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Frothy Orgasms

The young blonde wife stood in front of her dressing mirror contemplating
her marriage. Her husband had always been loving during their two years
together, however of late, he had been a little preoccupied, and had even
gone as far as totally giving up making love with her. Her own sexual
drives had not diminished in the slightest, and after the last few weeks of
trying to seduce him had failed, she was beginning to think he was sl**ping
with someone else.

"Ellen! I'm working late tonight," her husband called from the kitchen
where he was breakfasting. Was he? she wondered. Maybe it was time to do
some detective work.

"That's all right darling. I'm playing bridge with the Harrisons tonight."
She started to dress as she thought how she could follow up on her gut

She arrived home later that afternoon, undressed, showered and then
standing naked in her bedroom, began to form a plan in her mind.

Stepping into a pair of white silk panties, she pulled them up her long
legs, and settled the soft fabric around her waist. She took the matching
bra from her drawer, and leaning forward slightly, clasped it to her

If I leave home tonight as if I'm going to bridge as he expects, I can go
to his office and see if he really is working!

She stepped into a short, white half-slip, and then selected a blue dress
from her wardrobe. She thought about her simple plan for a moment longer,
and then deciding it would be a satisfactory place to start her
investigations, she went into the bathroom, to apply her make-up.

The traffic was very light that evening, much to her delight, and it did
not take her long to reach his downtown office. Ellen had rung the
Harrisons and explained that she was feeling slightly ill, and would not be
able to make the game that night. She was feeling slightly guilty as she
arrived in the street where her husband worked.

There were no lights on in the small commercial building.

She drove around the block looking for his car, knowing in her heart that
she would not find it. One small part of her mind was trying to defend him
and think of excuses why he wouldn't be there, but a sinking feeling in her
gut told her that whatever reason she came up with, it would not explain
away the reason why he was lying to her.

As she arrived home, later that evening, and as she turned into the drive,
she saw his car. She laughed a little sheepishly. He wasn't at the office
because he was at home. She would go inside, explain her embarrassment, and
everything would be all right again.

As she opened the front door, she heard a definite female giggle coming
from the upstairs main bedroom, and her heart froze. The bastard!

She crept upstairs, all thoughts of explaining her embarrassment gone, and
listened further to the voice form the bedroom.

"What if she comes home?," said the girl. It was his damned secretary!

" Don't worry about that, Debbie", her husband said. "She wouldn't miss
that stupid card game for anything."

Ellen crept closer to the door, which was slightly ajar, her thoughts on
crashing into the room and catching them both, and then demanding a
divorce. Something kept her quiet however, and she peeped around the edge
of the door frame.

"You always watch me strip!," said Debbie, her husband's secretary. "What
is it about me taking my clothes off that so turns you on?", she asked in a
seductive voice. "Is it this?". Ellen watched the minx slide her red skirt
up her legs until Ellen could see her stocking tops, and Debbie's lacy
white slip. The slip cut across the stockings and the soft white fabric
shimmered in the light of the room. There was a three inch lacy hem which
looked delightful against her thighs. The fabric was thin enough to see the
lacy suspender straps underneath connecting to her stockings. Her husband
Dan growled with lust.

"Why don't you help me take my things off this time?" Debbie asked. Dan
almost ran to her and started to unbutton her white blouse. She looked at
him from under her eyelashes as he opened up the blouse, and reaching in,
proceeded to fondle her breasts through the lace of her white bra.

"Ooooh! Lover!", she exclaimed. "Are you going to fuck me like you did in
the office last time?" When he nodded his head, she sighed, and then
reaching down, started to unbutton her skirt. "Should I leave my slip and
panties on like last time, too?", she teased him.

"Yeahh!", he said, as he popped a nipple out of her bra, and rolled into
his mouth. She gasped, and then pulling away from him, looked down at his
bulging pants.

"Do you know what you need?", she asked him. She undid the last of her
skirt buttons, and the thin red garment floated to the floor. She quickly
peeled off her blouse, and then stood before him in her stockings, garter
belt and bra, panties and half-slip. " A good sucking on that gorgeous cock
of yours."

Ellen was nearly beside herself. She was going to watch that young hussy
parade about her bedroom in her lingerie and then suck her husband's cock!
Afterwards, she couldn't explain why she did not enter the room as she
first had intended. She was strangely turned on though, and one of her
hands strayed to the hem of her dress, and creeping under that and the
frothy lace of her slip, she slid her hand up to the front of her panties
and began to stroke herself through the soft nylon.

