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Naughty Slut Boy!

Hope it's legal for you to be reading this in whichever country you live!If it aint,then get outa here,lol!

Ever since I can remember my cock has been the centre of my world!I would stick my hand in my little boy-undies and rub at my stiff little un-cut cocklet without really thinking about it! "Paul,will you STOP doing that,it'll drop off" was the constant cry of my mother!And so,for about,oh,all of an hour or so I'd leave my cock alone,only to find my hand sliding into my pants again,lol! I just couldn't ignore the wonderful feeling my pee-hole would get,or the tingling in my little boy-balls!Oh,and I soon found just how great it felt when I discovered what it was like to slip my finger into my tight little bum-hole It wasn't till I was 13 that I found out just how much better it was when someone else was stroking my hard wet cocklet,or fingering,or better yet,licking my hot little smooth boy-cunt!
Mr Anderson was the man who turned me into a naughty little boy-slut,and I will thank him forever!He lived over in the next strret to me and was,what my mother and her gossipy friends referred to as a "confirmed bachelor"! A dirty old man is how I knew him,loland the best dirty old man a slut like me could wish for! It was a boiling hot summer's day the first time Mr A had his wicked way with me,and the first time I squirted a huge thick loada slimy boy-spunk! Prior to that my solo wank sessions hadn't produced more than a few watery emissions,but good old Mr A soon helped me rectify that little problem!He'd collared me on the street corner and asked me if I could help him with something in his shed cos his grand-son couldn't come over today.Now,even tho I was only 13 I kinda realised that if he'd never been married how could he have a grand-son!Yeah,ok,I wasn't THAT aware that you don't hafta be married to have k**s!Being kinda bored,no-one to kick back with I readily agreed.might just earn a couple of bob,(pre-decimal slang for shillings for those who don't know)!Off we went to his shed and he said,"You'd better take your t-shirt off boy,it's really dusty in here and you don't want your mum to bawl at you"So,there I was in just my white nylon footy shorts,shifting boxes and soon the sweat was rolling off me like a pig,while Mr A was offering encouragement from the packing chest he was sat on!Lazy sod,thought I,I'm doing all the graft and he's just sitting there with a dopey grin on his face!Better get more than a couple of shillings for this!Moving a big box from the back of the shed I kinda dislodged a shelf and a stack of magazines fell to the ground! "Oops,don't worry boy,I'll help you shift those"He came over to me and bent down and picked up some of the mags,"Oh,I forgot all about these,wondered where I'd put 'em"He shoved one at me and asked,"Waddya think of that then boy" Looking at what he was showing me I swallowed hard as I saw a picture of a bloke with a huge cock in a woman's mouth!Oh,shit,my teen-cock was instantly hard as a rock and tenting the front of my footy shorts!Mr A smirked at me and winked,"Looks like you like that,lad,you got a big stiffie in your shorts" My mouth was dry as a bone as he turned the pages,offering pic after pic of this woman in different poses with the bloke's massive cock poking at her face,her tits and at her hairy cunt.Oh,boy,was my cock throbbing and my piss-slit was oozing teen pre-cum into my shorts making the front all wet and sticky!I've always been a heavy dribbler,lol!The last couple of pages showed the bloke with his huge cock shoved into the woman's arse-hole,and then the very last one had his cock squirting what looked to me like a pint of spunk all over her arse-hole!God,I needed to wank my stiff 5 inch un-cut slimy wet boy-cock so badly!I guess Mr A realised that cos he said,"Someone looks like he needs to spunk his little boy-load" Then he really threw me cos he said,"I could do with a good old wank too,we could help each other out,waddya say,boy?You ever seen a grown man's cock up close?" I couldn't speak,just shook my head,and he laughed and said,"Well,every sexy young boy like you should get to see a big old daddy-sized cock,just so you know what yours'll be like soon" By now I was so far gone I didn't answer,so he unzipped his pants,reached inside and pulled out his cock and balls!Fuck me,it was BIG! It was really hairy and had all these thick veins all over the shaft,and like me his