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Noelle's first time

I was 22 the first time I ventured out as Noelle. I had put the wig and some items of clothing on before in the bedroom or bathroom, but nobody had ever seen me before. I had been chatting online with a beautiful blonde 23 year old named Jenny. She lived about an hour away and invited me over to help with a full make over.

At the time, my wardrobe was skimpy and makeup non-existent, but I packed everything I had into a large tupperware bin and made the trip. I was so nervous I sat in my new VW in the parking lot of her apartment building for twenty minutes trying to decide whether or not to go through with it. Finally, I grabbed my belongings and trudged my way to the door. I knocked, hoping that none of the neighbors would hear and look out their peep holes seeing me holding a large bin of panties and pantyhose.

Jenny opened the door, dressed and looking as glamorous as all her pictures. Black dress, black hose, and black heels gave her the appearance of a movie star. Her makeup was flawless and her long blonde hair looked totally natural. I was so excited. Once inside, we talked a little, and she got me a drink to help calm my nerves. It was already after 8, so I wanted to get made up as soon as possible. Jenny helped with my makeup, but I was too uncomfortable to let her help me get dressed or see me change. I was in her bedroom and she was out watching TV. I picked out my favorite silky red Gap panties, nude stockings, a gray dress, and blonde wig. I had pair of gray Aldo clogs to match. When I made it back to the mirror, I could not believe the transformation that had occurred. I looked like a regular college sorority girl, all five foot seven and one hundred thirty pounds of me. I was instantly in love and knew my life would never be the same again.

After several minutes of admiring myself, I caught Jenny doing the same behind me. She glided up next to me and we stared at the mirror. We looked so hot, like two girls ready to dance the night away at the hottest clubs downtown. She was a few inches taller and made me feel so femme as she slipped her arm around my little waist. We had a few more drinks while sitting on the couch watching TV. Jenny changed it up and put in a little Dany Evangelista porn, another little t-girl. I was fascinated with the novelty of shemale porn, as I had seen very little at the time. I could feel my little cock growing in my panties. At this point in my life, I had only been with a half dozen girls and never even considered boys. Despite the eroticism, I felt a little weird.

We continued to talk about, this and that, getting to know each other better. We went back to her room and she showed me her extensive wardrobe and jewelry. I was amazed that she had built it all up in the two year that she had been graduated from college and living alone. The buzz was starting to catch up with the anxiety, and my inner female personality began to come out. My mannerisms and gestures became more animated. The material of Jenny's dress was soft against my fingertips. Eventually, we made our way back to the couch. "Rocky" was on and I felt Jenny's hand brushing mine. The feeling was electric and the charge immediately sprung my cock to life. It was something I didn't expect feel, and gasped. She took my little hand and we sat in silence for a minute. Our nyloned knees touched. Her other hand reached and lifted my chin and our eyes met. She was irresistible, and as lips moved closer, mine parted.

The kiss was passionate, her aggressive tongue massaging my tentative one. Our lip remained locked and our fingers roamed. Her hand came to rest on my inner thigh and I uncrossed my legs. Her fingers tickled the lacey tops of my thigh highs, causing me to tremble with pleasure. Our lips unlocked and eyes met. She saw the lust in my eyes and moved off the couch and to the floor in front of me. My dress began to climb up toward my hips, exposing my pretty red panties. The fabric and waistband strained to maintain the obscene bulge. I could feel the head of my cock sliding through the foreskin, continuing to swell and grow and twitch like never before. She caressed it through the silk of the panties for several seconds before slipping her fingers underneath. My eyes closed, back arched, and hips came off the couch. Jenny pulled the leg hole wide enough to remove my engorged equipment. I had never seen my cock so thick, so long before, and that turned me on more.

Jenny admired it for a moment before laying her tongue across the head, then engulfing all six inches. She continued to go down on me, and it was by far the best head I had ever had in my life. A couple times I felt my balls and taint tighten in anticipation of orgasm, but both times I was able to prolong the experience. Lust had taken control and I pushed myself off the couch. I positioned myself between her legs and ran my tongue up her smooth nyloned thigh. She was wearing sheer black nylon panties and in a frenzy I freed her cock from them. I had never seen anything quite like it. It hung off the edge of the couch, cut, flaccid, and at least eight inches long. Seriously, it dwarfed my hand, its shaft as thick as my wrist. My eyes bulged. Even in porn, I had rarely seen a cock quite like Jenny's. I had to squeeze it to get my fingers around. I stroked it couple times and precum began to flow from the tip. I did my best to take her into my mouth, but having never done it before, I struggled to get more than a couple inches past lips. I used my tongue, though my jaw tired quickly from the sheer volume of her cock. Soft, she was twice the size of me hard. It was almost embarrassing.

I sucked and stroked hard for ten minutes, and although she groaned in ecstasy, her cock didn't get significantly hard. Probably for the best, as the loss of bl**d probably would have made her pass out. When I released it, it flopped onto the couch noisily. I was hard as steel, my own precum, which I had never really experienced before, staining through the front of my dress. Jenny stood up, took me by the hand and led me to her room. She grabbed a bottle of Astroglide from the nightstand and sat me on the edge of the bed. She only needed drop to completely lube my cock, then another drop to do her backside. I had always been a little turned off by anal, but right now I would try anything if I thought it could make one of us cum.

I entered her from behind for a couple minutes, but couldn't get the right angle to generate much rhythm. She rolled over onto her back on the bed, lifting her legs and ass for me to penetrate. I obliged. The sight of her huge package laying there on her flat belly was incredibly hot. I pounded her as hard as I could, watching her eyes roll back, my cock head massaging her prostate. A couple minutes, and I noticed her huge cock begin to grow, its bulbous head extending far past her belly button. I wanted to reach down and grab it just to say I had touched a ten-incher. It had to be. At that moment it began to twitch and throb, bouncing off her stomach. Then without any contact, thick white cum began to ooze out onto her black dress, belly, and into her belly button. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen! I nearly came myself.

I pulled out after a few more thrusts and sat down in the chair at her computer. Jenny, soiled dress and all, slid up next to me and began stroking my rigid cock. Within a minute, I could feel my loins twitching and knew it was time. I braced my stockinged feet against the desk and tensed. The first couple shots flew over our heads, hitting the ceiling and wall over the bed, several more streams covered the clean laundry on the floor, the carpet itself, and couple landed on my chest and face. I don't like the taste of cum much, but Jenny had no problem licking it off my chin. We both sat there breathing heavily, spent, amazed at the amount of cum that had come out of me. It took a while to clean up, but was totally worth it. I slept like rock, knowing that my life was forever changed.

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