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More Black Adventures With Wife, Lisa Part # 3

More Black Adventures With Wife, Lisa Part # 3

This is the third installment of Lisa, my beautiful wife who loves to fuck young black men. Lisa is a blond hair, blue eyed beauty who I talked into fucking two young black studs as her first adventure. This is another story of her journey into the world of black erotica.

After her last adventure, where she was gang banged at a secluded cabin, I thought Lisa would be happy for awhile and she was, for awhile. But it didn’t take long for my young wife to start to lust for some more black experiences. It took about a week for her pussy and asshole to get over the soreness from the good fucking she had received. But again, it wasn’t long until she was as horny as ever!

Lisa couldn’t get enough of black men. I have always fantasized about her with black men and once I had talked her into fucking them, she was hooked but good! She was sexy and hot, she had no trouble getting her share of the men she wanted. With that blond hair, blue eyes and her beautiful round little ass, she had almost any and as many black studs as she wanted. I am several years older than my angel and I can’t keep up with her needs as much anymore, so I was pleased in the fact that she could fuck her black studs and I could video the action. We agreed on some basic rules, never give out our last names or personal information and Lisa was never to go places hunting for men by herself. I guess Lisa was so horny she forgot one of the basic rules we had agreed to.

One day, Lisa had decided to go shopping by herself downtown. I really didn’t like the idea of her going alone, but agreed. She said she would be careful and she was on her way. Lisa had already decided that she was going to score with some young handsome black stranger. She knew she had promised me that she would not go alone but she had a lust for more and she wanted to do something different. She thought she would tell me about the experiences later to get me all hot! She saw no fear in what she was about to get herself into.
Lisa was dressed to kill, she had on her short black dress which was sexy but not sleazy, and her black high heels. Underneath she had on her black bra and her black thong panties. The dress showed off her long white legs, and she had her curly blond hair all done. She was hot and she knew it!

The Beginning of the Trouble:

As Lisa got on the elevator, she noticed the three young black man in the back. They were very young, only in teens, that excited her even more! The elevator was crowed, and she made her way to the back close to them as she could get without raising any suspicions. She knew she should not be in this section of town by herself, but she could not stop herself.
She had thought about this for awhile now and she had wanted to go a black area of town and fuck some black men on the spur of the moment, nothing planned, just pure a****l lust. She knew it was risky, but her urges overpowered her. She had made her way to this older hotel, it had been a very high classed place at one time in the black area of town. It had a pretty nice dining room and Lisa had went there earlier to have a couple of drinks. She seen some other white people there and now that she had a buzz going, she had more confidence.

As the evaluator continued on it’s rise, it became more crowed, a good reason for her to get closer. She could feel the boys stare at her lovely ass, she could feel their eyes all over her and it made her so horny she started to get wet right there! As it stopped on it’s next stop, it shook a little because of the crowd and it’s age, I suppose. This was all the excuse she needed, as the elevator came to a shaky stop, Lisa went into her act.

She acted as though she was a little uneasy about the elevator and stepped back, when she did, she acted as she had tripped and started to stumble into the young men behind her. Of course, they caught her just in time, and as she was trying to regain her balance, she rubbed her sexy ass on one of the boys crotch.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know this elevator was so old and shaky”.

“Yes, it’s an old one, and it does get a little scary sometimes”, one of the boys said. Lisa could tell he was a little shaken up when she had rubbed her ass on him and he was trying to stay cool. “A lady was stuck on this thing last year for about four hours. Good thing she had her cell phone with, because she was able to call the police, and they came and got her out.”

“I guess it would be hard to find someone on this old thing”, Lisa said.

The elevator reached the top, and some people got off. The boys started to get off the evaluator, and turned around and asked Lisa if she was going to get off here.

“No, I’m going to go down now”, she said in a sexy voice and rolled her eyes over the boys crotches.

