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Cuming in my car.

This is a true story.

I just got back from one of the best drives I've had in quite some time. I was feeling a bit horny when I decided to wear only button fly jeans and a sweatshirt. I got into my car and started to drive aimlessly. I picked a fairly secluded road and started to unbutton my fly. I rubbed my fingers against my growing member as the road bumps made me feel more daring. On a spur of the moment decision I decided "what the fuck" and whipped my pants down around my ankles. This made the drive even more exhilarating. My 7.25 in steel hard cock stood at full attention as I drove and rubbed. I moved my sweatshirt up onto my chest to better see my cock bouncing around. I rolled the window down slightly and lit a smoke. Smoking stroking and driving. This was amazing. Thinking that no one outside of my car could see me and I was almost completely naked stroking my hard cock. This spurred me on to stroke in earnest. I got onto a long straight road and really stroked my cock. Moans and groans, my hand sliding feverishly up and down my smooth hard member. The feelings as my closed fist struck the head of my cock were exquisite. I needed to cum NOW. I set cruise control tilted the wheel slightly up and went at it. My hand stroking my cock, I had a hard time taking my eyes off of the scene.
As that amazing feeling began to grab me by my spine, running all over my body I knew I was about to spew my load. I felt my cock twitch in my hand, I slowed and felt that warm feeling envelop me. Flying down a road and my jizz squirting out of my throbbing cock. Cum spurted onto the steering wheel, then my chest, the seatbelt and after several more shots began to dribble onto my hand and into my lap. I took my right hand off my cock, brought it to my lips and commenced licking my steaming hot sticky load off of my hand. When that was clean I scooped up the drops from the steering wheel and ate that. That was cooler than the fresh jizz on my hand. I looked at myself and the mess I made, still driving. What a feeling. I slowed, started pulling my pants up and over my jizz covered lap and cock, buttoned up and went home. All the while smiling. I think I want to do this with someone else in the car next time. Any takers?

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