Debbie bent over, and undid Dan's trousers, and then extracted his
painfully throbbing cock. She licked her lips, and with her free hand, slid
her half-slip up along her thighs, and bunched it around her waist,
allowing Ellen to see her white silk panties, which were very wet in the
crotch. She rubbed the soft fabric of her slip and panties against herself
while she slid her hand slowly up and down Dan's length.

Ellen bunched her own dress and petticoat at her waist, and slid her hand
into the elastic waistband of her soft white, nylon panties, and with a
searching finger, sought out her clitoris.

Dan took hold of Debbie's head and pulled her beautiful mouth down to his
cock. He almost came immediately when she flicked her tongue along its
length, and taking a full mouth of flesh, she began to suck him in earnest.

Ellen was staring at Debbie's bobbing head, and Dan's rapt face, as the
secretary continued to blow her husband. There was something decidedly
erotic in the exercise, and the view of Debbie's backside encased in her
silk panties, and framed with her suspenders and lacy half-slip, added to
the excitement.

Dan had one hand on his secretary's head and the other reached over to
caress the soft silk of her pretty petticoat and white panties. His lustful
expression gave a hint that he was very close to shooting his come into
Debbie's mouth. His secretary realised the situation, and slowly slid her
soft mouth from his organ.

"I don't mind you coming in my mouth, but keep in mind that I still want
you to fuck me afterwards. Think you can handle that?"

"You bet!", he exclaimed, and then rammed her wanton head back onto his
cock. She got the idea, and quickened her pace, darting her tongue along
the underside, and caressing his balls on the downstroke. As Dan was
sliding the soft fabric of her panties and slip over her body, it freed her
other hand, which she placed on his backside and pulled him into her. It
was at that moment that he began to come. "Aaah! Yes, baby! take it all!",
he cried, as the come leaped down his shaft and into his secretary's mouth.

Ellen came at the same instant, as her hand was frigging her clitoris as
fast as it would go. She looked a sight with her dress and white silk
half-slip bunched at her waist, being held there by one hand, whilst the
other was buried inside her panties, pushing the soft silk out, and
caressing her clitoris.

Debbie moaned with lust as her boss filled her soft mouth with come. He was
grabbing at her half-slip, taking handfuls of the soft silk as he arched
his back and plundered Debbie's throat. Finally his orgasm subsided, and he
relaxed his grip on her petticoat.

Debbie was really aroused now, and standing up, proceeded to strip Dan of
his clothes. He was smiling at his secretary as she stripped him, and then
burst out laughing as she then pushed him to the bed.

"I'm going to make that little fucker hard again, and then you are going to
fuck me like you did in that office yesterday! I haven't stopped thinking
about it since then, and if you don't do it like that now, I'm going to
have to keep changing my panties every five minutes until you do. It makes
me so wet!"

Whilst he was lying on his back on the bed, Debbie climbed on top of his
thighs, and spread her legs to either side of his body. She d****d her soft
white slip around his thighs, and taking a handful of the silky fabric, she
picked up his slightly hard cock and stroked him.

He moaned, and watched her frig him with her pretty half-slip. "That feels
nice", he said.

"I thought it might. You really like my silk undies, huh?" She looked him
in the eye, with a wry smile. "You wouldn't believe how many times I've
seen you looking up my dress from under the desk! That's why I'm always
wearing a petticoat or half-slip, it gives you plenty of silk and lace to
look at!"

His cock had risen to full strength again, and even Ellen, standing in the
door, was getting aroused again, her hand becoming a blur beneath her
panties and half-slip. She thought the silk of her panties and slip
together felt nice against the back of her hands.

Debbie reached under her slip, and taking his cock in one hand, she pulled
the crotch of her silky white panties out of the way, and slid his shaft
into her cunt.

"Oooh! That feels nice!", she said.

She started at a slow pace at fucking him, and as she slid up and down his
shaft, she raised her petticoat to her waist and Ellen could see her
husband's cock sliding into her wet pussy, pushing past the soft white silk
of Debbie's panties with every stroke. The sexy lace of the half-slip
framed the silk panties, as the soft nylon fabric bunched and rippled with
the rhythm of Dan's cock.

