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On the road

Dannielle had decided to finish work at dinner time and go for a drive the long way home seeing as the day was so nice. As she got into her car she thought "i will put the soft top down and get a tan". As she got in the car she looked at herself in the mirror and checked her make up, hair and her top. She had noticed how the boys in the office had been looking her up and down during the day, well she had dressed for the attention. Her tight white top that showed her black bra off really well and her short black skirt that was so tight that you could notice the outline the suspender belt she was wearing that held up those sheer black stockings finished off with her new heels. She had thought that her heels may be a little to trashy for the office with the open toes showing off her red toenails and ankle straps, but she had bought them to wear lol. " How many of her work mates lusted after her" she thought. " How many of them thought of her while they where in the toilet at work pulling on their hard cocks". She knew that Mr Thompson couldn’t keep his hungry eyes off of her legs, bet she made him really hard and the new post boy Simon. He is only 18 and he was always round her work area asking for help with things. She smiles as she remembered the time she flashed her stocking tops to him while sat at her desk and bent over the photocopier showing off her ass to him. She remembers the outline of his semi hard cock as he looked her. She may have to see what he has hidden in those slacks at some point but for now she turned the key in the ignition and smiled to herself "if only they knew my dirty little secret”.

As she pulled out of the car park the thought of the hard cocks of her work colleagues had started to make her feel horny. She started to day dream about Simon and the big cock the he had in his pants and how nice it would be to wrap her fingers around it. “Umm” she thought as her fingers found there way in between her thighs, to the tight black silky panties that she was wearing and her growing hard on! You see that was her little secret, in her panties was a thick 7 inch cock. The only person that knew her secret was her boss Paul. They had met at a conference about a year ago and he had found out about her secret and f***ed her to come work for him otherwise he was going to tell everyone. He was so dominating with a really nice cock. He loved to fuck her in the office while they where working late. But thats another story.

The wind blew through her hair as she drove down the road. Her hand was still rubbing her cock through her panties, as she sped along thinking about sucking on Simon’s cock as Paul filled up her ass, she didn’t even notice the white van that pulled up next to her as she stopped at the traffic lights.
BEEP BEEP! was the sound that broke her concentration. “Very nice” was the next thing she heard as she looked round at the builder that was hanging out of the window of his van staring into her car. He was about 40 and well built with a shaved head. She looked down at her lap and noticed her skirt pulled up around her waist and the tip of her cock poking out of her panties, which where damp with pre cum. She had really got carried away. As the man watched she felt herself going red with embarassement as she quickly pulled her skirt down. She smiled and pulled away as the lights changed.

She looked in her rear view mirror and could see that there was two men in the van! She noticed the van gaining speed and the indicator flashing as it began to overtake. As the van pulled along side she had a chance to check out the passenger. He was younger in his 20s with black curly hair and had a big smile on his face. She smiled back, as she looked at him him he lifted himself up and flashed his hard cock through the window. It looked fantastic and really hard. She guessed it was at least 7 and a half inches and really thick. He began to wave it at her as the van pulled in front of her car. She was getting horny again and was thinking dirty thoughts as the vans indicator began to flash again as it pulled into the lay by, she pulled up in front and watched as the men got out!

Her heart began to pound in her chest as the men came up along side her car. “Hi” said the older man as he came to her side of the car “you look like you need some help with that” he said as he stared at her. “I could do with some help with this” said the younger of the two as he came to the passenger side of the car. She turned to look at the younger man and noticed him standing there with his fly undone and his cock resting on the door of her car. That was it she needed to feel that cock and taste it. He was so hard and was already leaking pre cum on her door and was more like 8 inches. “ My names Andy” said the older of the two “and thats John”.
“Hi i am Dannielle” she said with a smile. She could feel herself getting hard again.
“You fancy some fun” Andy said with a smile, “there is a little spot just down the road”
“Yeah come on Dannielle, i can tell your thinking about it” John said looking down at her lap and the tent that her cock was pitching in her skirt. “Just follow us” Andy said. She didn’t even look at him her eyes where transfixed on Johns cock as she replied “ok”.

She followed the van down a little country lane, she couldn’t help but to slowly pull on her hard cock as they pulled into a little wooded area. She pulled up next to the van, Andy jumped out and ran round to her door and opened it and held out his hand and helped her out of her car. John appeared holding a blanket, his trousers bulging and a smile on his face. Andy held her hand as they walked into the woods . She looked at him with a smile as John placed his hand on her ass as he walked next to them. “Over there” John said as he led them all to a quiet spot. He placed the blanket on the floor and laid down. Andy moved behind her leaning up against a tree and placed his hands on her waist and pulled her close to him, rubbing his cock against her ass. She could feel how hard and thick he is as he rubbed himself against her.

John laid there looking on as his mate began to feel Dannielle’s breasts. His hands undoing the buttons on her top and squeezing them through her bra. Dannielle reached behind her to the bulge in Andy’s jeans. She found his zip and pulled it down. His cock was thick and about 6 inches long. She pulled it out and wrapped her hand around it. He instinctively began to fuck her hand. “Umm oh yeah” Andy hissed in her ear as he yanked up her skirt, her cock leaking and standing to attention in her tight panties. Andy’s left hand kept squeezing her breast as his other grabbed her cock. She was so horny she nearly came right there and then.