They all three got back on the evaluator. As it made it’s way back down, Lisa was still close enough to one of the boys to touch him. She couldn’t control herself, she slowly reached over and put her hand on his back underneath his jacket. She eased her hand around to the front of his pants and slowly rubbed his crotch. He sprang up almost immediately and she could tell he had a good one. She rubbed him slowly and he edged a little closer to her. She stood in front of him where no one else could see and felt his dick through his pants. She stroked him slowly and she could see the other two boys as their eyes darted back and forth to her hand rubbing their friend’s dick.
The elevator made it’s way back down, it became less and less crowded. Finally about half way down, there were just Lisa and the three boys on the elevator. Lisa walked over the control panel and pushed the emergency stop button. The elevator came to a shaky stop. She turned and smiled a sexy smile at the boys, she could tell that all three now had hard ons and she loved it. They all just looked her up and down, drinking in her lovely white body.

Lisa knew they were young, but she wanted black cock, she didn’t care if they were young or not, as long as she could get her needs filled. Lisa unzipped her short black dress from the back and let it fall to the floor. She stood there for a moment letting the young boys lust over the picture of the lovely white woman with the black thong panties and black bra. She could see their young cocks swell inside their pants as she walked over to the first boy. She quickly unbuttoned his pants and pushed them to the floor. His young cock sprang out of his pants and she was happy to see it was at least 8 inches long and quite thick. Lisa started to suck on the young tool, slowly putting the head in her mouth and tasting his black rod. She loved the taste of a black dick, and she sucked harder and harder on the young stud. The other two boys already had their pants off and their cocks stood out at attention also. They were well hung also and Lisa was very happy to see that!
Lisa went over and started to suck them off, going back and forth on their young cocks. Lisa was now sucking three young cocks and pussy was as wet as Niagara falls.

“Oh, God, lady, I’m gonna cum, I can’t hold out no longer”, one of the boys said.

“Go ahead, baby, shoot my mouth full”, Lisa whispered.

Just then he shot his load down her throat. His dick jerked and jerked, she had never felt a young cock like this before and the jerking was powerful and strong.
Lisa sucked and sucked, drinking down the hot sperm. She continued to suck his dick until she had sucked the last drop of cum from his swollen rod. She kept on sucking him and noticed that he was still hard and had not went limp on her. She was amazed at his hardness as she turned her attention to the other two boys.

“I’m gonna cum too, lady, I’m gonna cum”, one of the boys cried out, trying to muffle his voice.

“I’m cumming too”, the other one cried.

They had been beating off watching Lisa suck the cum out of their friend, and they were too horny to be able to wait for Lisa’s mouth to finish them off. As Lisa went over to suck them, they both started to shoot their hot loads. Lisa had one of the boys dick and put it in her mouth just as he was cumming. The other boy’s hot load shot into her hair and onto her face and she sucked the cum out of his friend.
Lisa was swallowing as much cum as she could as the other boy’s black tool shot gush after gush of hot thick cum on her face, in her hair and on her neck and on her new black bra. Lisa continued to suck on the dick exploding in her mouth. He was pretty good size for a boy, about 7 inches and she was loving the taste of his cum. She greedily drank down the hot pasty cum. His dick was also young and strong and his cock jerked so hard Lisa thought it would pop out of her mouth. His young strong cock continued to jerk and jerk in her greedy mouth.

She sucked him dry as well, and turned her attention to the dick that shot her hair full of cum. He was still hard, and she put his young cock in the mouth and sucked the last drops out of him. Lisa looked up to see them all smiling weak but happy smiles. They all still had big stiff cocks and she wanted more.

Lisa instructed on of the boys to lay down on the floor of the elevator. The carpet was all dirty and soiled. He laid down some of the clothes and did as Lisa told him. Lisa slipped her black bra off and one of the boys took off her black thong panties.
His cock was stiff and she straddled him, putting his cock up her tight little pussy. He was big but fit into her fine as she slowly worked him in. She instructed the other boy to put his cock in her asshole, which he did. He entered her asshole and he could feel his friend’s dick in her wet pussy as they slowly pumped her. Lisa then took the third boy’s dick in mouth and she was in heaven once again. She had three young black cocks in her now and she as wild with lust! She tried to keep up a rhythm with the two cocks in her, but it was difficult to do. They all did get a little better with it as they all enjoyed the pleasure. Lisa loved the feeling of a black cock in her ass and pussy at the same time. The boy’s cock were young and strong and as hard as steel, she had never felt cocks so hard! They were really enjoying fucking her, the one boy who had his dick up her ass, was licking and kissing her back, while the other boy sucked on her ever erect nipples. Lisa was loving every second of this. This was the first time she had ever fucked such young boys and was having a time loving these young studs.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum”, the boy in her ass cried out.