Dan reached up and toyed with Debbie's nipples, touching her through the
soft lace of her bra. He slid one hand down, and caressed her ass through
the soft fabric of her slip. Debbie moaned with pure lust, and with Dan's
cock firmly embedded within her, she suddenly came, sending rippling waves
through her body. Ellen came at the sight of Debbie thrashing on the bed,
and her pussy flooded her hand inside her little white panties.

Dan shot his load seconds after, and all three of them slipped back into
consciousness. Ellen withdrew back down the stairs, and slipped outside to
move her car. She could hardly walk due to the after-effects of her comes,
and her slip and panties were damp from her arousal.

The only thought on her mind now was to catch Dan at it again. But where?

Two days later, the answer came to her. A mutual friend of Ellen and Dan
was getting married, and was having a wedding rehearsal. As Dan was a
Groomsman, and Ellen was a Bridesmaid, they both were required to be there.
Ellen was extremely interested in going, not only for the fun of the
rehearsal, but because one of the other men going was a private
investigator, and Ellen's plans for catching Dan included one of those.

As they all gathered at the church, it became apparent that two of the men
required to be there were going to be late, so the rest of the gathering
sat around waiting. A mobile phone rang, and it was brought to light that
the men were having car trouble and would be there within the hour.

The group spread around the church and Ellen took the opportunity to make
contact with her investigator. After introducing herself, and after being
assured of no repercussions, she told the investigator, one Max Smith, her
problem. Max was very reassuring and even managed to provide various
methods of apprehending her wayward husband in the act. The talk began to
bring up the memories of the time she had caught him, and she found the
silk panties she wore beneath her dress starting to moisten. She and Max
were sitting in a cloak room, as she wanted complete privacy in their
discussion, and whilst feeling this imminent arousal, Ellen inadvertently
placed her hand on Max's leg. He slowly placed his hand over hers, and
Ellen relaxed into his arms. It was the first time in days she felt secure,
after the episode of catching her husband fucking his secretary.

Max lent over and placed a soft kiss on her lips, and she suddenly eagerly
responded. She wanted some man to take her there, to replace the love she
thought she had lost with Dan, and she found herself turning to respond
even heavier to his advance. She tucked a knee up onto the bench they were
seated upon, and her soft formal dress slid up a ways on her legs. Max sent
one hand down to her thigh and bunched the dress higher. Ellen's lacy pink
petticoat became visible as the lace hem fell from underneath the confines
of her dress. She moaned with lust, as he slipped his tongue inside her
mouth and sent his hand to prowling her thigh through her clothes. She felt
that the touch was marvellous, however slightly dulled through both her
dress and petticoat. She almost grunted with suppressed lust and whilst
still kissing him, she guided his hand under the dress and slip, and up
towards her stocking tops, and rapidly moistening silk panties.

He did not waste any time, and soon had her dress and pink silk petticoat
bunched at his wrist, and his hand and fingers burrowing a long slit into
the soft silk of her matching panties. She pushed her pussy onto his hand,
and whilst he frigged her clitoris, she unzipped his pants, and freed the
hard length from its prison. He gasped when she first touched his cock.

He removed his hand from her panties, and the dress and petticoat slid back
down her thighs and caught on the lacy suspender straps at the top of her
stockings. While she stroked him, he lifted her with his strong arms and
placed her sexily clad form above the throbbing member in his lap.

She knelt to either side of his thighs and hefted her silk slip and dress
around her waist. He tucked a finger underneath the leg-band of her pink
silk panties and slid them aside. Whilst she still slid her closed fist up
and down its length, she guided the turgid head into her pussy, and then
pushed her waist down to meet his first upthrust. As he entered her, his
hands went under the dress and played with her silk petticoat and matching
silk panties. He grabbed a handful of her slip, and pulled it down to meet
their thighs, which were hammering into each other with lust. By the amount
it moved, he surmised that it was a half-slip, and decided that when they
had finished he would remove it from her body and keep it as a souvenir.

When he mentioned it to her, between gasps, she came on the spot, flooding
her panties, and his cock with her juices.

