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In the wood shed

I wrote this to a gfriend as we were not able to see each for a while-hope you enjoy-I do have a woodshed and cut logs so there is -anyway....

I was in the wood shed today getting all sweaty and dirty as I had to find something to fill my mind-I imagined how we might be there ..................

It was a saturday afternoon .I knew you were coming over and decided that to keep occupied I would chop some wood and keep busy-already my mind was filled with thoughts of how later we would be and the night ahead was to provide untold and new pleasures as we got to know each others likes and desires-would you be wearing that black negligee or those amazing stocking and suspendors I wondered and hoped.And how long before we got into bed from the moment you arrived-I was alreadt horny and had been all day but resisted the urge to stroke my cock-I wanted you to do that.

It was a hot work and although a cold day I had taken fleece off and was working hard splitting logs -and smiling as the logs split easily and thinking how sweet it was to feel your legs part and offer your tasty sap just like the logs to savour and enjoy

I didnt hear the car pull or see you come to the door and peep through the crack-I was woking hard now and took my tshirt off too ,the sweat was on my back and I felt good inthe cool breeze.Muscles were hard and taut from swinging the big axe I kept for this work.

You looked and made not a sound but slowly without thinking your hand went to the front of your jeans and felt the fire there-you gasped as you didnt realise how hot you were already .You loosened the top of your jeans and eased your hand into the top of your panties,they were the blackones you had shared in your pics earlier-a treat for me later when yuou were tying me to the bed you thought but now your thoughts were on other things

My shoulders lifted and swung the axe at a particularly hard piece of wood and you heard my groan of pleasure as it split into 2 clean halves-your fingers were now seeking out your moistness and source of your fire-you could feel your selfdribbling into your hand as now your whole hand was there with one finger expertly working on your exposed sex with the lips wide open and wanting just like the wood I had split so well.You let out a low groan as you felt the first tremor in your belly and your legs turned to jelly as you strted to stroke yr clitorus with your thumb while keeping one finger sliding in and out like the hard cock you knew would be there later

I looked up and saw you eyes closed holding onto the door post with one hand to take your weight now your legs apart and saw the speed you stroked your self as you liked to be stroked that way

you hadnt seen me looking you were lost in your pleasure .I came over and kissed you hard on the lips forcing our tongues to clash together and slid my hand under your arse and sought out your hot gash -it was too much and your orgasm overtook you - collapsing onto me your jeans now off ,your bra loosened by my busy fingers as we kissed and now you felt mycock straining and hard between us

I took your hand and led you to bed ...................

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