“Cum in my little tight ass, baby”, Lisa whispered to him.

At that moment, the boy shot his load into her asshole. As his cock jerked and jerked, shooting off his sperm into Lisa’s asshole, the other boy in her pussy could feel his friend’s dick jerking and jerking.
He too was very excited and almost the same moment started to cum as well.
Lisa could feel both cocks jerking at the same time, and she was insane with lust. Both dicks were jerking with such f***e, she could feel the cum going into her bowels and the hot sperm being shot into her womb. She humped and humped them both as they screamed out. The boys shot her full of hot black cum and she loved it! Finally, they went limp and they pulled out of her asshole and pussy.
The cum poured out of her pussy and onto the clothes underneath her. The third boy had not cum yet, he had been watching Lisa buck and hump as the other two shot her full. Lisa saw that he was still hard, and grabbed his dick and put it in her cum dripping pussy. He was pretty big and he started to hump her good. His big bag bounced off her ass as he drove deeper and deeper into her. Her pussy lips were stretched good to accommodate him.

“Oh, my young black stud, shoot me full of your hot cum, fill my pussy up with sperm”, my young lover”.

“Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming”, he yelled.

His young cock jerked and jerked in Lisa’s cummy wet pussy. Lisa held him tight as he shot her full of his thick paste. He humped and humped her until he had unloaded all of his cum in her velvet pussy. He pulled out her and she just lay there on the elevator floor, the cum running out of pussy onto the clothes on the floor.
They all laid on the floor, Lisa was pretty tired, she had fucked and sucked her young lovers and they had shot their loads twice, a pretty good afternoon, she thought!

“You young men have given me allot of pleasure this afternoon”, Lisa told them.

“How old are you all, anyway”?, she asked.

“We are old enough, the first boy said”.

“Well, well, looks like you certainly are, Lisa laughed”.

“That’s ok, you can do that anytime you want to”, the oldest one said.

“We really, I mean really enjoyed you too, I mean, you are so beautiful”, the youngest one said.

“Why thank you, young man, you are quite handsome yourself”.

He grinned a big grin and they all grinned too, Lisa was so happy she had such good luck.

They all put their clothes back on and Lisa hit the switch to start to take them back downstairs. The elevator stopped at the next floor and 4 big huge black men got on the elevator. The smell of cum was in the air, as the men looked at each other and stared at Lisa. The boys looked scared and didn’t say anything. One big black man looked Lisa up and down, and he could see the cum in her hair. The next stop of the elevator, the boys got off and Lisa had decided it would be a good idea if she got off there too. As she moved toward the door, the big guy grabbed her by the arm.

“I think you should stay on here with us, baby”, he said in a gruff voice.

The boys stopped and looked at Lisa in the doorway.

“It’s ok, boys, go on, I’ll be ok”.

The boys looked scared as the elevator door closed.

“Yeah, you are going to be ok, baby, I can smell the cum on you, you must have had a good time fucking those boys, didn’t you, you little white whore”.

At that time, he smacked Lisa across the face with the back of his hand. It really hurt and this really scared her, as he grabbed her and held her tight.

Her face was red from the hit she had received, and now she knew why she should not have come down here alone. No one knew she was here, and her mind raced as she thought the worst.

“What are we going to do with this milk white bitch?”

“Seems like she likes to fuck and suck black dicks, we could smell the cum on her a mile away”.

“I bet you already swallowed a quart of cum, ain’t you baby?”

They all laughed at that comment.

“I’ll do anything you want, just don’t hurt me”.

“Oh, you are going to do what we want, and you are going to do good”.

“Yeah, that’s right, bitch”, one of the others yelled at her.

They stopped the elevator on the next floor. The next floor was not too bad, it was cleaner than she would have thought. The four men lead her down a long hall and into a room. The room opened up into a small suite, and there was a living room and a large bedroom off from it to the left. There were two other black men in the room.

“We are going to have some fun with this bitch, ain’t we boys?”

They first stripped her of all her clothes, and then tied her to the bed, spread eagle. Her legs were separated and tied to the bed posts at the foot of the bed. Her arms were tied to the posts at the top and she was spread open.

“Why don’t one of you boys eat her pussy and get it good and wet”.

