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Lily (part 1)

Its July 4th week-end and as always its Chris & Nicki’s annual backyard bash. All of our friends are here. The pool is being used, people are eating, drinking and laughing. As I am talking to some of my buddies by the grill I notice a gorgeous brunette wearing a plain white tank top and jean cutoff shorts come out of the house and onto the patio. My eyes follow as she looks around unsure of where to go. I excuse myself from the boys and walk over to her. Each step I take she becomes more and more beautiful. Her tank top is stretched tightly around her large full breasts and her ass is perfectly shaped. Her legs are perfectly tanned and very long. After introducing myself I learn her name is Lily and that she is one of Nicki’s old friends from high school little s****r who is going to the local college playing on a soccer scholarship. Somehow Nicki found out about this and decided to invite Lily to the party. As we chit chatted I kept stealing glances at her tits, legs and ass and my cock began to stir under my khaki shorts. Bad time to not be wearing anything underneath. As my cock got harder I noticed she took a peek at it. Are eyes met for a brief moment until she shyly looked away. I was about to excuse myself from the embarrassment but as I turned to say good-bye she gently grabbed my arm and told me that she notice no one was in the garage and if I wanted to go with her. Of course I did go. As soon as we closed the door to the garage we were on each other. Our lips met with passionate f***e exploring every inch of each others mouth with our hot tongues. My hands immediately went to her firm ass and squeezed the life out of them. Lily’s hands starting right for my now rigid dick. As soon as she pulled my pants down to my ankles her hand was pumping my cock. Our lips never separated for an instant. I wanted this girl so bad. I stopped our kiss and turned her around. She put her hands on the hood of my car as I reached around and began to message her heaving breasts. I could feel the hard nipples through her thin tank top. My hands moved down her athletic tight belly to the button on her shorts. After expertly undoing the button I yanked her tight fitting cutoff’s right off. Lily was wearing a black lacy thong and I quickly lined up my rock hard dick and started to grind into her ass. Lily turned her head back and we kissed again. As our lips entwined I felt her hand move down between my dick and her ass. She pulled her thong panties to the side and lifted her left leg onto the car bumper. This allowed my to slip my cock right into her hot wet pussy. I immediately pushed my long hard dick all the way inside of her. She let out a grunt scream and I slowly drew my cock out of her. I felt every inch of her pussy as my cock slides out. I heard Lily sigh as it came out of her wanting pussy only to cry again when I thrusted once again into her. This is how I fucked her. Slamming my hard long cock into her tight wet pussy and slowly pulling out only to give it to her once more. Lily starts to beg for it harder and that’s what I do. After a minute of fucking her pussy I feel my ball begin to stir. I’m going to blow any second. I take once last hard thrust into her gaping hole and leave my full dick all the way stuffed into her pussy as I release load after load of my hot cum into her filled pussy. The cum has nowhere to go so it coats my pulsing cock. As Lily feels my juices flowing into her pussy it clamps down on me and she cries out with a joy as she cums on my dick. I slowly pull my cum drenched cock out of her dripping pussy once her orgasm subsides and pull my shorts back up as Lily is doing the same with hers. I don’t know what to say at this point and Lily realizes this and tells me I better get back to my party before I’m missed.
As I close the door to the garage Nicki walks right into me. She is wearing an extremely sexy black bathing suit, my favorite, and is dripping wet. She tells me she is going to get changed into some dry clothes. My cum drenched cock has not had a chance fully shrink from just fucking the life out of a hot college girl just a few feet away in the garage and now I’m looking at my sexy wife dripping wet. She sees the outline of my partially erect penis, smiles and invites me up to our room with her. Once we are in the bedroom she sits on the end of the bed. I walk over to her and undo my shorts. My cock is springing back to life with the prospects of Nicki sucking my freshly fucked cock. I take hold of myself and guide it to Nicki’s wide awaiting mouth. She stretches her tongue out as I move it to her lips. As the tip of her tongue gets its first taste of my cock she instantly knows something is up as she can taste the tangy cum and pussy juice combo from my now hard member. There is an instant hesitation as Nicki’s brain processes what her taste buds are telling her and her eyes quickly lock into mine. The next instant her mouth completely engulfs my whole cock as only she can do. Her head is bobbing up and down the length of my cock as she is tasting Lily and mine combined juices. I feel another orgasm coming and tell Nicki to get ready and take it. She groans her approval and steps up the pace of her blow job until I climax into her mouth. She gulps down the remainder of my creamy spunk and begins to lick up and down my cock. Without stopping she asks who was it. I told her it was Lily. Nicki then told me that perhaps they may invite 'little' Lily over for dinner in the near future…

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