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My wif's first black cock

This a story of me and my wife and an experience that changed us, forever.

My wife, Lisa, is a very beautiful woman, 5’ 3” tall, 115 lbs, blond hair and blue eyes. She is 38 now and we have been married for 20 years. I am quite a bit older than her and we married when she was only 18. We have never had c***dren, so Lisa is firm, build well with a beautiful ass. We have always a very good marriage and have a good sex life.
We love to watch X-rated videos, and we had just rented some recently. I had always loved the interracial ones with big black guys on blondes. We were watching this one where a very pretty young blond was being fucked by these two massive black men. They had her sandwiched, and were fucking her in the ass and pussy, and then at the end, they both shot their loads on her face. It made me quite hot!

Out of the blue , Lisa asked why I liked seeing a white girl getting fucked by black men. I told her I thought it was so hot. Then she asked me the strangest question:

“John, have you ever fantasized about me with black men?”

“To be honest, yes, my love, I have, but it a fantasy, that’s all”.

“I thought you had, since you love to rent those interracial videos all the time”.

And just like that, she didn’t mention it again and either did I.
About a month went by, when the subject came up again.

“Why did you fantasize about me with black men?”, she asked me one day out of the blue.

“It was a fantasy, Lisa, just a fantasy, that’s all, baby”.

“What if I told you I had a fantasy about black guys too, I mean I have seen all those interracial videos for years, and I have thought about it”.

“I mean I have never fucked a black guy before, but the thought has crossed my mind, I mean I love you more than anything in the world, I guess I’m just afraid of turning 40 and I’m saying crazy stuff, I’m sorry”.

“No, baby, that’s OK, I understand, it’s a fantasy, but what if you were to live out your fantasy?”.

“You mean, you want me to fuck a black guy?”.

“No, I mean I want you to fuck a black guy if you want to, I love you and I want you to feel pleasure that way if you want to”.

“Are you serious?”.

“Only if you want to, baby”.

“Let me think about it”.

And with that conversation, the ground work was laid.

About a week went by and Lisa didn’t mention a thing concerning out conversation. Then one night as we lay in bed, she had made up her mind.

“John, you know what we talked about the other day, well, I think I want to, I mean if it’s OK with you, of course”.

“Yes, it’s OK with me, my love, anything to make you happy”.

We talked in detail about how to go about this. I mean we just can’t put an ad in the paper. We thought we needed some rules. We would never give out our real names, just first names only. We would rent us a place for Lisa to perform. Lisa would do the picking out of her men, and I would always go with her, she would never go alone. Also, we (after a little lobbying on my part) agreed that we would video tape her performances and I would run the camera. The stage was set.

That weekend, we went downtown to a popular night club, in a section of town where we knew there would be a good population of young black men. It was a nice place and Lisa was dressed to kill. She had her curly hair all done, her short red dress on, her bright red lipstick and red high heels, man she looked good!
As soon as we walked in, heads were turning, and I could hear comments like “there’s one fine looking white girl”.
It didn’t take long for a nice looking young black man to come over and ask Lisa to dance. She is a good dancer and she was sexy out there on the floor. When the dance ended, the band went into a slow dance and Lisa and the guy kept on dancing. I could tell she liked him right away. When the dance was over, she invited him over to our table.

“John, this is Andrew, Andrew my husband, John”.

“Hi, Andrew, nice to meet you”.

“John, I must say, you have a very beautiful wife”.

“Why thank you Andrew, I think so to”.

“Do you all mind if I invite my good friend, Jason over”.

“No, not at all”.

With that, Andrew and Jason were at our table the remainder of the time we were there. We explained what we were doing there, and that Lisa really liked both of them and she had never had a black man before and she wanted them to be her first. They were totally into it and after a few more drinks, they really wanted to leave and get somewhere we could all get it on.

We all left and got into our car we had rented and drove toward the motel we had rented for the night. Lisa got into the back seat between Andrew and Jason as we drove to the room. They asked if we wanted to smoke some pot, and I said I was driving, but they could if they wanted to. Andrew fired up a joint and they smoked it on the way to the room. The pot really got Lisa stoned and her courage was up, I guess. She had her hand on Jason’s cock and Andrew had his hand up her dress. She was making out with Jason, he had his tongue down her throat and she liked what he was doing, and she was rubbing his big cock through his pants. She also had hold of Andrew’s cock and they were both feeling her up good.

“Hey, don’t get too excited back there, save it for the room”, I told all of them.