“I ain’t eating her pussy, man, no telling how much cum she has shot in her, that bitch is full of cum”.

“Oh, yeah, she likes them boys, shooting her full, I bet she even swallowed their cum too”.

Lisa was scared now, she didn’t mind them fucking her, in fact she wanted them to fuck her, but she was afraid for what was waiting for her afterwards.

“I guess we’ll have to fuck her then like she is”, wet or not.

Lisa was already wet just hearing them talk about fucking her, they didn’t have to worry about that.

The next thing Lisa knew the one she thought was the leader had his cock out and rammed it in her mouth.

“Suck on this, you white slut”.

He didn’t know that’s exactly what Lisa wanted, another black cock in her mouth.
Lisa started sucking with suck f***e she thought her jaws would lock up. She sucked the black dick until she could feel his load coming to her. She picked up the pace, not giving him time to pull out. She loved the taste of him, his big cock was very black and had those big veins sticking out. She knew he was going to blow his load any second and she clamped down hard with her mouth on him.

“Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, bitch, drink my load”.

Lisa did just that, she swallowed his hot load as he shot gush after gush into her greedy mouth. She drank all his thick cum and let some of it run out of her mouth, onto her neck, she thought that he would like that and he did.

“That bitch sure can suck a dick, damn, she is good”.

Lisa was breathing hard, the black dick cumming in her mouth had made her so hot and she wanted more! She was going to get just that!

The next man didn’t waste any time at all. He smacked Lisa across the face and held her arms tight.

“You little white bitch, I’m gonna cum a gallon in you”.

He entered her with a thrust and started to pump her like a jack hammer. He was rough with her, he fucked her pussy good. Her pussy was sore and red now, but she liked what they were doing to her, she loved their black cocks, and she couldn’t get enough.

Just as he was going to explode, he pulled his dick out of Lisa and moved up toward her face to unload on her face.
Lisa knew he was going to cum, so she moved her head down and put one of his big swollen balls in her mouth. She sucked and sucked on his big nut aggressively but not to hurt him.

“Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, he yelled as he shot a gusher of cum into Lisa’s hair, at the same time she was sucking on one of his nuts as he came a quart of cum. Lisa let go of his nut and he shot the remainder of his hot load on her face.

“Oh, man, that bitch is good!”

The third man wasted no time, he climbed her and put his massive tool in her fast. He pumped and pumped her pussy as his nuts swelled up. He didn’t last no time at all, and shot off his load of cum into her womb. He climbed off her and the cum ran out of her pussy onto the sheets.

The fourth man walked over and untied her. He roughly turned her over and spread her legs wide. He didn’t enter her asshole slow, he rammed his way in and Lisa let out a muffled scream. His cock was big and thick, as he rammed it in and out of Lisa’s little red asshole.

“I’m gonna cum you asshole full, you white whore, you like a black dick up your white ass, don’t you?” He pulled her hair harder, as he talked dirty to her.

“Answer me, you bitch”, he said as he pulled her hair till she screamed out in pain.

“Yes, I love your black cock up my ass, I want you to shoot a hot load of cum in my ass, my black lover”.

“I ain’t your lover, you milk colored slut, I’m just going to fuck your asshole, that’s all”.

He pumped and pumped her, her asshole was getting red and sore, as the black man humped her like an a****l. He spread her ass cheeks out as he slid in and out of her ass.

“I’m going to cum in your asshole, now whore, so I hope you like it”.

He pumped her hard and fast as he shot his hot cummy load into her ass. Lisa screamed as he came in her, his cum was so hot and thick, she could feel it going into her bowels.

He pulled out of her, turned her back over and tied her back up. She still had cum running out of her red and sore pussy, her asshole burned and her face was red and swollen where she had been hit. She had cum in her hair, cum in her belly, cum in her asshole and it wasn’t over yet!

The fifth guy came over to her and just looked real mean at her for awhile. Then he hit her across the face and she started to cry.

“Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you want”, Lisa cried out.

“Shut up, bitch, I don’t want you crying”, he yelled at her.