"But everyone will be able to tell that my petticoat has been taken off!
These dresses are too see-through, and anyway, the other three bridesmaids
will still have their half-slips on, and I need a barrier to keep my wet
panties from staining this dress. I tell you what! When we organise to
catch Dan at his fucking, I'll bring a couple of petticoats over and you
can have some fun with them! Right now, I'll take my panties off and slide
them up and down your cock, until you shoot your come into the soft pink
silk! How does that sound?" He grinned. She reached up underneath her
formal dress and silky pink half-slip, and catching hold of her nylon
panties, pulled the soft pale pink bundle down her legs, and off.

She wrapped the silk panties around his still hard cock, and began to
slowly stroke him with them. It did not take him long to get to fever pitch
again, and just to help him along, she grabbed the hem of her dress and
lifted it slightly, so he could see her pink silk petticoat, and it's lacy
hem. He came very quickly after that, and flooded her panties with his
come. She used her panties to wipe off the excess come from his cock, and
then smiling, presented them to him. "Take them home with you and
masturbate with them, until I can get you some of my petticoats." They
quickly re-arranged their clothing.

After organising to meet with him later that week, they parted company and
went back out into the church. The other men had still not arrived, and
everyone else were still dispersed throughout the church and its grounds.

Ellen could not find Dan, and after some searching, began to wonder what
the bastard was up to. She no longer felt guilty at all for what she had
done, and having seen Dan fucking his secretary that way, she was hungry to
catch him again, and with Max's help, maybe put a stop to it.

Whilst coming back into the chapel from her search of the grounds, she
passed the opposite cloakroom from the one she and Max had occupied, and
heard Dan's voice from inside. Curiosity overcame her, and she quietly
opened the door. She was not really surprised with what she saw.

Dan had his back to the door, and his pants at his knees. Natalie, one of
the other bridesmaids, was bent over the table in front of him, with her
formal dress around her hips, her lacy, apricot coloured, silk petticoat
bunched up over the top of that, and her matching silky panties banded in a
tight silk bundle around the top of her thighs. She was moaning softly as
Dan pummelled her sopping pussy from behind. The lacy hem of her half-slip
flapped with every thrust of Dan's cock. Dan's balls were being caressed by
her silk panties as he was thrusting above the tight band, and his balls
rubbed with every stroke. Natalie reached behind herself and caressed his
balls with the silky fabric of her petticoat and the added softness of her
silk panties. Susie, the other Bridesmaid, was standing beside them, with
one hand frigging herself underneath her dress and slip, and the other
caressing Natalie's backside, on the smooth skin framed by her petticoat
and garter belt. Susie had her dress lifted slightly, and had the soft lace
hem of her white petticoat hanging from her wrist, whilst she plundered her
clit inside her white nylon panties. The soft silk of her panties bunched
out every time she sent a questing finger inside her hole

Ellen came without even touching herself. Her pussy and pink, silk
half-slip were drenched with her juices. She felt a new flood of her juices
running down her legs, and silently cursed herself for handing her panties
to Max. "Thank God I kept my half-slip on", she thought. She closed the
door on the fucking, and crept back into the church. She was thinking of
catching him again.

Three days later she got another break. Max had contacted her, and told her
that after some initial investigation, it appeared that some of the time
Dan went to Debbie's house for the fun. During the last two days, Max had
gained entry into her place (he would not say how), and planted cameras in
strategic positions. They could watch what happened from the TV monitors in
the unit the Max had rented in the building next door to Debbie's home. He
invited her to come and enjoy the view at their rented premises, and to
wear something sexy.

"A lacy petticoat and some silk panties, right?". She laughed as she put
the phone down.

That night, she took her time dressing, choosing her sexiest slip, it's
matching nylon panties, garter belt, stockings, and one of her nicest
outfits. Packing a small bag with some additional items, to drive Max wild
with lust, she drove to the flat to meet him.

When she entered, she found Max toying with the remote controls of his
cameras and TV’s. There was also another woman lying on the bed.

"Oh. This is my girlfriend Eve", he said to Ellen’s unspoken question. "She
always accompanies me on my stake-outs."

Eve was dressed in a simple white wrap-around dress, and was a very pretty
blonde. "Hi! Nice to meet you." Ellen smiled back, and looked the blonde
over. The white dress was very sheer, and Ellen could see her pink, silky
full slip underneath. Part of it's lacy hem was hanging from underneath the
bottom of her dress, and looked very sexy, splayed out on her stockinged
legs. Well, Max was everything, and consistent!

