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Shy wife at beach .. part 1

shy at beach
I remember the first time like it was yesterday but in fact it happened about 20 years ago... gasp .

We had been married for a couple of years and things were very tight in other words we were broke and living in London. I have always wanted her to wear clothes that showed of a lot of flesh... well her tits and legs. It was great she would let me choose the clothes that she would wear when we went out. She used to have some tops that hard large armholes and from the side her boobs was visible these tops was always a first choice. She isn't a natural exhibitionist but will dress for me which was great. Anyway back to the beach..

I had some luck at the dog track in Walthstow a few small bets and lots of luck and I came home with nearly a grand in my pocket and we decided to go for a holiday and blow it all . What the fuck easy come easy go so we got in our 25 year old beat up VW bug and drove south to Bournemouth and booked into a hotel. I remember reading a local paper laying around and read a story about Studland beach and some complaint about the nudists... hmm I had no idea there was a nudist beach there and my mind started thinking what it would be like to see other men looking at her naked and it got me excited that night when we got bak from some pubs and the hotel bar which stayed open late went to bed as we fucked i was thinking about her being naked and seen on the beach.

The following day lady luck was on my side it was sunny and hot,ideal for going to the beach.. I arranged for the hotel to make us a picnic basket which included some wine and some premixed gin and orange in a flask for her and told them not to be shy with the gin. Catching the ferry over I asked a bloke about the nudist beach and he told me it was quite a walk past the clothed part... At this stage she had no idea that we were going to a nudist beach and I so wanted to see her naked and to be seen, I told her I wanted to go further down the beach away from the moms and dads with their k**s so off we trundled off till I spotted the first naked person.

I suggested to her we go into the sand dunes away from everyone.. We laid out our blanket and I stripped off all my clothes and asked her if she would sunbathe naked ,, my heart sank when she said no ...fuck fuck ... this wasn't the plan but I kept cool and teased her a little and she said she would go topless and think about it . It wasn't long till i noticed a few guys walking thru the dunes and blantly looking at her.. this was going to be a good day .

Time to get out the food and drink and get thing on the move we ate and I opened my wine and poured her a large drink which she downed fairly quickly saying she was thirsty and asked for a refill... I asked again for her to remove her bottoms for me please darling there is no one around and anyway they are naked and she to my delight agreed and stood up and pulled them down and laided back down on her stomach. I was really chuffed and turned on now she was laying naked and I got out the suncreme and told her we better not let the white bits get burnt and poured some over her bottom and had fun rubbing it into her bum cheeks making sure I spread them so i could see her pussy and asshole.. she seemed to enjoy this I remember asking her to open her legs a little more as I poured the cream onto them and without resisting she did... Happy man......hehe

Now to the fun part... a few single guys passed us and each time they would slow or stop and look over at her but one guy stopped
looked around then walked on but then a few minutes later he was at the top of the dune looking down on us. There are these bushes in the dunes so he was not the obvious but at the same time I knew exactly why he choose the place ... I think we all do hey ? She was still on her stomach and had no idea he was there. I poured out some more drink giving her her glass she rolled over and sat up... opps I wasn't expecting her to do that and was worried she would see the guy not more than 15 feet away and want to cover up. I watched her eyes waiting for her to see him but she seemed oblivous to her admirer half hidden in the bushes we chatted about how nice it was to be naked in the sun to be free of clothes I kept telling her how beautiful she was and the compliments seemed to work and she relaxed and laid down on her back closed her eyes and listend to me as I talked and told her how much I love her and how I found it a huge turn on when she wore sexy clothes that showed off her tits and asked her if it turned her on. Her answer was it made her feel good that it turned me on but exposing herself didnt turn her on but she didn't mind doing it for me.

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