They all agreed and slowed down some, but Lisa had Jason’s and Andrew’s cocks in her hands through their pants and they were rubbing her titties. We finally got to the room and we went inside. Lisa went into the bathroom to freshen up and I made sure the video camera was ready and asked the guys if they didn’t care if I video taped the show. They were so stoned and horny over Lisa, they would have agreed to anything I think.
Lisa came out of the bathroom and she looked drop dead gorgeous, she had that short red dress on and she had taken off her panty hose, and her long pale legs were beautiful.
Jason and Andrew wasted no time, Jason lifted up her dress and was kissing and licking her ass and Andrew had his tongue down in her mouth, they were into a long hot passionate kiss, Lisa had his hold of his cock through his pants and I could see he was well hung. Lisa was really horny now, she was breathing hard and I knew she wanted these two big black studs to fuck her good.
Lisa slipped off her dress to reveal her red thong panties and red bra, Andrew slipped them off her silky white body. Jason by this time had his big thick tongue up her ass, licking out her asshole, I had told him she liked that very much.
Andrew pushed her down on the bed and took off all his clothes to reveal a hugh black member that must have already been 7 inches long and was not all the way hard yet.
Jason had shed his clothes and he was well hung too, his was already hard and must have had a 9 inch dick. Jason licked and sucked her pussy which was already dripping wet, he ate like a wild man, licking and sucking her clit.
Lisa was humping Jason’s face with her pussy while sucking on Andrew’s growing tool. Now Andrew was a full 11 inches or more.
Jason continued to suck her clit until she let out a scream as her orgasm hit her full f***e. She bucked and moaned like an a****l.
Seeing that she was in a state of a****l lust, Andrew laid down on his back and picked Lisa up and slid her down on his massive tool. He entered her and she moaned out with pleasure, as he slid more of his big rod into her stretched pussy. I didn’t think she could get him in her, but she did, her pussy lips were stretched to the limit.
Andrew started to pump her like wild, his big black cock entering her. It was a beautiful site to his big prick going in and out of her, his big swollen balls bouncing up and down and her little white ass moving with rhythm to meet his thrusts.
He had all of his 11 inches in her and she was wild with lust. I didn’t think she could take a dick that big but she had all the meaty rod in her and she loved it!

“Oh, God, fuck me, my mighty black stud, your cock is so big, I love to have it in my pussy”, she screamed out.

“Scretch my pussy with your big black meat, my black lover, fuck me good!”, she yelled.

At that time, Jason was so horny, he moved over behind her, and slowly entered her asshole, she moaned a little, and I knew she wanted him too.
Jason’s big tool disappeared into her asshole and then they both had her sandwiched. That was the most beautiful site I have had ever witnessed, her lovely lilly white body in between those two ebony studs, with a big black cock in her ass and one in her pussy, I was in heaven, and I know she was also!
They both had her now, she was trying to stay in rhythm with both of them, but she was having trouble.
They were all sweating like crazy, the sweat was pouring out of Lisa as she fucked the black cock in her ass and the one in her pussy.

“Oh, God, you are killing me, fuck me, I love your big black cocks in my ass and pussy”.

Jason yelled at her, “You like these black cocks, don’t you, you little white bitch, you love these black dicks in your pussy and ass, don’t you, you white whore”.

“Yes, I want to be your white whore, and fuck and suck your mighty black cocks, I love to fuck you all”.

I could tell that they were both about to shoot their loads and I didn’t want to miss getting it on video, so I moved the camera to get a better angle.

“I want to suck you both off”, Lisa screamed out.

At that time, they pulled their meaty black love rods out of her and got down and stood up on the floor. Lisa got down on her knees where I could get a good shot of the cum shot!

She started with Andrew, his big cock stuck out like a mighty steel rod and Lisa started sucking on him with a fury. She licked his big swollen balls and sucked his hard tool, till I knew he was going to cum.

“Oh, God, I’m going to cum, baby, I’m going to cum”.

At that time, his big love tool started to jerk in Lisa’s mouth, I thought she was going to let him cum on her face, but she kept right on sucking him.

“Oh, drink my black cum, you horny little white bitch”, he yelled at her.

The big dick kept cumming and cumming and Lisa never let go, she kept on swallowing, and she sucked every drop of black cum out of him. She didn’t stop until he went limp in her mouth!
The action didn’t stop, as Jason put his big tool in her mouth as soon as Andrew had pulled his out.
Lisa started on Jason too, she sucked like a mad woman, licking and sucking and wanting to taste him too.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum in your mouth, bitch, swallow all my load”.