Her face was red and hurting as he put his big tool in her stretched pussy. He was big and thick and his dick had a very big head on it. He humped her viciously, and she could feel his big balls hitting her ass as he drove his tool home. Finally, he was about to cum and he pulled out and shot a massive load of hot black cum up her belly and onto her titties. He jerked his big dick until all the cum had shot out of him. He then stuck his dick in Lisa’s mouth and she sucked the remaining drops of his thick and salty tasting cum.

“Yeah, that white slut can suck a dick”, he laughed.

The last man had a really thick cock and very big balls. His big tool was already swelled up and his balls were twice as big as most of the ones she had seen.

“Suck my balls, and don’t hurt them either, bitch, or you will pay the price”.

He straddled Lisa’s face toward her feet and put his big nuts up over Lisa’s mouth and she started to suck on them, one by one. She couldn’t believe the size of them, they were twice the size of hen eggs and she sucked slowly on them. He was jerking his cock as Lisa sucked on his big nuts. She could feel his load start to move up and she knew he was going to cum. Lisa continued to suck his nuts as he shot off a load of cum on her titties and he shot all the way down to her pussy. He covered her belly and shot cum all over her. She was a mess!

He got off the bed and looked at her.

“This bitch has a belly full of cum and has cum all over her, she is something to look at. Man, she can sure suck good”.

“What are we going to do with this bitch”, one of the men asked the biggest guy whom Lisa suspected to be the leader.

“Oh, we’ll fuck her some more and then we’ll get rid of her”.

“I have to pee”, Lisa almost begged in a c***d like voice.

“Ok, untie the bitch and have her shower that cum off her”, the leader said.

Lisa went into the bathroom and peed, her cunt was sore and her asshole burned. Her face hurt from the hits she had received. As the cum and pee flowed out of her, she thought to herself, how was she going to get out of this? She knew she had made a very bad mistake coming down here alone. Lisa could hear very well and she had heard the leader say that they would have to get rid of her, that really scared her. She had to think of a plan to get out of this mess she had gotten herself into. Lisa stepped into the shower and the hot water felt good on her naked body. She had so much cum on her that she needed to shower and it made her feel much better. She washed the cum off her body and washed her hair. She toweled herself off and dried her hair and stepped out into the room again.

“Can I put my clothes back on?”

“No, we like you running around naked, bitch, I like to watch your titties bounce up and down”.

They all laughed at his comments and Lisa knew he was in total control of his men.

“Come over here, bitch”.

Lisa walked over to the leader, he watched her breasts move up and down as she crossed the room to where he was sitting. She came over close to him and he reached up and started to squeeze her titties. He moved his mouth over onto one of her nipples and his big thick lips sucked and sucked her nipples. Lisa loved the feeling she was getting from his mouth. He had her nipples all wet and her pussy was wet again. His mouth was big and he had almost all of one her small breast in his mouth.

He was really sucking good on her titties, when there was a knock at the door. It was some kind of signal but she didn’t know why. He immediately pushed her away and one of the men pushed her back onto the bed.

One man opened the door and two black men came into the room. One was short and muscular build while the other one was tall and thin.

“Who’s the white bitch?”, the thin one asked.

“Never mind, you got the stuff”, the leader asked.

“Yeah, man, right here”.

The leader unzipped a large duffel bag and took out a kilo sized bag of what looked like cocaine. He punched a hole in it with his knife and sniffed the contents.

“This is some good shit, man”.

“Ok, then the deal is done, let’s get on with it”.

The leader then asked for a large brown paper bag. It was handed to him by one of his men.

“Here you go, man, have a look and see if this is what we agreed on”, he said to the thin man.

The tall thin man quickly counted the money, 100 dollar bills all wrapped up in $10,000 packs. There must have been $200,000 dollars in that bag.

“Yeah, this will do”, the tall man said.

At that moment, the door of the room burst open, and all the people in the room were startled, and Lisa about jumped out of her skin. There were 10 or 12 people in the room so quickly, all with guns aimed, she didn’t know where they had come from.

“Everybody down on the floor, now, this is the police, now, now, they yelled!”

Lisa obeyed and laid her naked body down on the soiled carpet. Police were running around and screaming at all the men. They had them all down on the floor and handcuffed in no time at all. One policeman came over to Lisa and hand cuffed her too.

“What are you doing, I’m not with them”, she cried.

At that time she heard some familiar voices outside the room in the hall. In her crazed mind she was trying to remember where she had heard them. Her excellent hearing picked up what they were saying through all the confusion.

