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A listick birthday

My birthday for me is very quite most years, not this time. A few Ladys I work with, which i complament all the time if they have there make up on. And every once in a while give them a tip or two to try somthing different. most are surprized that i know a lot about it.

They started talking from waht i found out that they noticed I stair when they do there lips. A they must have got a plan toget her with out me knowing about it and that is hard to do, around me. I came to work and in my normal paperwork I do at night there was a envalope with my name on it and a big red lipstick kiss on the back. When seeing this I opened it from the side did not want to runin such a nice kiss mark.

In side it had You are corgenally invited to a party in your honer. WE want you to be at Kims place on the 17 of jan at 5pm on the DOT. Dress Nice AND DON'T BE LATE!!! Signed Kim, Nicole, Amber, Toni.

When I got there On time and dress in a nice suit. I saw 4 girls i know from work the same 4 I watch a little to often. They had a nice looking chair there covered in a big pice of black silk. Kim asked me "Sit down and stay a while". They offered me a drink.

"No alchole" i said. Toni shake her head. They were looking at me a little differently. I had to ask "Whats up?"

Toni told me that they have noticed me staring at them when they did there lips.

I said, "Ya, I do have a lipstick fetish." looking a little bit imbarrased that they cought me watching.

Nicole said, "I thought so!" and quickly sat on my lap and kissed me. This was the destration the other girls were waiting for I did not notice them zip tieing my legs and arms to the chair. After the kiss I did.

I had to ask "OK WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?"

"Well we have a suprise for you, and we are going to make you regreat stairing at us doing our lips." said Amber.


"You'll see!" replyed Kim. then she wistled and a load of girls I know from work came out of other bedrooms and the kitchen. By the time i finished counting them there must be 50 there.

All the girls yelled "Happy Birthday Lance. Now you going to get ONE heck of a birthday present". One ladys brought out a BIG 10gal fish tank and All I could see in it was lipstick and lip gloss in it. Kim pulled out a few pairs of sissors and placed them on the table. Everone was told "Cut off his cloths just leave his boxers on." Few of the girls just pulled off the shoes I had on and tossed them to the door. One pulled off my shirt & jacket a few of the girls were jsut cutting my pants right off me.

"Whoo, be carfull!!! I dont want to end up a woman." when one of them getting a little to close with the sissors.

"Well thats no fun." one of the girls joked. "You can then be like us and where all the lipstick you want."

They took about 10 min to cut my pants off of me.

Then heard from Tina "Each girl is going to pick out a lip stick or gloss out of the tank Sit in front of you and do her lips. Then Kiss you some where on your body."

Well it lasted until 4am when they finished the last lipstick and gloss. I dont think any place that was showing was not covered in there kisses. other then the boxing shorts that were still covering my crotch "With that one of the girls said Now Lance time for the best one." She is whereing this killer little black dress. Reachs between ber brests brings out a lipstick and gloss I still rember there names Adrenaline 210 (its a nice deep red) and L'oreal glam shine 720 Sizzle (a darker red with sparkles) she slowly puts it on and asks "Do you like?" all I can do is node my head she just smiles then pulls down my boxers and kissed then reapplys then kiss then reaply then kiss she did this for 20min or more i think my dick was starting to look that color.

I herd from Stephine "I want to try that color. It Looks Nice" she to also was in a little black dress. the only make up she had on wa her eyes being done up dramaticly. she came over and slowly went down on me and then back up and down she did this for a few min. coating her own lips in that exact color. When she realized i was close to comming she stoped pinched under my head waited until i was going soft then started doing down on me again. She had to do this 7 times then at the last time she did not stop me from exploding in her mouth. She swalled it and Thanked me for the reward for doing such a good job down there. shortly the party broke up around 7am. they finaly untied me tossed me a pair of sweats and called me a cab. I went to sl**p in all that lipstick and gloss and with one HELL of a smile.

Now every Day I go to work They make shure that each girl does her lips so i can watch.

Now that its getting close to Christmas I think its time that I get out my Misseltoe hat and take it to work with me. and also thinking what do i get all those girls for chritmas. ANY IDEAS?

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