"Based on his current movements, we can expect your husband here within a
half hour", Max said, as he hungrily eyed Ellen's clothing. "Did you bring
my souvenir?"

Ellen smiled, and unzipped the small bag she was carrying. She pulled out a
handful of different coloured silks, with lacy hems. "It was petticoats you
wanted wasn’t it?", she asked coyly. He nodded. She tossed him a white half
slip, with a four inch lace hem. He caught it and caressed his own face
with the soft silk.

Eve got up from the bed, and walked towards Ellen. "I like your outfit",
she said. Max gets really turned on with sexy dresses, and that red really
suits you."

"Yeah! You give me a hard-on every time I look at you!", Max said. He was
looking at the hem of her red dress. A very tiny piece of white lace, from
Ellen's slip was showing just below the bottom of her dress. Ellen smiled
at his glance.

Dan actually turned up earlier than expected. Debbie was wearing a long
dark green skirt, with a matching top, and looked quite lovely. Max
controlled the cameras as the couple moved from room to room.

"What a hell of a day!", said Debbie. She had already started to unbutton
her top. Ellen was starting to get aroused, and sat down in front of the TV
monitor to watch the action.

Dan moved toward Debbie, and without saying a word, lifted her skirt, and
Ellen saw the lacy edge of Debbie's petticoat. It was cream silk, with a
four inch wavy lace hem. Debbie removed her top, and exposed her matching
camisole. Her nipples were erect, and pushing through the silk. Debbie wore
no bra.

"The little slut", said Ellen. "She's not wearing a bra. And my husband's
going to fuck her in that silky slip and her panties!" The outline of
Debbie's panties could be seen through the smooth, silky fabric of her half
slip. Ellen lifted her own skirt, and pulling the lace hem of her white
slip out of the way, stroked her soft white panties. "Mmm", she said, as
she pushed the silky white fabric into her pussy and caressed her clitoris.

Eve stood up from the bed, and undid the sash holding her wrap around dress
together. It opened in one fluid movement, presenting Max and Ellen with
her flawless body encased in the pink full-slip. The silky fabric reached
to the lacy hem at her knees and the soft outline of lacy silk panties and
her garter straps was visible through the smooth petticoat.

Ellen gasped. Eve looked fantastic! Max was growling and complaining that
the two girls were far too sexy for him, and he was going to come in his
pants if they did not watch out.

Debbie was taking off her skirt when Ellen looked back at the screen. She
stood before Dan in her cream half-slip, matching silk panties and
camisole. Ellen decided it was time for her to undress. First, however, she
went to Max, and unzipped his pants. His cock looked hard and throbbing,
and she thought some relief might be in hand. She reached over, and opening
the bag she had brought, removed a handful of spare slips.

She picked out four of her petticoats, in white, pink, cream and apricot,
and folding them all together, wrapped them around Max's cock and slowly
stroked him with them. He moaned with excitement, and reached down to the
hem of Ellen's dress and raised it her waist. Her white silk petticoat
bunched in his hand, and he slid a finger along the slit of her pussy
through the soft white nylon of her panties. Eve moved towards the couple,
and rubbed her slip-clad body against Max's arm. With his free arm, he slid
the half-slip that Ellen had given to him previously up Eve's legs, and
under her own slip, and caressed the puffy silk of her pink panties. Eve
moaned with delight. She loved to be touched through her silk lingerie.

Debbie had undressed Dan, and her silk covered body was rippling as she
sucked his cock with vigour.

Ellen had bunched her hand-held slips at the base of Max's cock and was
swiping the head and sensitive underside with her tongue. Eve had straddled
Max's head and with her petticoat held at her waist, he was licking her
pussy through her pink silk panties. He was moaning as his cock was sucked
and stroked at the same time, and occasionally, Ellen's petticoats would
slip and caress his balls. He came in Ellen's mouth in almost no time at

Ellen left the bundle of silk petticoats lying at his waist, and stood up
to strip. She shucked her dress and stood before Eve and Max in a white
silk full slip. She pulled the slip to her waist and like Eve, straddled
Max's body. Freeing his half-erect cock from among her petticoats, she
slowly stroked the length while she settled herself at his waist. She
turned to look at the TV while she wanked Max, and saw her husband entering
Debbie from behind, as she lent over her dressing table. Her silky
petticoat was bunched around Dan's pistoning cock, with the soft cream lace
framing the action. He had her panties pulled aside, and was ramming his
cock past the silk fabric. As she was leaning over her dresser, she opened
the top drawer, and pulled out a camisole and a matching pair of light blue
silk panties. She pulled away from him, and sitting up on the dresser, she
faced him and opened her legs. She pulled her petticoat up and tucked it
under her silk encased ass, and reached for him again. She guided him into
her wet pussy, and soon they were hammering each other.