cock-head was fully covered in a thick overhang of skin!Oh,and his balls,jeeze,they were massive,like extra large hens eggs and unlike his cock were totally smooth! "Come on then boy,you've seen mine,now lets see what's making your shorts all sticky and wet" Quick as you like I'd pulled my shorts down past my throbbing leaking boy-cock and it slapped up against my belly.Hell,I thought I was gonna spunk off there and then! "Righto,laddy,come and sit next to me and I'll show you what a man and his pretty boy can do together"So I shuffled over to where he was sitting on the chest and he pulled me down to sit right up close to him! He put his hairy arm round my pale shoulder and began rubbing up and down. "Oooh,you're lovely and smooth,no hair anywhere,just how I like my boys" Huh,what the fuck was he talking about?How many times had he done this,and who with?! His large hand snaked round to my tiny little pink nipple and he gave it a gentle tweak which made it instantly stiff,and his other hand started working it;s way up my slim,smooth thigh till it reached my so stiff un-cut boy-cock! "My what a big cocklet you've got for such a young boy,must be all of 5 or 6 inches,have you measured your stiff boy-cock,lad?" All the time he was cooing and panting about my rock-hard slimy un-cut cock his prick was throbbing adainst his belly and his bell-end had started showing with a big pearl of clear goo!Seeing me looking at it he asked,"Do you think your cock will get as big as mine,boy?I think it will,cos mine wasn't as big as yours is when I was your age" "Why don't you put your little hand round it,see if you can,that way you'll get the idea what it'll be like to stroke your cock when it gets this big" So I did,and it felt like steel and was too thick for me to close my hand round it,but it felt amazing,sooooo hard,hot and throbbing in my little hand! "Ooooh,that's it boy,just slide your little smooth hand along my big daddy-cock,oooh,yessss,all the way to the tip,that's it" It felt so good and when he gently pushed my head closer to it I instinctively knew he wanted me to taste it!His big,swollen purple bell-end was right against my lips and I opened them to lick the slime of his piss-slit! A deep groan came from Mr A and he panted and urged me with,"Oh,yesss,got my very own little daddy-cock sucker,that's it,boy,open up and taste daddy's big hard cock" Well,no way could I take all of that big,throbbing red-hot daddy cock into my little boy-mouth,but I did my best and judging by Mr A's huffing and puffing he thought I was a good little daddy-cock sucking slut-boy! really going to work on his fat slimy un-cut bell-end I was slurping like I was born to suck daddy-cock and swallow thick,slimy daddy-spunk! "Thta's my good little slut,suck daddy's cock,oooooh,yessss,you fucking love daddy's big thick cock,suckkkkk ittttttt,oooh,yesssss"! Not long to go now,lol! "Aaaaagggggh,yessss,son,daddy's gonna spurt,oooooh yessss,here it commmmmes,oh you little sluuuuuuuut,hhhhhmphfffffff,ooooh dooo it,swallow it alll,aaaaghyesssssssssss!|And with that the 1st of many huge,thick slimy loadsa daddy-spunk gushed into my,by now,slutty little boy-mouth! It took all I could do to swallow as much as I could but some of his spooge slid outa my mouth but it didn't seem to bother Mr A cos when he pulled his still rock-hard daddy-cock outa my mouth he scooped up the dregs from his belly and rubbed his goo all over his hairy chest!Once his breathing had slowed a bit he said,"Well,that makes you daddy's little slut-boy,and for being such a good little cock-sucker daddy's going to make you a very happy little slut-boy"With that he bent over to my stiff wet boy-cock and engulfed it whole to the back of his mouth and after only slding his wet lips back and forth on my cocklet I felt like I was gonna piss myself,my balls practically shot up into my belly and I let rip with a great slimy thick loada boy-spunk!Oh,christ,my eyes nearly bulged outa my head and my legs were like rubber but he kept hold of my little arse-cheeks till the shaking had stopped and my spent cocklet slipped from his mouth! "Hmmmm,nothing like the taste of thick creamy boy-spunk"He totally surprised me by bending my face to his and slid his tongue into my mouth and I felt my boy-goo on my tongue! "Now we're just like daddy and his boy"
So,there you are,the start of my life as a daddy-cock sucking little slut-boy!
Thanx for reading!

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