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School days, our female teacher watching us naked

This is true story about my school days. We would go swimming every week, and because the only teacher who took us was female she would have to come into the mens changing rooms at the swimming baths. I was only 11 but I was just becoming sexually aware.

I remember after swimming we would be in the showers and she would come in and tell us to hurry up. She would stand watching as we took off our swimming trunks. I made sure that I stood in a place where she could see me. I could feel my cock starting to go hard as i took off my trunks. I could feel her eyes looking at me as I started to dry off.

I would make sure I spent a good few minutes drying off and she must have seen my cock going stiff. She used to say dont worry Ive seen it all before. I imagined her taking a stiff cock up her pussy. I imagined her thinking that she must be looking at everyones cock thinking in a few years they will all be hairy and ready to fuck.

When I went to secondary school occasionally a female member of staff would come into the office but would always check everyone was decent before coming in. But once she came in without knocking because a girl had had a fit and it was an emergency. She burst in as the whole showers were full and there were naked boys everywhere.

No one could help it, we all got erections and I saw her glance in the showers as she went past. She made some comment some time later about knowing how grown up we were.

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