At that moment, Jason shot his load in her little hot mouth, his black member jerking and jerking as he shot gush after gush of lava hot sperm in her little hungry mouth.
Lisa again, swallowed every drop and sucked Jason’s big rod until it too went limp in her mouth.

“Oh, man, what a beautiful little white bitch, drank down all my cum”, Jason said as he collapsed on the bed.

They all curled up on the bed, exhausted from the experience. Lisa was in the middle of them, they were all wrapped up in an ebony and white gift box. Lisa’s pretty white naked body was lying where she had her legs wrapped around Jason and Andrew was all curled up against her. I turned off the camera and waited to see if there was going to be a encore.

They all just rested and really didn’t say too much. They smoked some of the joint and were pretty stoned again. I could tell that they wanted some more of Lisa. They were both young and could go another round, easy.

“Lisa, you are a very beautiful woman, and you have a lovely body, especially that beautiful ass”, Jason said.

“Yeah, I love to feel my dick in you, Lisa, you are so tight”, Andrew added.

“I just love to fuck you all, you are so big and so good, I went crazy with lust when I saw those two black monsters”, Lisa added.

Lisa moved down and started to suck on Jason’s tool which was already getting hard just talking to her. She sucked and sucked, her head bobbing up and down till she had him hard as granite again.

Once she had Jason hard, she turned her attention to Andrew and sucked his cock with a passion until he was up and ready again.

“This time, I want you both to cum in my pussy”, she said.

Jason picked her up and slid her down on his swollen dick. He immediately started pumping her like a mad a****l. Her little pale ass was being drove up and down like a jack hammer. I could tell Lisa was loving it, she had a lustful smile on her face as Jason hammered his swollen tool home. Jason’s big balls were swollen up and his big black bag bounded up and down as his dick disappeared and re-appeared in my wife’s stretched pussy.

“Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum in your pussy”, Jason yelled out.

“Oh, baby, shoot me full of your hot black cum, fill me up with your sperm, baby”, Lisa screamed out.

“Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming”.

Jason’s black monster jerked and jerked in my wife’s wet pussy as her shot her full of his life giving sperm. Lisa clamped down on his mighty tool as he continued to fill her up. Finally his mighty monster went limp, and he pulled out of her. She rolled over and I got a great shot of all the hot cum pouring out of her tortured pussy. She had not more rolled off of Jason than Andrew wanted his turn with her.
He rolled her over on her back and lifted her feet up over his back. He entered her with a giant thrust and she moaned a little, then he started his pumping frenzy.
Andrew pumped away at my little sweet angel’s sore pussy like a mad man.

“Oh, I love your big black monster in me, baby, flood me with your hot cum, shoot me full, baby”.

Andrew picked up the pace and fucked her with a vengeance.

“I love fucking your little white pussy, you white slut, I’m going to shoot your pussy full of my black cum”.

“Shoot me full, my black stud, I love your black dick in me. I love to feel your big black meat in my little pussy. You have stretched me but good”, she yelled at Andrew as he pumped her with his giant member.

Andrew shot his load fully inserted in my wife’s sore, dripping pussy. His dick jerked and jerked and I thought he would never stop cumming. His dick finally went limp and her slid out of her. Lisa’s pussy poured out cum forever, dripping down her pussy into her asshole and down her pale white legs. She just lay there exhausted from the wonderful fucking she had received from those two ebony studs. I got it all on video tape and was so happy that Lisa was so satisfied.

At that moment, I could not contain myself, I saw her pussy still dripping with hot black cum and I licked her clean, eating her little swollen pussy until she came and came. She went wild, and buried my head in her wet cum filled pussy.

Andrew said, “John, you have a very horny little wife here, if we can ever help you all out again, all you have to do is call. Here’s a number I can always be reached at and just let us know”.

“I just want to say, thank you guys for giving her so much pleasure and I’m sure we will be calling on you both again”.

With that, they both kissed Lisa a hot passionate kiss and they left.

“I can’t believe that I just fucked two hugh black cocks and I loved every second of it”, Lisa said.

“And I drank all that cum, it was so sinful, I just was in an a****l stage of lust, I don’t know what came over me”.

“Are you sure you love me after all I just did, John?”.

“I love you baby, and if it makes you happy, then it makes me happy, I will do anything for you, you know that”.

“Oh, John, I love you so, you are so good to me”.

We just laid there together, and Lisa went sound to sl**p, she was pretty wore out from all she had been through and I just held her in my arms. I love her so, and I want her to be happy. If she wants to fuck, suck and drink cum from black men in the future, that’s ok with me as long as I can run the video camera.

More adventures to cum in the future.

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