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A nice surprise

There was a time when Chatroulette was the perfect place to indulge on my fantasies.

At first I was annoyed by the omnipresence of cocks but found out that I was not as badly mounted as I thought, I thought why not give it a go, the reactions where as expected, a lot of people nexted me some being very rude but I was able to enjoy my Bi fantasms by masturbating with the owners of some truly amazing dicks.

Obviously my first goal was to join a female and I had been lucky a few times until one day I started discussing with one of the most amazing beauty which started playing with her perky boobs.

I was over the moon, she was so pretty while being as naughty as can be, it didn't took long before I blew my load on my tummy, everything was so sudden that I didn't even knew her name, she praised me and started to move down her webcam, I was extatic, she was holding her shaft with her 2 hands, I imagine that she was ready to be nexted as a lot of mens will have felt cheated by masturbating in front of a transsexual but for me it was like a revelation.

This experience is the reason that I am happy to count some transsexual friends here, I'm looking forward to try it again.

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