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The Boy's Story (Chapter 16 - Final Chapter)

.....he sniffed his poppers and I could see the sweat on his chest and shoulders as he gave us each a hard fuck. Suddenly he fell forawrd onto his arms with his cock deep inside of me and I knew he was giving me his baby seed deep into my arse. He leant down and kissed my lips and I felt much love for my Master.

Chapter 16

We all lay on the bed together recovering from the hard fucking that our Master had given us. I could feel the feeling strong so thought it must be the same for Eric and my Master. I reached over and took the giant dildo and passed it to my Master while I got more KY and started greasing up Erics hole. My Master smiled at me and told Eric to roll over on his stomach. I put the hood over Eric's head and reached for the butt plug. I asked my Master to put it into me before he filled Eric with the giant dildo and turning my arse to him felt him slip the butt plug inside me. It went in easier this time because of the double dildo and fucking that had happened earlier.

I then knelt at Eric's head and watched as my Master started to push the giant dildo into Eric's greased hole. I gave Eric a sniff of popper to help him relax and watched closely as my Master steadily pushed the monster dildo into Eric's arse. It was an amazing sight and made my cock rise. I watched my Master twisting the dildo, pulling it part way out then pushing it in again. Eric's arsehole was larger than mine but I could still see the skin stretching and Eric's moans seemed to indicate he was enjoying the giant toy inside hime.

I raised his hooded head up and pushed my cock through the mouth hole into Erics warm mouth and my Master ordered him to suck my dick. It felt wonderful and watching my Master control the dildo helped stir the cum in my balls and I face fucked Eric while my Master butt fucked him with the dildo. I could feel my cock starting to swell and next moment I shot my creamy cum into Erics hot mouth and felt his tongue licking around my head and his throat sucking down my man cream. I leaned across and kissed my Masters hot lips while he twisted the dildo and Eric licked my cock clean.

I took my cock out of Eric's mouth and watched my Master slowly pull the dildo out of Eric's arse. His hole looked wide and red as the dildo head came out and without warning my Master suddenly started pushing his half hard cock into the wide hole that the dildo had filled. I watched and he looked me in the eye and said "He is my piss boy" and I knew that my Master was about to piss inside Eric. I looked at his face and he said quietly to me "It's coming" and then watched his face as it showed the pleasure of pissing inside his slave.

When he had finished he ordered Eric to keep his arse muscles tight and empty his arse in the toilet. Eric got off the bed and left the bedroom. My Master and I went to the sofa and sat holding each other watching TV. We heard the shower running so Eric must have been cleaning up. After several minutes he came out drying himself and said that he had to go and started getting dressed. He finished dressing and after getting instructions as to where to catch a taxi he gave each of us a hug and left the apartment. I was very happy to see him go. Now I was alone with my Master who I love and I would not share him with any other slave boys again.

I knew that we had several more hours to enjoy each other and I looked forward to being my Masters Good Boy.

The End.

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