed her face with the sides of the toy, smearing her juices all over herself.

Such a dirty girl...

A tight contraction deep in her cunt sent Elaine's thighs snapping together and clenching tightly, squeezing the bud of her clitoris and magnifying the gratuitous pleasure. "Nnngggggggggg!!!" she groaned pitifully.

Get on your hands and knees, then fuck your pussy for me.

She could hardly wait as she scrambled into position, taking the toy into her hand and reaching under herself, between her legs. The pretty baubles swayed from the ends of the clamps, sparkling in the light from her bedside lamp as her wet face contorted into a determined grimace. Sliding the dildo slowly into herself, in moments she was being fucked again.


You love it...

She fucked herself harder at the thought, submitting to her desires. Her breath whistled through her nose and she gasped around the gag as she fought for oxygen. Within a minute she was fucking herself hard, using the full length of the six-inch toy and wishing it was longer. And wider!

Glimpsing her approaching climax, she fumbled for the vibrator, finding it and flicking the switch on the end to 'high'.

Wait. Fuck yourself harder.

'Oh, please!' were her intended words as electricity charged through her body. Distorted by the gag, a desperate moan for release gurgled in her throat. With each thrust of the dildo, every nerve ending between her knees and her neck was firing, causing contractions in her muscles that grew in intensity the closer they were to her cunt.

Harder. Put your weight on your chest. Pull a pillow under yourself.

The toy plunged incessantly into her frothing pussy and Elaine could feel rivulets of juices running down her legs. Oh God forgive me, I love being fucked! With her chin she manoeuvred her pillow under the top of her chest. Her nipples dragged across the sheet as she lowered her upper body, taking her weight. She shuddered, her orgasm threatening to burst. Willing herself back from the inferno blazing seemingly inches away, Elaine gritted her teeth around the gag.

Hold the vibe hard against your clit and fuck yourself as fast as you can. Don't cum for ten seconds.

The sound of her own voice echoed in her head as everything went black. A strange calm seemed to flow into the corners of her mind as the fire of her destiny consumed her body. Her almost violent climax built and built, finally shattering and taking with it every last ounce of her being. Incredibly, as her body shuddered and twitched, she managed to remain conscious. Opening her eyes widely, she could feel her pussy bearing down, fighting the blur of the thrusting dildo.

I'm going to cum again!

Her clit leapt and spasmed, the vibe still buzzing shrilly against it. Wetness pulsed around the dildo, running in waves down her thighs as she fucked herself even harder. Elaine's mind seemed crystal clear as a burning climax ripped through her.

Surrendering her control, a moment of unbridled joy hit Elaine like a truck. Squealing her pleasure around the gag, her body went rigid, suspended in time for a moment, then shook like a sapling in a tornado. Collapsing forward in the midst of her orgasm, the tight clamps rolled off her nipples, sending twin spikes of pain into her mind, the waves of which radiated across her chest.

"Nnnggggggg..." she complained softly, squeezing her eyes shut as the bl**d pounded. The withdrawn toys fell from her grasp and for long minutes her body quivered, a mass of spent jelly.

Silence greeted her as her senses reawakened. She rolled onto her side, her chest heaving with the effort. With the little strength she had left she unbuckled and removed the gag, stretching her jaw as she laid her head down on the pillow. She promised herself she'd get up in a minute, as soon as the feeling in her legs returned.


That was amazing.

How can I even contemplate the idea of NOT liking sex?

Random ripples of pleasure rolled over her skin as her breathing calmed. Blushing hotly, she hoped she'd be able to retain her self-respect when she was finally with a man.

What if I can't control myself? she wondered, frowning.

Then I'll need controlling...

She giggled at the thought, covering her mouth as if she might be heard. That just made her laugh even louder. She rolled onto her back, her hands holding her smooth tummy as she rejoiced in her satiation. She was elated and adrenaline pumped through her veins. Smiling broadly at the folly of her thoughts and the exhaustion of her needs, she shook her head and swung her legs off the bed. It was two eighteen A.M.

Time to get cleaned up, and to get some sl**p, she decided as she giggled again, tiptoeing nakedly to the bathroom.

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