“No, sir, she ain’t with them, we saw the men take her off the elevator and grab and f***e her to go with them. She had got on the elevator when we did and them guys there, they made her go, we seen that with our own eyes. No, sir, we ain’t lying, we don’t even know the white lady, we just know she is not with them guys”.

After a minute of two, one of the policemen uncuffed Lisa and let her put her clothes back on. After she was dressed, the detective came over to her.

“Miss, these boys out here say that you were a*****ed, is that true?”

“Yes, these men here, took me off the elevator and well, I guess you can guess what went on”.

“You want to file charges, I guess then, right?”

“No, I just want to go home”.

“Well, we have been chasing these bad boys for awhile now, and this was a big bust for us, lucky for you we got here, I guess”.

“Yes, sir, and I really am grateful, but I really need to get home”.

“Ok, I guess it’s ok to let you go, just be careful in the future. This is not exactly park avenue, you know”.

With that Lisa hurried out of the room as the police gathered up the bad guys and pushed them out the door. As Lisa was going out the door, when the leader of the black men whispered to her as she went pass “Hey, bitch, we were going to waste your milk white ass after we gave you a good fucking”.

He had a shit-eating grin on his face when he said that to Lisa. Lisa looked him right in the eyes and said “Well, looks like you will getting ass fucked yourself pretty soon, so you just better lay back and enjoy it, I did”.

With having said that, Lisa swiftly kneed him in the balls and he collapsed on the floor, his nuts burning and he was crying out in pain. The detective just smiled as Lisa stepped over the black man’s crumpled body. The detective winked at her as she walked passed and said “Nice work, Miss”.

Lisa hurried out the door and to the elevator. All she wanted to do was get the hell out of there and she was never coming back. As she waited for the elevator, she saw the three boys standing near the end of the hall. She made her way down the hall, as she approached the boys, she started to cry and she ran to them. She hugged each one and told them how she really appreciated what they had done.

“You saved my life, I really don’t know what to do in return”.

“Oh, lady, you have already paid us back, many times over”, one of the boys said.

The other two boys just grinned a big grin and agreed with the boy.

Lisa hugged them again and started to turn and walk away, when one of the boys asked her a question.

“Ugh, Miss, ugh, we was just wondering, if you ain’t too tired, if maybe, you would want to, ugh, you know”.

“You boys are something else!”.

Lisa smiled a big smile and they all four entered the elevator again.

This time when Lisa got off the elevator, she looked back at her three studs and smiled, waved and hurried to her car.

When Lisa got home, I was worried sick. She told me the whole story and I was so concerned. She said she would never do anything that stupid again and if it had not been for her “boys”, she may not have made it out alive.

She said, “you know John, my little pussy is so sore, I think it needs kissing”, and smiled that wicked smile of hers.

She slipped out of her black dress to reveal no panties (she said she had lost them somewhere during her adventure). Her pussy was still the most beautiful thing I have ever seen even if this time it was all red, sore and her pussy lips were all swollen. She spread her legs open wide and I buried my face in her pussy, I could taste all the cum in her, and it made me so horny! I licked and licked the salty tasting sperm out of her wet little hole. I knew those ebony studs had loved to fuck my little angel and I knew she had loved to drink their hot thick cum and feel their hugh meaty cocks in her little asshole and cunt. I also knew she had loved all the hot black cum they had shot off in her pussy, in her little mouth and her tiny sore asshole, but I didn’t care, because she had come home. I was so horny I didn’t care what she had done, I just wanted to please her! I kissed her little swollen pussy lips and cleaned her blond pussy of all the hot cum that been shot in her! She screamed out as I licked her little sore bud and she had a powerful orgasm. I then turned her over and licked the cum from her asshole, she liked that very, very much! I stuck my tongue up her asshole as far as I could and licked her asshole clean! She was so sore, I didn’t want to hurt her, so she just told what they had done to her as I jerked off. I shot off my load on her pretty flat belly and fell over on her. I love her so, I don’t care how many black cocks she has as long as she always comes home to me.
I love her so, she loves me more each day because I love for her to fuck and suck black cocks. It has made our marriage stronger and I love her so.

She is more careful now and we still enjoy our lives, and I enjoy Lisa’s adventures.

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