“Fuck you look so hot” John said looking on as he began to rub himself through his jeans. She needed to see his cock but Andy wouldn’t let her go! He pulled her hand from his cock and slipped his cock into her panties between her legs and began to grind against her ass. “Go on John show her what she will be getting” Andy said his cock leaking on her ass hole. “Please” Dannielle hissed as she began to pull on her cock.

John stood up and began to undo his jeans, she began to tremble with excitement as John removed his jeans and let them fall to the floor. As he pulled his boxers down she gasped as she could feel Andy push his cock against her hot hole and she got to see how hard John was. His cock was twitching with excitement and covered in pre cum. As John moved closer, his cock waving temptingly, Andy slowly began to fill her ass inch by inch. His thickness stretching her ass as he pulled her onto him. She moaned as Andy filled her to the hilt, his balls against her ass cheeks. She reached out and grabbed onto John’s massive cock, rubbing the pre cum on to the tip. “Her ass is so fucking tight” Andy says as he begins to fuck her deeper. “Wonder what her mouth is like” John says before kissing her on the lips, moving closer to Dannielle. As they kiss Dannielle can feel Johns cock rubbing against hers as Andy continues to slowly fuck her. Johns tongue invading her mouth, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close.

John pulls away and grabs hold of Danniells hands pulling her off Andy’s cock. and onto her knees. He lays down his cock pointing up at the sky. She moves in between his legs and grabs his cock, licking and kissing it as Andy gets to his knees behind her. As she begins to slowly wrap her lips around Johns cock Andy thrusts himself back into her wetness pushing her down onto Johns cock. She nearly chokes on the length as Andy begins to fuck her faster. “You dirty little slut” John says as he begins to fuck her mouth. Andy can feel himself getting close to cumming and pulls out of her ass standing up watching Dannielle suck off his mate. She looks up at him and the cock that has just been filling up her ass, smiling she takes Johns cock out of her mouth and kisses Andy’s cock. “Oh don’t make me cum yet you little slut” he says lifting her up and spinning her round. Facing away from John she begins to squat down and impales herself on his length. She slowly feeds his length into her rocking back and forth he fills her up. Johns hands under her ass as he lifts her up and down slowly fucking her. “Damn your ass is so nice” he moans as he tries to control himself. He lifts her legs into the air as Andy bends down and takes her cock into his mouth. “Oh fuck yesss!” she hisses as Andy slurps away on her cock and John fucks her.

John begins to fuck her faster as Andy gets to his knees and moves his cock towards her ass. “Let us in” he says as John pulls out and his cock takes its place. As Andy fucks her she can feel Johns twitching cock against her ass before Andy pulls out and John slips back in. She looks down to see Andy wanking himself watching John fuck her hole. John pulls out again and Andy fills her up again. “God i am going to cum” hisses Andy as her fucks her harder. He pulls out and gets to his feet, tossing himself off he stands over her pointing his cock in her face. She sticks out her tongue as John stuffs himself back into her ass. “Oh yes cover me in your cum” Dannielle gasps as John fucks her harder. Andy stuffs his cock into her mouth. She sucks him as he fucks her mouth and John begins to fuck her faster. Andy pulls himself out of her mouth and begins to pump the hot cum out of his cock. His thick jets covering her face and breast. She reaches for his balls and squeezes the last bits of cum from his hardness. “Oh fuck” he sighs as the last drops of cum leak from the end of his cock. “Umm yummy” she says licking her lips. “Come here you slut” John says lifting her and laying her on her back. She moans with pleasure as he slams back into her. Grabbing her thighs her fucks her faster and faster. She reaches down and begins to pull on her rock hard cock. “I want to see you cum” she whispers as John leans in and kisses her cum covered mouth.”Oh fuck yeah you slut” John says as he leans back to watch as Dannielle wanks her cock as he fucks her. He feels his balls tighten as he floods her ass with gallons of cum before pulling out and slashing cum on her cock. His cum lubes up her cock, she reaches the point of no return. “oh god i am going to cum you fucking gorgeous bastard” she moans. She begins to cum. Covering herself with her load.

The two men stand up and look down at her. Covered in cum and twitching with pleasure. She watches as they get dressed. “Think this moment needs saving” says John pulling out his phone and taking a picture of her. “I think that we should do this again, don’t you slut” says Andy. “Yeah who knows who may see this picture in the future” John laughs. “Yeah we know where you work” Andy says as they walk away. They leave her laying down. She can hear them laughing on the way back to the van. She gets up and pulls up her panties which fill with the cum out of her ass. She picks up the blanket and notices her laddered stockings as she makes her way back to the car. Cum leaking down her legs. Under the windscreen wiper is a note. “Give us a call next week you little slut! X x Andy and John” followed with a number. She gets in the car and thinks about next week as she drives home. Why did she let them take that picture!!

Umm till next time.

Dannielle Copyright 2010

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