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Works do!

I recently went on a night out with work. Nothing unusual just a few drinks. The few drinks turned into a lot of drinks. There was a girl out that I always flirted with but nothing ever happened. We ended up in a club and had a few more drinks and a bit of a dance. I could tell by the way she was rubbing me on the dance floor that tonight something could happen! My thoughts soon became reality when I went to the toilet and she followed me to a cubicle. She started kissing me and I got an erection straight away, he hands were soon pulling my pants down and putting my hard cock in her mouth! It was the best blow job I've ever had! She stood up and turned around and bent herself over the toilet so I put my cock in her warm wet pussy! I fucked her for a while until she pulled away and finished me off with her mouth! I've never cum so much in my life!! Bring on the next night out!!

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