Debbie held up her panties and camisole, and said, "These are some of the
things I'll be wearing for you tomorrow at work." She stroked his face with
the silk panties. She threw back her head and sighed with lust as he took
hold of her hips through her silk half-slip and gave her everything he had.
"Ooooh! Do you want....... me to........wear
anything........else....ooh...under my skirt?"

"Stockings...garter belt, and a half-slip. Oughhh! Fuck!"

"Do you want me to wear a dress with a slit up the side? You know how you
like to look at the lace of my petticoats."

"Ooooh! I'm coming baby!," he cried.

"Pull out at the last minute! Come on my slip! Drench my panties with your
sperm!" She reached down into her open drawer and grabbed a silky white
petticoat. It was a half-slip, with a one inch border of soft lace on the
hem. As he pulled out, she reached down and grabbed his balls and the base
of his cock and rubbed the soft white silk along his wet shaft and milked
the come out of his cock.

He fired his white come onto her silk panties. A little of the hot liquid
landed on the lace of her cream half-slip she was wearing. Seeing him come
on the underwear she had worn especially for him, sent her over the top,
and with the petticoat she held in her hand, she pushed the soft white
fabric into her silk panties and the slip she wore, and came as the lacy
silk caressed her inner thigh.

At the same moment, Max came into Ellen's hand as she slowly slid her slips
along his cock. Eve started to drench Max's mouth as she bucked against his
pistoning tongue. She was holding her petticoat around her hips with
trembling hands as Max licked her dripping pussy through her pink silk
panties. She moaned loudly and then collapsed onto him.

Ellen was wondering when this would stop.

The next day at the office, Dan was sitting at his desk, and looking up saw
through to his secretary's desk. Debbie was seated there and underneath the
desk, she had her long legs crossed. Debbie was wearing a long blue skirt
and white blouse. The skirt was buttoned up the side, and the last foot or
so at the base of the skirt was sitting open.

He looked at her legs while she worked, and then moved his gaze to the slit
in her skirt. He could just catch a glimpse of the light blue lace of her
petticoat which he had requested when they were fucking the night before.
As he watched, and as his cock became harder, Debbie reached under the desk
and unbuttoned the next clasp on her soft skirt. A full five inches of blue
fabric slid aside, and Debbie was showing Dan the silky fabric of her
petticoat. He coughed and she looked up from the work she was doing. Dan
then motioned her to come into the office, and smiling slyly, Debbie stood
up, and with her skirt and half-slip swaying, she walked into his office.
It was another day as normal.

She bent over his desk without being asked, and he walked up behind her and
flipped up her skirt. He looked down on her silky blue half-slip and could
see her matching silk panties underneath. Her lacy garter straps extended
down from the suspender belt and were also visible through the soft silk of
the light blue petticoat.

Ellen sat at home, fully aroused, and wondering where that bitch Debbie was
fucking her husband right then. Ellen had her skirt around her waist and
her hand inside the waistbands of both her silk panties and the long white
half-slip she wore. She pictured Dan standing behind Debbie and ramming
past her slip and panties while she bent over a desk

Max and Eve were reviewing the night's performance on the VCR. Eve was
kneeling at the end of the bed facing the TV, and Max was kneeling behind
her, stroking her backside through the soft white half-slip she wore. Eve
was moaning softly as Max slid his hands along the silky fabric, and
caressed her matching white silk panties under the slip. He touched her
suspender straps and felt for her stocking tops, and slid the silk of her
petticoat along the soft skin of her thighs between the waistband of her
panties and the tops of her stockings. While the TV showed Dan and Debbie
hard at it, with Debbie's silky, cream half-slip flapping in time to Dan's
thrusts, Max slid Eve's petticoat to her waist, and then her silk panties
to the tops of her stockings, and then entered her with one long thrust. He
continued to caress the silk of her half-slip while he matched Dan's
thrusts with his own. Eve's pretty slip bounced all over her lower back and
excited Max to near coming.

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